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Should You Choose a Job over a Gig?

I just wrote an article about the advantages of gigs over jobs entitled 'Choose a Gig Instead of a Job'. Let’s now, look at the advantages of jobs over gigs.

A gig is a short term position with a definite ending date. A job is a long term commitment, with no definite end date. If you are not ready to start your own business, a job is one of the best things that you can have.

When you have a job:

It’s a lot easier to get a loan.

It’s a lot easier to make your schedule.

It’s a lot easier to take a vacation, because you know when it begins, and when it ends.

However, getting a job now is tough. Because of the liabilities of Obamacare, a lot of employers are having, “part time” employees, that work less than 30 hours a week. A lot of employers are hesitant to hire someone that doesn’t have the perfect resume, or has gaps in their resume, or has changed their career path.

One of the best ways to get a job, is to first get a gig.

Sign up for specialized classes to learn how to be a project manager/ graphic artist/accountant/Subject matter expert. Whatever career path you want to pursue, if you try to enter that field first by doing a gig, (you have to become qualified and have the skills), it is much easier to get your dream job.

My brother was a corporate accountant for a manufacturer. He moved to a different city, and put out his resume. Nothing. He worked with a staffing company, as an accountant with accounting skills, and was hired for a gig. He excelled, and became very qualified in his new field. After a few months, he was hired by the company on a full time basis.

Why? Because he had already demonstrated that he was an excellent employee, he just was working for a gig company, rather than directly for them.

If you want to get a great job, one of the best ways is to start by getting a great gig. The jump from a gig to a job is very small, once you have the skills.

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