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TRUMP & OBAMA are GREAT for America!!!

If President Obama, presumptively, represents a new America, which is pro-minority, pro-homosexuality, pro-immigrants, pro-choice and seemingly pro-everything that was taboo to the old America, then Mr. TRUMP is nearly the anti-thesis of that. I posit that they are both two American extremes that are GREAT FOR AMERICA. WHY?

They have both helped America self-reveal its own hidden shortcomings. Nothing has exposed the hidden racism that so many Americans still held against Blacks and foreigners than the election of Barrack Obama. Likewise, nothing has induced so many Americans to voice their true opinions (VICARIOUSLY) than The Donald's new presidential run.

Unlike many Blacks, at first I was neither against nor for Donald Trump. I was neutral. But as I got to understand him, I changed my mind. This is what a Democratic Republic requires. The freedom to allow all Americans to express FREE SPEECH (except fighting words and others) without being scolded or reprimanded. It's a VERY GOOD THING because it allows us to know each other's true colors. However, until the arrival of Mr. Trump, and Mr. Obama, most Americans (especially White Americans) were very much in DENIAL about their Minority Friendliness Quotient. Americans are the kings and queens of "Make Believe Stories". From the American Dream to "One Nation, Under God... With Liberty and Justice for ALL". Well, that's unquestionably "BS!" But, Americans love to think of themselves as unbiased, non-racist, non-xenophobic, and seekers of the ultimate and often illusive American Dream.

As of now, as a best friend of mine's Caucasian Father used to say, "THAT's A BUNCH OF BUNK!". Mr. Trump and Mr. Obama have so proved. America is stil very polarized. Alhtough enough Whites (mostly White women and younger Whites) and a majority of Blacks and other minorities got Mr. Obama elected, there is still a great number of White Americans who are equally repulsed both by Mr. Obama's views, agenda and his color/race. They still think of him as DIFFERENT and UNAMERICAN. They don't like the fact that his agenda is so pro-minority, pro-homosexuality, pro-choice, and pro-(fill in the Blanks). These White Americans and some percentage of many other groups, feel that Mr. Obama has been a threat to their old America. Yes, he (Obama) is, simply, Mr. TOO MUCH "CHANGE" TOO SOON for most Americans! As Dr. West cleverly said, "Mr. Obama seemed to have been rushing to get Mount Rushmore" for many Ameicans, especially White Americans.

Accordingly, Mr. Trump's arrival and approach appeal to their resentment and disapproval of Mr. Obama's agenda. They have vicariously become Mr. Trump as Mr. Trump is saying what most of them would have loved to say themselves, yet wouldn't dare utter because of fear of retaliation; as they cannot afford to lose their jobs, their reputation and have had to guard their true beliefs in the secret compartments of their hearts and affinity groups. But Mr. Trump is not just rich, he is VERY WEALTHY. He has no job to lose, and he could not care less about what minorities think about him. This was self-evident in what he uttered about the illegal Mexican immigrants. He (Trump) is the morphed voice of the old America, the America that was once leading the World in many categories. He is a variant form, a very rich variant form who would like to take America back to its original position.

Either way, both Mr. Trump and Mr. Obama have gotten America to self-reveal as a nation that is still VERY FAR from its true ideals... "One Nation, Under God, with Liberty and Justice for All" because in so many ways America is still "Seperate, Divided and unequal".


Dr. Lorins is the Editor-in-Chief of This article was sponsored by the fine folks at

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