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The Right Anti-Abortion Argument

Please read this post or article with an open mind, and with the assumption that common-sense is not often common.

A·BOR·TION - Defined əˈbôrSH(ə)n/ noun 1. the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy, most often performed during the first 28 weeks of pregnancy (first trimester) synonyms: termination, miscarriage "her first pregnancy resulted in a spontaneous abortion"



It is a TOUGH topic. I applaud anyone who is willing to talk about it. The fact is most politicians have avoided most of these topics UNTIL the DONALD mentions them, and then they wonder why he's been leading... I have never seen any one debate it without heads getting HOT. I'm not sure why we expected a man like TRUMP to easily tackle it. I get it. He is not a woman, and perhaps he grew up in an era when women did not have so many rights, and of course in that era there were many good things as well. Children were raised by their mothers and not strangers, crimes were lower and the divorce rate was substantially lower too.


Although the politically correct statement to state about it should be that a woman does have the right to choose for those who are pro-choice, whether one is PRO-CHOICE or PRO-LIFE, there must be a logical voice that should say that JUST LIKE ALL RULES there must be exceptions, but I gather that common sense is a misnomer b/c it is not as common as I thought it would be when I was growing up... So, what are those exceptions and what should really be the GOLDEN RULE? I hear the voices of lawyers saying "IT DEPENDS", but it depends on WHAT?

I want to keep it VERY SIMPLE!

"An intentional termination of a future human being, after taking actions that were meant to do so is MURDER"... All the exceptions are COP-OUTs. And if it is MURDER, like all murders there should be charges brought. I applaud the DONALD for being gutsy enough to bring it forth. I believe that ABORTION is wrong, HYPOCRITICAL and IMMORAL. People go to SPERM BANKS and get sperms from strangers to get pregnant but use the RAPE excuse to abort a child. Please, just FORGIVE and move on. It is hard to do, but a CHILD is a CHILD, and deserves to be a BLANK SHEET on which marvelous things can emanate... I thank MY MOTHER for not aborting me, and I ask those who are alive to ask themselves if they would have loved to have been aborted for any reason whatsoever.

NOW CRUCIFY ME TOO PLEASE "PRO-CHOICERS"... b/c "PEOPLE" did crucify JESUS for saying the right things after all, but that did not make Jesus wrong, did it? I'm sick and tired of people beating around the BUSH on this TOPIC. It is MURDER...END OF STORY. Now ask God for forgiveness and if you were raped, perhaps it should be one of the exceptions, but I believe that THE BABY is innocent. EVERY BABY IS INNOCENT. I can't think of a GOD who would make a BABY GUILTY. I love BABIES, b/c I was once a baby, and ALL BABIES are SPECIAL. PERIOD!

Needless to say, I am 100% PRO-LIFE!

By the way, don't get me wrong, I know that there are laws and what those laws represent precedent principles, but as a researcher and philosopher, I'm convinced that they are wrong and misguided. By the way, I wonder how society at large is doing with our modern "everythins is disposable" mindset (e.g., marriages, and babies to be). Why fix and prevent when can can just TERMINATE and DISCARD!

Dr. Pete Lorins is the Chief Editor of, and is a multi-industry consultant

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