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Choose a GIG instead of a Job!

A lot of people are searching for a job, and they are bypassing gigs. Why? Why would you not do a gig?

What is a gig?

A gig is a project with a definite beginning, and an end. It might be recurring. It might be a contract gig, or a one off. However, it is not a permanent position. A gig has no benefits, no health insurance, and no seniority. A gig is using your skills, talent, and hard work to do a project…and then it’s over.

Why do a gig? Because there are no benefits, employers are much more open to bringing in someone without as much experience…because there are no risks. Because it is a short time project, employers are willing to pay more, to get a quality candidate.

Let’s use movie stars as an example. In the old days of the Hollywood system, movie stars were paid a lot of money. Some of them were earning up to $5,000 a week. (Adjusted to inflation, that means that they were earning over $68,000 per week.) When the studio system failed, stars were hired for individual movies, and they negotiated their salaries to maximize their earnings, and maximize their freedom. Robert Downey, Jr. earned $80,000,000 in 2015. People that work on movies are the ultimate gig masters. They will work on a set for a few months at a time, and quickly move on to another movie. They master their skills, and their professionalism is their security.

The great thing about gigs is that you can work on several gigs concurrently, if you like, and earn MUCH more than you could at a full time job. A lot of people take on gigs to earn extra income. They pay much more than a non-skilled part time job, and are usually in the field of your expertise.

What’s the best part about gigs? They are fast. You can start as soon as you want.

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