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Breached Social Contract? I'm MAD AS HELL and I’M NOT GOING TO TAKE THIS ANYMORE.

So, in the light of the events of this last week, we are having to re-examine the social contract.

It’s something that hasn’t been talked about recently. Men are, by nature, violent and dangerous. However, over the last several thousand years, we have established an inherent, and implied social contract.

Thomas Jefferson, the author of the Declaration of Independence, neatly described it when he wrote about, “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness”.

We give certain powers to the government, in exchange for certain things back from the government. We have the rights, assigned by God. Government can only take those away if we give them the authority.

We grumble at tax time.

We weep at war.

We sigh when we have to wait in line for a Drivers’ license.

But, we put up with it, because we know that everyone is equal. There is no one above the law.

When we stop putting up with it, when we say, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore”, then the social contract starts to break down. That is when snipers start shooting at cops.

That is when rioters start flipping over cars. That is when the pent up anger of a thousand little things starts to boil over, and the gentle society turns into a raging mob. That is when all hell breaks loose.

We have a general principle, which we all know is untrue, but we hold onto tightly anyway, that things should be, “FAIR”. That is unrealistic, but we can deal with it.

The Recent Events

Bill Clinton meeting with Loretta Lynch in a secret meeting just before his wife goes before the FBI.

Hillary Clinton meeting with the FBI, without having sworn testimony, and without any transcripts.

FBI Director Comey explaining that, “Yes, she broke the law, but we’re not going to prosecute”.

Two young black men being killed by police in two different locations.

The assassination of five white police officers by snipers during a, “Black Lives Matter” parade.

All of these are setting the country on edge. All of these are making reasonable people understand that there are two sets of laws. One set of law for law abiding taxpayers, and another set of laws for the ruling class.

The taxpayers, when they break the law, are sent to prison. The ruling class, when they break the law, are nominated for President of the lawless party. At some point, the rule of law seems to have been ignored. Cops are shooting innocent passengers in cars. The Bureau of Land Management is assassinating land owners, without due process, just because the ruling class wants to steal their property. The government is mandating a penalty on people that won’t purchase their insurance, against all Constitutional authority. The government is importing hundreds of thousands of military age Muslim men into our country, and giving them free healthcare, free education, and welfare, without requiring them to work. When these Muslim men attack our women and children, killing hundreds, we are told to be tolerant, and that WE have a problem.

The social contract, the one thing that prevents the owners of the country, American citizens, from rising up and taking action, is being trashed, daily. Our rulers are telling us that we are, “Little people” with no rights, and no right to be angry.


Reed Sawyer is an editor at and a business coach and developer at Mr. Sawyer can be reached at

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