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Two Main Reasons Why Trump's Foreign Policy Tendencies are So Appealing!

Let us cut right to the chase... by now, we all know that political correctness and Mr. Trump do no go hand-in-hand. This fact alone secures his position in the hearts of so many who have been tired of the dishonest approaches that have been used by both previous governments and the media, all the in the name of political correctness ("PC").

In short, Trump is a true Maverick.

Nevertheless, if there were ever two main foreign-policy tendencies that could define Trump's no non-sense, political party-Independent, and business approach to life, they would have to be:

1. The U.S. handling of the Iraq war and the eventual and unnecessary killing of the then Iraqi president Saddam Hussein under then Republican President George W. Bush.

2. The U.S. handling of the Lybian revolution as a catalyst of the latter, and the eventual killing of then Lybian President Moammar Gadhafi under the current Democratic President, Barack Hussein Obama.

Mr. Trump is right to assert that the Middle East would have been better off or more had these two leaders been still in power. In short, anyone who is remotely aware of what has been happening in Iraq and Lybia after the US-encouraged killing of those leaders would have to agree with this assertion.

Strong men are required in many parts of the World. While their presence might have reminded of the past dictatorial approaches to governance, it also, provided us with some sort of indirect counter-terrorism allies, which prevented terrorists from taking over in that part of the world, namely, the Middle East.

Long before Mr. Trump became a serious contender, I had always advocated against the killing of these two former leaders and the ensuing destabilization of the Middle East. WHY?

Regions of the World may as well be seen as "pseudo organisms". In other words, many systems gather together to bring about their existence. Accordingly, when you blindly get rid of one of those systems due to a lack of foresightedness, what then ensues is an eventual domino effect in the region. In the human body, this can be analogized to a diminished immune system, and thus, the ability of microbes to take over. This analogy applies to the Middle East with ability of terrorists to infiltrate the fabric of this region (as the organism of that region) due to a lack of defense system, which the above mentioned two former leaders represented.

In a nutshell, while it may be politically-correct to agree with both the Bush and Obama administration or rather pick a side based on one's political affiliation, such political correctness based affiliations are not only idiotic, but also they are reckless at best. Indeed, they are the equivalent of what most teenagers did in High School, when they allowed peer pressure to induce them to do the same stupid things that there friends were doing in the quest of fitting in, or with the goal of remaining "cool" to their peers. The problem is we shouldn't run a country like teenagers run their lives.

In the end, there are two main camps or schools of thought:

i. One that follows the herd and submit to political correctness or peer pressure to remain relevant and "cool"; and

ii. One that utters the fact of the matter even it will expose him or her to rebuke by his friends and those that follow the herd.

I seem to fall in the latter, and every American who does will also find Mr. Trump appealing and will eventually vote for him, even if they have to do it secretly. The next President of the United States (POTUS) has to change the course of the last two administrations.

I, surely, do hope that Mr. Trump will be the next POTUS because of the latter alone. The alternative is Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton; and the issue with her is that, although President Obama is not even close to being as incompetent as Mr. Trump would love to have us believe he is, Hillary is not even close to being 50% as efficient as Mr. Obama is. Therefore, all that can be accepted from her would be less of the same, which is an agenda that won't get the support of a majority of the GOP and errors that have quite frankly emanated from both political parties. But Trump is simply an Independent who ran as a Republican because he knew it would given him the best chance to win the nomination and the general elections. So far, he has made the impossible happen. For America's sake, I hope he'll do it again in November 2016.

Dr. Pete Lorins is the Editor-in-Chief of This article was sponsored by

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