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Human Lives Matter – Whether They are Blue, Black, White, Yellow... Duh? And?

We all know that Human lives matter. Heck, even animal lives matter too because we make use of animals for various reasons including as a food sources. Yet, almost most of us are unable to prevent deaths from occurring both within our communities or elsewhere, locally, nationally or internationally. Quite often, we can't even prevent human being from slaughtering animals that are on our endangered species list Worldwide. WHY? Far too many of us, simply, either don’t know how to foster respect for each other in all aspects of society, or we simply have, miserably, failed at so doing.

Let’s start on the premise that everyone is right. It is true that the lives of police officers do matter. It is true that the lives of Blacks, Hispanics, Indians, and Asians matter as well. But, SO WHAT? Is that a revelation or news to the World? Do the people that shoot others whether as private citizens fail to so realize or will that all of a sudden induce those that either don’t value human life, or temporarily forget to so, miraculously realize that they should change their course? I think not!

Killers will be Killers and Lovers will be Lovers.

There are people out there that should never become police officers and others that should be in jail or completely exterminated (e.g., via the Death Penalty). In short, there are people out there that are either looking for an excuse to kill or simply have the propensity to kill and they fall in both camps (i.e., Blue and Black lives, or Police officers and private citizens or Black private citizens to be exact).

I am convinced that not all Blacks or police officers are killers. Despite the fact that police departments have attracted many racially-motivated individuals who thrive on have a badge to mistreat others, I have met many police officers who treated me and others with respect. Therefore, on this very premise we cannot generalize that the deaths of police officers are justifiable based on the action of their irresponsible, reckless or even racist colleagues.

EDUCATION is needed on Both Sides

Cooler heads always prevail. While the police officer has taken an oath to serve, s/he is in position of danger each time he approaches an individual. Thus, from his/her perspective, s/he has to presume that this person could be armed and dangerous. Accordingly, it is the job of the private citizen to do his/her best to reduce any reasonable suspicion that the law enforcement officer (LEO) might have had by either being respectful or reasonably obedient within the discretion given to the officer under the law to exercise due care. Accordingly, even when the private citizen believes that the office might be a bad apple, s/he has the duty to remain respectful and not incite such an officer to lose his “cooler head”, which would in turn induce the private citizen to lose his/her cooler head and the end result is rarely if ever good as it includes unnecessary arrest, harassment or even death.

COOLER HEADS – Usually Prevail

Even a fugitive is better off showing respect and regards to the officer. A lack of respect or too much disregard to the authority given by society to an officer as part of our social contract will induce most officers to feel that such a person is reckless and unaware of the LEO has the authority to make his/her life as miserable as possible at least for set period of time. Furthermore, such a LEO actually has the right to legally protect himself and is licensed to kill if he has reasonable suspicion that he is under imminent threat of bodily harm or death. The latter places a private citizen in a position to show the utmost respect and as minimal threat as s/he human can to such an individual.

Unfortunately, the officer cannot assume that every citizen is potentially law-abiding. The premise is usually to assume that based on reasonable suspicion, the interrogated person may be a fugitive, career, occasional or one-time criminal, who may be in a position to kill the LEO in order to prevent himself from going to or returning to jail. Therefore, while the private citizen may doubt the officer’s approach, the LEO may end up doing the same. Thus, in the end, it serves both sides and more so the private citizen to maintain a cooler head.

EDUCATION – Is Needed on Both Sides

We can say that Black lives or Blue lives matter all day, but once a private citizen or LEO is dead, we can never get that person back. Accordingly, it behooves us to find ways to foster trust between both sides as opposed to DESPERATELY SCREAMING that the lives of private citizens or LEOs matter. I think we all already know that prior to uttering it.

The only thing that will work is the fostering of ethics and morality on both sides. While the federal government (i.e., justice department) may launch dozens, if not thousands of inquiries or civil rights infringement actions) and legislators may pass laws to discourage officers from shooting private citizens and vice versa, we already know that MORALITY cannot be legislated. One either has it or does not. Officers will find ways to work around the laws and so will citizens, and often, such approaches foster less respect and more negative reactions that far too often induce the deaths of human beings that fall under both schools of thought.

Let’s Focus on the Good LEOs and Private Citizens

We need to bring the good officer and private citizens together in order to outshine the bad apples (i.e., both bad officers and private citizens). There is always a reason for the madness. But, by inducing the good cases to outshine the bad ones, more people will want to identify with the good cases, and thus will discourage and stigmatize the bad apples. Private Citizens will strive to show more respect and officers will strive to be more professional and ethical.

Unless we do the latter, we will continue to have BOTH sides screaming “BLACK LIVES MATTER OR BLUE LIVES MATTER” cries of desperation. How is that working out for us?

My challenge to both sides is – can we focus on this last approach that can help people on both sides STAY ALIVE? If Black/Blue Lives matter, shouldn’t the ultimate goal be for people on both sides to stay alive for however long as their genetic predispositions so allow?

I have so many interesting and race-neutral ideas that work for ALL HUMAN-BEINGS. Thus, if you have read this article and would like to brainstorm along on proposing solutions that will stem from this article, please don’t hesitate to reach me at:

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