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Is Hillary Clinton's Acknowledgement of Police Brutality and Disparate Treatment of Blacks Too Late

To cut to the chase. Undoubtedly!


Unless one chooses to use the extreme saying that goes like: "It's never too late to do the right thing", Mrs.Hillary Rodham Clinton has been saying too little and is absolutely too late on the issues of police brutality, racial bias and racism at large, particularly in police departments across the United States.

History of Failed Leadership on The Issue

A leader is someone who gets others to follow him or her to a place where they would not go by themselves either because of fear or lack of knowledge or understanding. The latter should be the test of all true leaders.

Again, to cut right to the chase. Mrs. Clinton has failed to make her appeal on this issue and is actually too late with her assertion because she could have and should have done them during her tenures as First Lady of the United States (FLOTUS), New York State Senator (which is very relevant, since the NYPD has proven itself to be the most racist police department in the U.S. has demonstrated in one of the following articles), and U.S. Secretary of State. In short, no individual with political ambitions could have had more failed opportunities as Mrs. Clinton did, and amazingly she might still get the Black Vote because Black people seem to be either the most forgiving or the most mentally enslaved people in the World STILL.

When one is applying for a job, s/he should be judged by his/her resume/CV, and calling Young Black Folks, "predators" is not even remotely relate-able to addressing the issue of the long history of bias, bigotry, racism and excessive force that Police Departments and racist institutions have used against Blacks in the States. Moreover, Hillary Clinton, despite her heavy involvements and accumulation of property interests and wealth in Haiti, has failed to help the Blacks of the struggling predominantly Black republic, which is still plagued by poverty, corruption and lack of infrastructure. It's not only mind-boggling to me, but also, utterly UNCONSCIONABLE. Thus, should Black Americans decide to help elect Hillary Rodham Clinton, they will have to own up to their own stupidity. I would not be surprisd, but as always, I am giving my kind but stern warning.

Anyhow, I have been writing countless articles on this issue for quite a while now. But over the past couple of years I have published the following seven (7) articles on, which I found to be rather relevant:


As per the above five (5) chosen articles, America has proven that it needs to be MENTALLY-EVALUATED for its INSANITY. Accordingly, I would like to prescribe that all serious leaders) or want-to-be leaders, and particularly Mrs. Clinton) read the above five (5) articles, especially Articles#1 and #4.

The issue is that our insanity or at least self-deception has induced us to either ignore or remain in denial about the fact that there has pervasive corruption and racism residing in the very fabric of those police departments whose jobs were supposed to "serve and protect". However, our so called top leaders, and particularly those who have reached or have aspired to reach the top office of the land, have been blinded by their own stupidity, insanity or self-deception, and lack of foresightedness or vision. They aught to be ashamed of themselves.

They have proven themselves to be not only negligent, but also reckless at best. And unfortunately, Mrs. Clinton, who is now running for the nation's top post, is currently at the very top of this not-so-elite list. Mr. Trump is not off the hook either, but at least he hasn't been pandering to Blacks like the Clintons have, and hasn't been nearly as hypocritical to them as she has, and certainly has not had have as many chances as Hillary has had to prove that she was genuinely concerned about the plight of Black Americans and thus about the very issues that she is so conveniently bringing forth. She aught to be ashamed of herself.

My appeal to this Grieving and Hurt Nation is the Following

A. You can still be a great nation if you decide to realize where your leaders erred and keep them accountable as per the metrics that I created above. In other words, if a leader negligently or recklessly fails, he or she should be prosecuted to deter others from following into her foot steps. Thus, no shortcuts should ever be allowed for failed leaders no matter what political dynasty to which they belong. No one should ever be shown to be above the law.

B. Eliminate or Minimize Corruption by Keeping your Leaders Accountable

C. Take Your "One Nation, Under GOD, Indivisible, with LIBERTY and JUSTICE for ALL" as serious as you humanly can; and refrain from stigmatizing or disenfranchising particular individuals based on their race, color, national origin or religion as per your very own constitution.

D. Don't forget that you are still a wounded animal for having RUN/NURTURED/PROTECTED the most savage and brutal institution in the history of mankind, namely SLAVERY, the remnants of which remain so vibrant in your actions against Blacks and minorities today.

E. Understand that ONLY LOVE can save America as articulated in one of my recent articles following the latest twist of police-brutality induced events, namely "Lessons From Our Greats: Only Love can Conquer Us in such Alton-Like Moments"

America has been good to me. Thus, I truly pray for peace and love for all human-beings who will have walked across a nation whose beliefs of greatness are being so forcefully tested. I particularly pray for the mental freedom of Black people, and that of all human-beings who have suffered from a history of hurt, oppression and disenfranchisement.

Dr. Lorins is the Chief Editor of This article has been sponsored by

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