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Potential American Fools? Have Most of Us Missed the Boat?

Dr. King, one of one America's love and civil rights giants and perhaps America's last true peace broker, once said that we must all learn to live in harmony/love as brothers/sisters, else we'll all die together as FOOLS!

As of now, America is on the brink of becoming FOOLISH, unless it fixes its issue of police brutality on Black males. We're not quite there yet, but we're pretty darn close!

I have truly been asking myself if most of us have missed the boat during the last thirty years that I have lived on this presumed great land... It's been said that it is never too late to do the right thing, but sometimes the consequences are rather so dire that it might as well be too late... UNLESS we seriously analyze both sides of the issue and subsequently approach it like a NASA Space Shuttle mission and do something about it "for Christ's sake". In my latest article entitled: "The Angriest Black Men - Why are they Angry Enough to Kill?" (click on this link to view it), I believe I made it clear that, indeed, most of even the presumed best ones of us have either been complacent, negligent, reckless, non-empathetic or even ignorant on the issue.

I mean, what the check took most of us (our leaders and change catalysts) so long to...

1. do something about it...

2. at least talk about it constructively... and create allies on both ends to effectuate strategic change.

3. at least become proactive smart human-beings, as opposed to dumb self-centered Schmucks!

I'm sorry. I'm so disappointed to see it come down to THIS! Seriously? Come on Folks!

Anyhow, while I have heard so many people praise the murdered police officers, who died in retaliation to the killings of Black men by other police officers, I have yet to hear enough people talk about the main issue. THE ANGRIEST BLACK MEN... Why are they angry in the first place? What can be done to fix the source of their anger? And to be honest, anything else that is being talked about is rather non-sense.

While I believe that we should learn from LESSONS of OUR LOVE GIANTS (please click the link to view my article on the topic), and that only LOVE can cure HATE, we all have a duty to stand up for human rights as well, because historically, that is the only way that such rights have eventually been respected.

Instead of praising police officers who died in the line of duty, I would rather want to praise the many decent-hearted White brothers and sisters who, unlike many of our leaders, have come forward with their messages of empathy towards ALL AFFECTED PARTIES (i.e., not just our Black male victims, but also the ANGRIEST BLACK MEN for they, too, are victims of a society that has failed to allow them to properly assimilate, and that has a LOW EXPECTATION OF THEM. Please read my article about society's low expectation of Black males by clicking on the link, which I wrote two years ago.

Our Leaders have Failed to Listen to Learned and Sound Counsel, Including Those that Dr. West Has called "NIGGERIZED BLACK MEN"

There are many solid, respected and social/race prophets and intellectuals on this topic (e.g., Dr. Cornel West), including yours truly, but the majority of the decision makers, including President Barack Obama has, miserably, failed to tap into their expertise. In fact, Dr. West has been particularly critical of President Barack Obama for this very failure. In fact, Dr. West has called President Obama "A NIGGERIZED BLACK MAN", who Dr. West described as "a Black person is a black person who is afraid and scared and intimidated when it comes to putting a spotlight on white supremacy and fighting against white supremacy". Dr. West is correct, the latter is usually the rather overly religious one, or those who are afraid to offend their White friends or colleagues, and they two are part of the problem. Of course, the latter applies to both genders (smile).

Nevertheless, most other comparable leaders appeared to have missed the boat quite miserably on the issue as well. I have read and heard private citizens who have been able to articulate how the issue affects both sides and how both sides are victims of one core issue, much better than the best paid minds have been able to do for the past three decades.

IT IS A DARN SHAME that it's come down to this!

There needs to be more empathy towards Black males. Yes,don't get me wrong, Black males have to emancipate themselves from MENTAL SLAVERY as well, but White males, but U.S. leaders too have to be liberated from mental slavery that is induced by stereotypes and bigotry. We need to change something. See my article titled MENTALLY ENSLAVED ( click on this link to see it). We need to empathize as effectively with ALL Black males as we do with slain police officers. And as of now, any idiot would realize that we don't. We need to do better than we've been doing, or we'll all perish as fools at some point in the future as Dr. MLK Jr. so prophetically asserted. Black males have to work harder as well to assimilate and to put their feet in White males' shoes and vice versa.

Police Forces and Officers - Why I don't Personally Like them YET!

> I admit that I have always had a love and hate relationship with them.

> Yes, they help the State in its exercise of law enforcement as public servants. But, I find them to be not too humble and for the most part they are SCHMUCKS. People that want to have authority who for the most part couldn't find respect in any other profession. That's my opinion. Little people with a lot of power while they're on duty.

> While there are some good police officers, a great percentage of them are corrupt particularly towards Black males.

> I don't care what anyone has to say about this issue, but unless you're a Black male who has experienced it first hand, you probably don't know what you're talking about.

> The unrest that has been happening is something that I have been writing about for a long time.

> Still learning to accept COPS and although I hate no one, I hate the character traits of most cops or the people that are attracted to the profession.

> 18+ years ago or so, I complained to the New York civilian complaint review board about the New York Police Department (NYPD) after a personal experience in which I was sure the guy was stupid and bigoted. He apologized to me in court and dismissed all fake tickets that he gave me following my complaint. I wanted to sue the City of New York, but my father advised me against doing so.

> I also, subsequently, witnessed the deaths of so many Black males in NY and other areas of the country.

> I have also written many articles on the topic in the past... including the following articles. Please click on the following links to view the:

So many people have so many things to say right now from the President to others... Everyone has a prescription... but my question to them are...


2. And after you answer that, you should ask yourself if you can help remedy your view of the issue, and HOW?

3. What is your proposed remedy to foster a constructive dialogue on both sides?

4. Do you understand what Dr. West meant by "NIGGERIZED BLACK LEADERS"?

Should you fail to understand the above four questions, then you are, probably, just part of the very problem whether you're Black or White. You may not believe me now, but in time, if you're conscience-driven, you will. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

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