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The Next Best/Valid Option For Aspiring Medical Doctors (Physicians)

There was a time when off-shore medical schools and particularly, the so called "Caribbean Medical Schools" were frowned upon. They were seen as the schools for the undesirables (i.e., those who couldn't tap into U.S. medical schools for one reason or another.) However, just like Rap/Hip-Hip and Reggae were at first frowned upon, yet subsequently permeated every aspect of our lives no matter what our socio-economic status is, Caribbean medical school graduates are proving one by one that they are not only equal to US Medical school graduates, but quite often, they are also superior. WHY?

The demands of travelling to another country to follow an unsecured dream requires faith, resilience, determination, self-discipline, passion, and many other attributes that US medical students either don't necessarily have to have or don't have. In addition, may Caribbean medical school students (CMS) attend schools at which they cannot get and U.S. Federal loans or grants. Although many of such Caribbean institutions of higher learning reach accredition levels that afford their students the same/similar access to such loans, many simply are not calibered to do so yet. Accordingly, their students also have to deal with more financial stress, spend more hours in school per day in relatively accelerated programs, and and "at the end of the day", they have to compete with U.S. stdents in the States through the taking of the same Board exams. Needless to say, although all roads lead to Rome, many roads have more bumps in a shorter period of time, while also requiring more energy, determination, and effort to get to the same destination. The latter is the Caribbean med school experience in a nutshell.

Accordingly, it should be an honor for anyone to say he s/he graduated from one of such schools. Moreover, US Schools should be pleased to advise aspiring MDs that do not meet their own criteria to consider becoming a CMS. I have been helping students at various Caribbean Medical Schools lately and have had to answer so many questions from so many angles, that by now I deserve to call myself a subject matter expert (SME). Moreover, lately, I have been helping many schools with administration, student recruitment, marketing, Internet service, and even acquisitions and sales options. I must say that no one area has offered so many options for growth for either young or unorthodox/mature aspiring physician who simply did not fit in the U.S. structure.

Hence, I have been dedicating a great deal of my time to servicing the needs of this amazing and seemingly untapped educational model. As of yesterday, I have communicated with clients who are considering new trends and issues that the industry face in order to not only secure the future of their education models, but also that of their aspiring student doctors and ultimately aspiring physicians.

Pioneers like Dr. Ross who started Ross University and subsequently sold it to the Devry Companies had set such high goals, which made graduates of such medical schools such strong contenders that they just could no longer be ignored. Many Caribbean medical schools have become pillars in the medical school industry at large (e.g., Ross, St. Georges, AUA, St. James etc.). And having had a personal stake in the industry myself, I have been slowly embarking on a mission to assist it in however way possible.

There is so much that can be said about such an experience, but there are many who have specialized in outlining the entire journey in a general way. Feel free to read the following book for more general information about the journey. However my job is distinct and specific, and it is to help Caribbean schools and students, one at at at time because I am personally a product of such an educational model and system. It is my way of giving back and/or feeling grateful.

Help for Rejected or Unaccepted US/Canadian/International Medical School Applicants

in short, if you are an admission officer at a US school at which students are being rejected. Please first contact me directly and/or refer them to me ("Pete Lorins"). You can have them contact me at this email: RECRUIT@RAPIDGIGSPLUS.COM. I would like to assist all "qualifiable" students" in getting into the right medical schools. Whether they are high school graduates, Nurse Practitioners, College drop-outs, Physician Assistants, PhDs, engineers... there is a medical school out there that was designed with exactly someone like them in mind. Thus, if they are willing to work hard, deal with obstacles the right way, persever, in the end, they might as well deserve the chance of reaching their dreams of becoming a medical doctor (physician).

AGAIN, if you're an executive and an admission officer, please contact me direclty and/or please feel free to refer all your rejected students to: "" as often as you would like. I have compiled a researched list along with solid criteria that can help me match each candidate to the best possible Caribbean medical school. I have been involved in the recruitment industry for the past two decades and know how to match candidates with the right entities. By referring your rejected applicants to me, you're ONLY rejecting them in the best possible way, as it is a rejection that involves the opening of another door after a previously desired one has been closed on their faces for whatever valid or invalid reason. Also, if you know of any Caribbean medical school owner who would like to have an instructinal technologist/designer (educational technologist) help them engineer their medical school into a futuristic one, please have them contact me (Pete Lorins) at as well.


Dr. Lorins is the Chief Editor of and can be reached for all questions/concerns at: This article was sponsored by

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