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Racist NYPD Slammed Ex Black Tennis Pro, Blake, for 'Standing While Black!'

A little bit over a week ago, I wrote an article calling the New York City Police Department (NYPD) the Worst and Most Racist one in the US if not the World. I guess, you can call me a prophet or a psychic if you will, but what are the odds that they'd be at it again and this time it was against a superstar Tennis player, named James Blake (who is actually bi-racial, but considered Black in America) who was awaiting a cab outside a Midtown-Manhattan hotel only to be ATTACKED and SLAMMED to the ground by IMCOMPETENT officers of the NYPD, and subsequently was handcuffed and detained for about 15 minutes in New York City on Wednesday September 9, 2015. It was then that these presumptively incompetent and patently racist NYPID officers realized they had the wrong man. Ok, no big deal, let us assume that it is a case of mistaken identity, Right? But, the problem is, I have lived in NYC for about a decade or more, and many othe US sates, and I have never seen it happen to a White male thorugh my total number of nearly 30 years of living in teh US, even though Whites commit just as many crimes and even more brutal ones than Blacks do as per publically available and researchable statistical data.

The problem is that the NYPD is seemingly or one can even say is certainly patently racist. Well, I can say it because It was (wrongly and patently) racist against me when I was wrongly attacked by an NYPD officer who not only had to apologize to me in court, but also accept that he had fabricated 5 tickets only because I was Black and smart. It was racist against Abner Louima, and yesterday it was racist against James Blake. Accordingly, they must be kept accountable. Please see my Let's keep Our Leaders Accountable article to that end.

A man does not get any cleaner than Mr. Blake. I believe that he is currently a married superstar and has enjoyed a respectful and drama-free tennis career in which he overcame lots of obstacles. I happen to know a lot about him because I am a tennis fanatic. As a child, Mr. Blake had to fight a spinal condition which should have prevented him from ever playing any sport. However he became a College Tennis Champion and later on a USTA and international champion as well. Later on, he had several illnesses that further threatened his career, but he was determined to fight with respect, class and dignity.

Every tennis player on and off the tennis courts will tell you that, regarding James Blake, there cannot be a more respectful player on and off the Tennis courts out there. The guy is superb. He is neither Black nor White genetically, and he acts like it as well. He is married to a White woman and he is as American and proud as an American can be. Mr. Blake started learning how to play tennis in New York, where his Black father coached him and his other sibling. He was accepted at an Ivy League School (Harvard/Yale) and subsequently chose to focus on his very fun tennis career in which he has played legends like Sampras, Agassi etc. In a previous article, I wrote about how a Thatcher (Carol) called another Biracial/Black tennis player, namely Jo Wilfrid Tsonga a 'golliwog', a derogatory name used agianst Blacks in part of Europe and Australia and now this.


It is, essentially, that the issue isn't whether Mr. Blake is a great US Citizen, because he is, but rather it is whether the NYPD is PATENTLY RACIST. And as of now, every piece of evidence concerning its interactions with Non-White human-beings, including yours truly is pointing to that direction. This is why it is, in my opinion and that of too many reasonable individuals of all race, gender, color, creed or national origin, the Worst and Most Racist police department in the U.S., if not the World. NYPD leaders must be held accountable, else, unreasonable US habitants (particularly Blacks ones) will react and more police officer deaths will ensue. That is guaranteed. I am predicting it right here. Leaders have to LEAD. Leaders have to be PROACTIV. And and if they fail to do so, they will have breached their duties. Thus, the blood of the dead will have then been on their hands and ours. It our COLLECTIVE DUTY to keep such leaders accountable. I'm doing my part. Will you do yours? Call your Congressmen, write NY Governor, mayor or even the President of the United States. But do something, because the next victim may be you, your best friend or even your own child!


Dr. Pete Lorins is the Editor-in-Chief of This article is sponsoderd by and Please visit our Race Discussion Page on Facebook

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