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TRUMP... 10 reasons why he is liked by many and hated by some.

So, many people have asked me why do I like TRUMP because in their minds' eyes, I am not supposed to like him because I'm Black or because he is so different from a few things that I cherish (e.g., kindness, humility, and empathy/sympathy for my fellow human beings) or because he supposedly does not care about Black people. My own daughter has approached me on the topic...

Thus, this article is my attempt at providing a logical answer on this rather contreversial topic... But, for the record, Mr. Trump never said that he didn't like Black people. However, He is one of those folks who is honest enough to say to Blacks and Immigrants what so many other Whites have wanted to say for years, "If it's so bad here for you, then consider another country". Heck, I have heard it from some dear White friends for many years, and understand as an objective person (professional), what it feels like to be White in America as well. The problem is that so many Blacks and other minorities are so used to being the victim, that it is impossible for them to think that Whites too can be adversely affected by immigration and other policies that are/were geared towards protecting non-Whites. Trust me, it can happen, because NOT ALL WHITES are wealthy like THE DONALD, but he simply happens to embody what many Whites have wanted to express for years without repercussions because he is able to do so as a VERY WEALTHY MAN who happens to be White and happen to have the character trait that allows him to freely speak his mind without apologizing for it. For such people, he is nothing short of a hero, for others, he is likely to be called everything, including a racist/bigot. I happen to beg to differ.

Before I state my 10 reasons why many people like The Donald, please allow me to introduce you to this excerpt from his book, "Crippled America":

"I’m not going to play the same game politicians have been playing for decades—all talk, no action, while special interests and lobbyists dictate our laws. I am shaking up the establishment on both sides of the political aisle because I can’t be bought. I want to bring America back, to make it great and prosperous again, and to be sure we are respected by our allies and feared by our adversaries."


I will try to itemize my response to make it an easier "read"... Ok...

I, Pete Lorins, like the Donald BECAUSE:

1. I am very objective, "metacognitive", and able to think of him beyond his race and wealth. As a Black person, I have witnessed minorities complain of being disenfranchised by Whites, when I have watched minorities alienate those that are of the same race, color, religon and creed by failing tobe their Brothers' keeper. Mr. Trump is clearly not a socialist, however, America is not a socialist nation either. America is a Capitalist nation with minor socialist tendencies. Accordingly, the goal should not be that of encouraging dependency, but rather catalyzing means of inducing people to seek independence, pride, resilience, creativity in a free-market and capitalistim-based economy. The latter is the sam reason why many rights were extended (e.g., intellectual property rights to protect creative thouughts and encourage people to be creative despite all odds). America is not looking for a "choir" boy at this time, rather, it is looking for a TOUGH GUY, who will be willing to play HARD BALL, and it's not unlikely that such a person may end up being "THE DONALD".

2. I love being a Black man and would love to see Blacks and all humanbeings thrive, but I am NOT racist. Quite often, we accuse others of being racist, when we are just as racist. Mr. Trump does not like Mr. Obama that much. I happen to like the President, but I also know of his shortcomings because of his lack of executive experience. No one is perfect. Mr. Trump is a clever business executive and Mr. Obama is a clever Constitutional schoolar who became a community organizer and then a Senator. There are no comparisons. One is an apple and the other is an orange and they can each do different things for America and that my friends is quite "OK"!

3. He is willing to, honestly, state his position and has a business and practical approach to a solution. He believes that Immigration is a problem,particularly with the Mexican border, and he is correct. Yes, he is flamboyant and metaphorical and even entertaining simultaneously, but this is exactly why he is DONALD TRUMP. Thus, to ask him NOT to be himself is like asking ourselves to be somebody else. His character is the main reason why he is leading, and he is quite brilliant to have able to do what he did.

4. He does not beat around the bush like most politicians do. He understands the art of the deal and realizes that one has to be resolute and steadfast as an executive to be effective.

5. He has both failed and succeeded as an executive and knows what "Branding anything" is all about.

6. He can answer the "what's in it for me (WIFM)" question and funded his own campaign, thus showing that he believes in himself.

7. He was willing to prove to those that called him a publicity seeker that he was a serious candidate. He understood that there was a segment of America that was angry and unhappy. While it is true that many in that segment may be angry Whites, and may even be racist, others are simply disgruntled and yet others are not even White or racist at all. They simply wanted a different type of politician... and feel that the found it in "THE DONALD"!

8. He is fearless and willing to counter punches with bigger punches. Yes, he may "be appealing to the dark side of America" as Travis Smiley said, and I understand that, but it is also a side of America, and part of the reasons why America was able to become the leader of the Free World. We have become too politically correct. The America I came to 27 years ago is not more. We have become even more polarized after the election of President Obama. The latter was either unable or prevented from minimizing the racial divide, but in a nutshell, it is all a product of America.

9. He does not apologize for being himself because at his age that's all he can be anyway. Accordigly, other candidates try to emulate him in the endand thus attacked him through his own approach, proving that his approach was effective.

10. He is, undoubtedly, the most entertaining businessman-turned-politician that America has ever seen. He keeps both his friends and hisenemies/opponents talking about him concurrently. As a businessman, I find that not only engaging but clever! He's being listened to for a reason, and the reason is not just because he is White or racist.... it is because as we explored everyone else, we forgot about another segment of America... Not all WHITES are rich, privileged, and not all Blacks are poor and uneducated. Some of us do play the race card too much and many Whites don't like it. I understand both sides!

Thus, if anyone wanted to know why some TRULY like or dislike The Donald, please refer them to this article, which I have written in a rush. However, it is a much needed article, which objectively details why DONALD TRUMP is special... in one of my previous articles, way before THE DONALD was so popular, I was even able to accentuate that both TRUMP and OBAMA are great for America, and I'm sure that I'm right. Please see that other article on this site!

Dr. Pete Lorins is the Chief Editor of This article is sponsored by

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