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MENTALLY-ENSLAVED: Are Far Too Many Blacks Still Mentally Enslaved?

On the surface, and quite deceptively, there is ample progress being made as evidenced by the things that can be seen with man's naked eyes, especially with the advent of the election of a bi-racial man of direct African descent, named Barack Hussein Obama, who might have been viewed as the redeemer of many Blacks, who never thought that they would have seen a President of Color, not to mention, a (presumed) Black President in their lifetime, and quite frankly, the latter would include yours truly.

Nevertheless, Mr. Obama's presidency was plagued by many resentments from Whites who felt that such an abrupt change came too soon, and in many ways, it catalyzed the serial deaths of many young Black males, and eventually the birth of the "Black Lives Matter" movement. Thus, a price had to be paid, blood had to be shed, and racial disharmony reigned as subsequent outcomes of electing the first "presumed Black President". Like the discords induced by the emotions that ran wild after the OJ Simpson trial, many parents stopped talking to their children and often neighbors became bitter enemies. And again, of course there is the birth of the "Black Matters Movement".

While it a great thing to state that Blacks lives matter, like all retaliatory movements (based on being reactive as opposed to being proactive), it was not predicated on a solid foundation (e.g., racial "harmony" or LOVE as Dr. King would call it), and thus was not meant to be proactive or therapeutic, and thus was the result of the anger or reaction that most Blacks have felt at some point in the face of disparate treatments. And again, America was confused, and when America is confused, Black folks appeared to be "confused on steroids" including yours truly. In any event, while it is OK to state/assert that Black lives matter, it should not, however, imply that other lives don't matter, or that all Whites are evil and or that their lives matter less. Thus, since its premise was not predicated on solutions per se, its outcomes can never be good, and it appears that it has created the notion that ONLY Black lives matter as per the perception of some Whites, and since it wasn't predicated on a good intent or healing, it has in turn created TWO NEW EVILS:

1. Far too many Whites don't take the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement seriously and view its members as uneducated thugs who are using racial disharmony as a means to looting stores or create disorder to fulfill their ill-intended deeds;

2. It is sending a self-destructing and untrue message to young Blacks, that society does not care about them at all, and that they should not even bother trying because their lives don't matter anyway. While the latter is not 100% false, it is not 100% true either. In fact, it is mostly false. Black lives do matter, but there is a lack of Black leadership all over the World to assert it in a positive way. In fact, most of the so called and current Black leaders are mentally-enslaved themselves. There is great Black inequity (i.e., a Black person is presumed to be financially incapable or guilty as opposed to the opposite with far too many Whites).


Since Blacks haven't had any real non-self aggrandizing leaders for a long time, I often see the current presumed/fake Black leaders with their PERMED HAIRDOS, parading and reacting to situations as opposed to planning to PREVENT THEM (i.e., being proactive about them). While I respect the fact that they are at least doing something, most seem to be opportunists who are using the plight of the very people that they should lead to self-enrich.

I haven't seen much substance. I personally despised the PERMED HAIRDOS styled by these so called Black leaders because I feel that they are sending the wrong message to young Blacks (that their hair texture is not good enough, that it has to be White like to be viewed as beautiful). to me that's a bunch of BUNK. It is the perfect example of "THE BLIND LEADING THE BLIND".

In order to be a great leader, one has to get others to follow him/her continuously to amazing places to which they would not have gone by themselves either because of fear or ignorance. For instance, while Mr. Obama has proven to be an "OK" leader, he was expected to be a GREAT LEADER, and in that sense, he has fallen short of such expectations to be candid. When a presumed leader fails to do so (i.e., be great), he either had the wrong leadership style, or the wrong character trait to lead such potential followers. History has taught us of the stories of many great leaders (e.g., Moses), and they all exhibited great leadership characteristics that induced their followers to follow them.

It is easier to free a people physically, than to do so mentally. If there are remnants of inferiority, or lack of self-love in any of the leaders, then such remnants will have been subliminally passed on to the followers.

Quite often, I ask myself, "WHO TRULY LOVE BLACK PEOPLE?"

While I am 100% sure that I do because not only do I love myself, but also, I love the Black skin tone, the natural rhythms and soulful ways in which Black folks do things, geez, I even love the Black swagger. And once Blacks decide to be great in anything, they have proven that no one else can surpass them.


For how long will we blame it on slavery? It's been 151 years for crying out-loud. While I will admit that slavery was such a DISASTER to the Black soul, we cannot give in, and should not allow our kids to view themselves as low-life bastards, and for sure should not allow them to call each other "NIGGERS or NIGGAS or by any EFFING N-WORD".

There are still many flaws that are needlessly attributable to Blacks... such as, being too laid back, tardiness (or lack of time management), unstructured, irresponsible, management incompetence, and flawed leadership styles. Heck, it's been said that we can't even run our own grocery stores, and neighborhoods, and in so many areas we are practically KILLING EACH OTHER. If you don't believe me, go to DETROIT for a few days.

My hope was that by the time I reach my current age, I would have seen substantial changes. While Mr. Obama is a man that should still be admired for his accomplishment and swagger, there were some major faux-pas that are attributable to his leadership (particularly with the awareness that he was precedential and the presumed Black male that the World would remember, as the very first Black leader of the Free World or the first Black president of the US (POTUS)). Mr. Obama appeared to have been focused on his own agenda, and is a very decisive and clever man. But, he failed to focus on making the UNION a more perfect Union and failed to rally after leaders like Dr. Cornell West, who are considered to be elite in matters of race issues and quite frankly any other social issues in America.

He, seemingly, chose to alienate many who could have helped along as he gave up on the opposition after seemingly trying relentlessly and unsuccessfully. But great leaders NEVER GIVE UP. They press on even if it is linked to their eventual assassinations for the progress of the people that they truly love an serve. Moreover, he seemed to have failed to foster a climate of RACIAL UNITY, and in my opinion this MUST have been and should have been his utmost goal, considering the premise on which he ran for the highest office of the land. Instead, he opted to focus on Obama Care (i.e., the Affordable Health care Act), which I never felt great about. In a nutshell, while it is up for debate, it is safe to say that the views of people on both sides of the aisle on Mr. Obama's presidency is not as optimal as it should have been. While he did some last minute efforts to redeem himself, they were rather too late. Perhaps he was too focused on not being a one-term President, or passing his signature health care law. But, quite frankly, many did expect more from him, and it is a pity that he failed to deliver more. But, having said that, it could have also been worse.

A Need for More Substance and Less Form

In my three decades of living in America, aside from the Million-man March initiated by Mr. Farrakhan, and the election of President Obama, I have seen more form than I have seen substance from the Black community. I have, personally, almost lost my life many times while mentoring Young Black Americans in primarily Black neighborhoods, while others are busy chasing women or parading on fancy cars; and I am just a Black immigrant who was also discriminated against by Black Americans when I arrived to this country. However, I understood and forgave, but I haven't forgotten.

My point is, I haven't seen enough action, and motivation and PASSION to save the next generation of young Blacks; particularly, the generation of Blacks males who are increasingly becoming an endangered species.

So, Where is Black Love Many are Asking?

Where are the Black Fathers?

Why are there so many Black on Black Crimes?

And is that representative of Black Love or Black Hate, or Black frustration? What is it all about?

A man is the LEADER of the family. Thus, with Father absenteeism, many issues will surface as the societal dynamics is out of balance...

... Hence, while many Black Fathers are in jail, others have simply given up and have failed to step up to the plate altogether because they have been emasculated (i.e., they have lost their manhood) due to their inability to assimilate or lack of education, or a criminal record, that they have resorted to living life based on street-credits-or-credentials. In a nutshell, when a man can't provide, he tends to become emasculated, and loses his woman's respect, and either starts straying to get that respect based on his sexual prowess elsewhere or run away from that feeling of financial insolvency and incompetence altogether.

Either way, it's a societal failure, and AMERICAN FAILURE TOO, and it is mostly due to a lack of Black love, and thus a mental slavery that starts right from the current presumed Black leaders and trickles down to the followers like BLINDS LEADING BLINDS. The latter is preventing many Blacks to take care of each other, love each other, and accept their hair, color, and any immutable characteristics that are attributable to Blacks as being not just good enough, but excellent and given by God, and in many instances superior to that others in the human race. Instead you hear terms like "NICE SKIN", "NICE HAIR" with regards to skin complexion and hair type that are not Black like. How sickening is that? And one has to listen to such garbage from the mouths of presumably smart Blacks. I AM NOT IMPRESSED!

In 2016, my honest observation is that, far too many Blacks are still MENTALLY-enslaved, even 151 years(1865-2016) after slavery had been abolished. I hear chants of Black love by the very people whose styles are demeaning to what have historically made Blacks so beautiful as a people. In other words, an artistic, soulful, happy and emotionally generous people. Far too many have been manipulated to become hopeless, angry, and unmotivated by a system that is perceived to secure their demise. Rather, the focus has switched away from education, and pride, but on being demeaning and angry, and doing things that are self-demeaning to defy the very scrutiny (i.e., dress in unsavory ways, follow the same political party, and in a nutshell, follow the herd (and I'm not referring to typical trends)).

My prayer is that one day, Black folks, World wide, will finally be self-emancipated. Mental slavery is the worst form of slavery, because the shackles and the chains are both invisible, which make them even more potent.On this end, I freed myself from all cultural remnants of slavery a long time ago. I'm a FREE MAN. I can go and live anywhere with anyone and I can speak my mind about ANYTHING. I will die with my core convictions even with a cocked pistol pointed to my head. I have been teaching the same principles to every young Black person that I meet for the past two decades (i..e, 20 years). I wish the same not just for Black people, but for all people who are still STUCK in MENTAL SLAVERY by religion, culture, and crappy governments. We can do better, as human beings, and we should do better. If I lose you as a Facebook friend b/c of this post, while I'm sorry, but TOUGH LUCK,deal with it, but the TRUTH must be told, and we must change something or else we'll continue to get the SAME RESULTS, which is the definition of INSANITY (by the way).

I would urge the so called SMART ONES OF US to self-reflect and ask, HOW DID WE CHANGE THINGS GENERATIONALLY? ARE WE GETTING BETTER?


Blacks need to stop being either pretenders or angry (either pretending that there is no problem, or becoming too angry to do something about the problem). I know how one can become trapped into either one of those because it is comforting to do both. But, they still don't solve the problem. In order to solve any problem one first has to realize what such a problem is first, and then analyze its complexities and idiosyncrasies.

It appears to me that far too many so called leaders are PONTIFICATING as opposed to offering real solutions. Blacks need more leaders to remind them that there is so much to be proud about; that other minority groups had also been discriminated against based on culture or ethnic backgrounds even though they were also Caucasians; that they cannot give up or stop trying or become stagnant or complacent just because others are being unfair; that education is still important for an awareness of all things and as a good back-up plan; and hat education helps one become more self-aware and aware of others; that they don't have to be like others, but can choose to assimilate in however way is natural to them; that they are great enough, and loved and cherished and counted upon to be the future to be a beacon of light even if it is for the sake of those that died to secure their freedom and hope, and it is their duty to honor them because they too stand on the shoulders of giants.

One of my biggest accomplishments to this day, is having many Black young men, who I have mentored contact me, to tell me that, thanks to my mentoring, they now are engineers, or business professionals. The tears of joy always roll down my face when I'm alone. I don't believe I am weak for crying, rather I believe that I should be an example of a strong Black man. It is not about how physically-muscular one is, but rather, how mentally-wise and proactive one is. We can all make mistakes, but we cannot afford to change nothing yet expect positive outcomes.

Far too many of us fail to help in our own Black communities. Far too many Blacks fail to travel to Black nations to help the next Black generations into becoming better leaders. Today's children are tomorrow's leaders. When we fail to travel to them, and help them, then we allow surrogates (i.e., others who are less connected to their plight) to do so, and ultimately, we will have FAILED to secure the next generation of leaders again, and again, and again. I will continue to do my part, but assure you that no man is an island. I cannot do it alone. Hence, why I write these articles, with the hope of inspiring others to do the same.

I have written presumed Black leaders and offer my help, and many promised to get back to me, and instead continue on their self-centric agenda. Trust me, I understand what is going on, and it is quite RECKLESS and STUPID!

I still remember my few true Black mentors. I remembered looking up to them as strong and passionate Black men... Through them I found hope, and I am determined to continue to stand in their shoes, and encourage others to do the same despite all odds,'til my very last day.

Politicians and pastors can't save the next generation unless they, too, decide to lead equitably and passionately. The true leaders are the rest of us, who still want to encourage every child, and particularly young Black men to be TRUE STRONG MEN and LEADERS of tomorrow, to tell them that it is not the THUG with the muscles and "muscle car" who is strong, rather it the man who has secured strength in the MOST IMPORTANT MUSCLE, "THE BRAIN"!

Should this Black generation not apply itself to lead better, we will have proven to be not ONLY UNCIVILIZED but also immensely STUPID/IGNORANT if not INSANE. In short, we would have only had ourselves to blame, not only in the US, but also wherever there is a Black soul World-wide!

We need TRUE LEADERS... authentic leaders... a true leader is always willing to die for what he or she believes is true and right!

Dr. Pete Lorins is the chief editor of This article was sponsored by

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