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The Use of The Lorins Leadership Accountability Metrics Would Help All Americans, Particularly Black

If the government should be "for the people and by the people" via their representatives, then the people should be able to keep their leaders or representative ACCOUNTABLE. Over the past three decades, the problem that I have observed in the Black American communities is that a great percentage of them are unaware of the key issues that affect them the most and thus a failure to keep their leaders accountable. Leaders who fail to lead (or adequately represent the people that elected or nominated them) should be either reprimanded, or impeached or removed from office.

It is often the case of the blind leading the blind. Just because things have been done certain ways historically, does not mean that there are no better means of accomplishing the same ends. Trump's immigration policy is actually a great example of that. Far too many Black Americans are so blinded by their allegiance to the Democratic Party, that they have neglected to realize that Trump's immigration policy would actually benefit Blacks more than any other groups. As an immigrant, I know that when immigrants come here, they are willing to do any job at any pay rate to just survive because their options are limited by their inability to speak the language and lack of connections. No group is affected by cheap labor more than Black Americans who find themselves out-competed by more passionate, eager, and often friendlier immigrants who offer cheaper labor and zeal. THUS, THE IRONY is that TRUMP'S IMMIGRATION POLICY is much better for Blacks than HILLARY’S APPEASEMENT or MORE OF THE SAME. But, unfortunately, the lack of knowledge will induce most Blacks to blindly vote for a Democratic candidate for the POTUS again.

In an article that I wrote about Democratic POTUS contender, Hillary Clinton's Black leadership failure entitled “Is Hillary Clinton's Acknowledgement.... of Disparate Treatment of Blacks Too Little and/or Too Late“ I made that very point. Whether it's failed leadership by the DEMS or the GOP or local pastors or religious leaders, without being informed and aware, many are not equipped to challenge their leaders as many assume that such leaders either do know better or should know better. This is the kind of blind faith, and allegiance that most Blacks have shown to a single party thus far, namely the Democratic party and it's reckless at best because many of the issues advocated by the DEMS have actually adversely affect Blacks more than any other groups.

In short, Blacks have failed to keep their religious, political, and family leaders accountable for their failure to lead them by doing what will be in their best interest. I have been trying to figure out how the Democratic party has benefited Black Americans for the past century, and have come up empty-handed. My school of thought would induce me to assert that a reasonable Black voter or a reasonable voter at large should be an INDEPENDENT VOTER who should vote for the person who happens to have his/her best interest in mind at that time either intentionally or incidentally.


Over a year or so ago, as a former quality assurance analyst and engineer, and a multi-industry consultant, I felt that I had the duty to come up with some metrics, which could readily be used to keep our leaders ACCOUNTABLE!

According to the dictionary, the term "accountable" can be described as: "a person, organization, or institution that is required or expected to justify actions or decisions; or simply expected to be responsible. For instance, the "government must be accountable to its citizens". Accountable leadership is leadership that simulates and facilitates self-leadership capability and practice, while making "personal leadership" the central target of external influence.

The word "accountable" has always been a rather interesting one to me because most leaders seem to have the natural inclination to SELF-INURE (i.e., "play the blame game"). Moreover, to add insult to injury, our consumer advocacy groups appear to have, more often than not, been bribed or have consented to simply fining such leaders with hefty fines as a potential deterrent. However, it does not take a genius to realize that all this simply amounts to is the victimization of the consumers and the securing of the enrichment of both groups, namely, the enforcers and the culprits, at their (the consumers') expense..

My created metric-centered terms are as follows. Please do feel free to click on them to to view them in a separate window that will provide you with details about each of them appropriately.

So, WHY did I waste my precious time to come up with these metrics/terminologies or concpets, you might be asking now?

If so, that's great, because that means that I haven't lost you yet, and by the way, GREAT QUESTION!

We must acknowledge that most of our elected, nominated and self-titled leaders are mainly about self-enrichment or self-aggrandizement, and many quite simply have developed a god-complex. Naturally, no one appears to care about the things that matter the most to the majority of us until it starts SHOCKING THE CONSCIENCE OF SOCIETY AT LARGE. WHY? Most of us know the answer already, MONEY, MONEY, and MONEY. Many of these so-called leaders have been bribed to keep their mouth shut about the very issues that are acting as VIRUSES that are essentially infecting the every "CELL"( or smallest living/functioning component)-equivalent of our societies and ultimately infecting every system in our society. This my friend is UNCONSCIONABLE. It's not a "Democrat or Republic thing", it is simply a "Human Accountability Thing". Therefore, no one is forced to explain anything until things get fully out of hand. And then, the real "BLAME GAME" or "Lack of Accountability game" begins.

Today, I say ENOUGH!

With the above-mentioned metrics, we can now start conducting viable research that will keep CORPORATE LEADERS, EDUCATION LEADERS, FOOD-INDUSTRY LEADERS, and OTHER LEADERS fully ACCOUNTABLE for their action or inaction.


We intend to conduct both qualitative and quantitative research projects to that end for the years to come. Accordingly, volunteer researchers are encouraged to apply. As in most projects, the existing researchers will eventually become paid consultants as more funding continue to flow into every aspect of the project. This is a life-changing opportunity for the true leader of our societies who care about every member of society at large and not just their pocketbooks. WHY?

Finally, instead of being REACTIVE like everyone else, we can actually become PROACTIVE. Usually, laws are created when our society finally REACTS to its own "ailments". These laws are usually meant to 'deter' or 'punish' or even 'rehabilitate'. Yet, more often than not, they cause the very individuals that they were intended to "fix" to simply work around them (e.g., via bribes or outsmarting their enforcers).

By conducting non-confrontational, yet PROACTIVE (as opposed to REACTIVE) research, we can finally get to the source of the problems and figure out the true WHY's (e.g., WHY is your company NOT MINORITY FRIENDLY enough?, or WHY is your school FAILING STUDENTS?; or Why is your business model NOT WORKING?; or why is your restaurant chain's nutrition model FATTENING an entire nation?) Subsequently, we can proceed to convince the culprits to change their ways or else get exposed. This is a more effective approach, as it will have given them an opportunity to self-inure with corrections as opposed to self-inuring via passing the blame onto someone else or simply bribing the very officials who should be enforcing the rules.

Should you find yourself interested in this endeavor, I encourage you to SUBMIT YOUR RESUME Should you know of any colleagues who are altruistic nature or believe in leaving society better than it was found, please feel free to forward this article along.

This article was written by Dr. Pete Lorins and sponsored by Dr. Lorins is the Senior editor at All concerns/inquiries of feedbacks can be directed at: LOOKING FOR A JOB? NEED HELP AT YOUR COMPANY? Visit Today!

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