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Why Should You Continuously Mentor?

Well, I should simply start by telling you WHY I have been continuously MENTORING, COACHING, MOTIVATING for the past two decades, and perhaps you'll find yourself doing the same quite seamlessly. By the way, I mentor FREE OF CHARGE!

The short answer could potentially be that I mentor to do my part, and give back... But, without illustrations, it probably does not mean as much...

Please allow me to start with the following two premises:

- As a father, I feel that every young man/woman is someone's son/daughter... I see my son/daughter in all of them...

- While I have mentored people of all races in the past two decades on daily basis, I have done more mentoring to Black youth, perhaps it's just because I can relate to them better... I have mentored more Black males than Black females, but I have mentored a good percentage of Black females as well.

For instance, in the past couple of days alone:

- I helped a young Black male college student that I met near a college campus secure his future in business after he pointed me to the right direction. Even I was surprised at how receptive and desiring he was of my insights and advice. I gave him my business card and he'd be surprised to know that his receptiveness of me was as much of a blessing as the advice and wisdom that I shared with him in a moment in which he was like my son to me. I have even mentored gang members and the most thuggish of thugs and was surprised to realize that many of them were kinder to me and others than our so called "good people". There is "goodness" in all of us if we go past the shell, insecurities, hurts, self-deceptions and misconceptions.

- I helped a young Black female college student focus on her studies and think proactively, rather than re-actively, and prevented her from being expelled or worse yet, incarcerated. She was a well-dressed and intelligent young lady who perhaps happened to have encountered a perfect storm. In a way I have been her. I used to have a terrible temper and really had high if not unreasonable expectations, which were often unmet, and when they weren't I often lost it. I used the wisdom I earned after I conquered it to help calm her down by offering to solve a problem that the administration refused to solve. I urged her to focus on her studies and changed her day from one of despair to one of hope and positivism.


The myth is that many young Black folks are not receptive and are just bad kids...


We have a low perception of Black youth and misunderstand their plights, experienced, and unmet feelings. How do I know that, I am a Black man who overcame odds that would make you cry and change your opinion of me and life at large. We approach Black kids the wrong way. They are not perpetrators, they are VICTIMS. No one asked to be born in less than ideal situations. But, while our so called leaders BS their way through life, many of our kids are heading right to despair, jail and premature or slow death. All young folks have a lot of insecurities and confusion no matter what their race is. But, IT IS OUR JOB to help those who might have been disadvantaged. I am surprised at how well I am received and respected by all young folks. I am not condescending and I listen without being presumptuous. Then, I give recommendations and not judgments based on analogies, experience and knowledge.

I MENTOR every day, and I urge you to do the same. Someone mentored you. To whom much is given, much is required. LEAVE SOMEONE ELSE BETTER THAN YOU FOUND HIM OR HER!

My name is Pete Lorins and I am an EVERY DAY MENTOR... I would welcome the opportunity to mentor KKK members as well because I would not have allowed their insults to get to me and would have succeeded in inducing them to cry while they realize that they too are VICTIMS and it is the job of those that are wiser to show LOVE because in the end, ONLY LOVE can conquer HATE, DESPAIR and FEARS.

May Almighty God Bless you!

Dr. Pete Lorins is the Chief Editor of and his professional site can be found at

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