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SCAPEGOAT ME now please - More Blacks are Racist Towards Other Blacks than Many Other Groups Are...

Almost every Black person calls anyone who utters the TRUTH about the state of the Black American soul a racist or an Uncle Tom. Bill Cosby did and he was automatically exposed and attacked subsequently... TRUMP did and a similar case ensued. But someone has to utter the TRUTH. In my nearly 30 years of living here, I have seen more cases of Blacks who are racist against fellow Blacks than any other groups combined. Black on Black crimes have been rampant and the lack of morale and support for Black businesses from other Blacks is often mind-boggling.

It is still easier for a non-food centric Black business to get clients of any other groups than Black clients. IF you fail to SAVE your own community while flocking to that of others once you have "made it" and blame RACISM for the reason, then that to me is PATENTLY RACIST. If you tell Blacks that they have to be rescued by the government and others and that they can't self-rescue or self-help, to my mind's heart, that is telling them that they are handicapped and that is patently RACIST to me. If you tell the Black man that every bad thing that happened to him is attributable to the WHITE MAN, that is telling the Black person that he is so POWERLESS and GULLIBLE and STUPID that he is the subject of manipulation and ill-treatment by another human-being who quite frankly is too busy conquering the World most of the times to worry about the Black man.

I have met more White folks who have displayed concern about the State of the Black American soul than Blacks. I have met more White folks that have asked folks like me for viable solutions than Black leaders themselves. IF I were GOD, I'd tell the PEOPLE that I LOVE, a GREAT PEOPLE that share my direct genetic code... the people that is the original copy of the HUMAN RACE (scientifically) to forget about the old way of thinking, yet remain yourself, love yourself, yet assimilate and focus on being the BEST BLACKS that they can be. SELF-LOVE is needed for full mental-emancipation. As of today, I think that far too many Blacks don't love their hair, skin-tone or any phenotypical features enough, and often anything Black enough. I have seen enough Bleached skin, fake hair that look aesthetically awkward to make me want to throw up. While this is partially attributable to the past (i.e., slavery), it is time for BLACKS to FULLY LOVE OTHER BLACKS and things that are attributable to their own culture and stop blaming every misery on RACISM...

It is time for Blacks to realize that the DEMOCRATIC PARTY treats them like HANDICAPS who have to be rescued like they have treated every other state/country in which Blacks live. BLACKS are human beings, capable of pure genius when they chose to self-love and advance.

UNFORTUNATELY, there is not enough SELF-LOVE being promoted... The HAIR PRODUCTS and many other products that are marketed to Blacks are suggesting that Black features should be changed as opposed to the BLACK MIND. No physical changes can make up for the ineptitude, stagnancy and dysfunctionality that exist in far too many Black areas. While there are exceptions, they are masked by the majority of the cases to the contrary.

I CHALLENGE anyone to prove me wrong!

Dr. Lorins is the Chief Editor o This article was sponsored by

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