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Twice Almost Madam President – Twice Fully Unlucky!

It has been said that we create our own luck, and in that case, Hillary Madam Clinton failed to do so when it comes to the job that she aspires to obtain the most, all while attempting to make history by becoming the first female President of the United States (POTUS).

Indeed, when she failed to gain the nomination against Barrack H. Obama, it was crushing, and as predicted by yours truly, when she failed to become elected as the next and first female POTUS after going against Donald J. Trump, it must have been nothing short of devastating. She was even ready to party with a symbolic glass ceiling. She was sure that she was going to win in this time. It’s been said that she was sobbing in disbelief, and couldn’t even give a concession speech that day… She was beyond crushed by a TRUMP win as predicted by yours truly.

Predicting a Hillary loss and a TRUMP win was not an easy task to do as a Black man. Many had reserved some choice words for me, but I did take the high road, only to remind them that in the end my predictions will come into fruition. After all, she was championed both by both the man who beat her in her previous nomination bid (i.e., Mr. Obama), and the one that she beat in her last nomination bid, namely Bernie Sanders. And after clinching the nomination, it appeared that only Mr. Trump, his followers and fringe forecasters like myself believed that he was going to be the next POTUS. Hillary, her camp and the pundits seemed to have “put it in the bag” for her. However, my own randomized survey, observation of lawn signs and understanding of American politics suggested otherwise. In fact, I was so frustrated at the pollsters, to the point where I write many articles about both the TRUMP nomination and election. And a week before Mr. Trump was elected, I asked my Facebook friends to start practicing the name President TRUMP.

Hillary seemed to have failed to focus on key issues and states despite sound advice from Bill Clinton, which did fall on deaf ears. She was supposed to be breaking the glass ceiling, but the more she spoke the more it felt like her past mistakes were breaking her or at least her bid at the Presidency to the point that days before the election she was statistically tied with Donald J. Trump just like my own research had indicated.

However, “denial” seemed to have reigned both within the Hillary camp and that of the pundits who continued to analyze old patterns when TRUMP didn’t fit any of those old patterns as the unorthodox candidate or person that he is. Mr. Trump did manage to convince those that liked his message that “Crooked Hillary” was indeed not just flawed, but also crooked, and seemingly poked a hole in her credibility by referring to moments in which Bernie and others questioned her judgment in several cases (e.g., Benghazi, email deletions). Thus, just like he was able to successfully and swiftly dispose of “Little Marco” or “Lying Ted”, he (TRUMP) somehow managed to dispose of Hillary and subsequently win the presidency.

Hillary’s involvement in Benghazi, the Clinton Foundation or Haiti, unauthorized government email deletion, calling Black males “super predators” seemed to have caught up with her at the very end and in case no one knows that it would, Mr. Trump did, and in the end, he was leading in the electoral vote count, and leading in three remaining states, any one of which would have helped him become the next and 45th POTUS.

Back to luck or being unlucky… Hillary seems to have had the World rooting for her at some point, and appeared to have worked harder this time, yet again did not create her luck properly by failing to tap into the type of voters that Mr. TRUMP managed to tap into (i.e., working class White and minorities like myself who don’t like being pandered by an entity like the Democratic Party.

On the other hand, Mr. TRUMP worked very hard, and sounded more original and resolute. It appeared to me that he drew the biggest crowds and had more dedicated voters in his base. Hillary failed to fully demand that the voters commit to her, while Mr. Trump as far as asking his supporters to pledge. If Mr. TRUMP is the ultimate marketer, then Hillary was the ultimate boredom. He managed to present her as the establishment politician that he is and like all other politicians, she was all talk no action to him, and in so doing, he had managed to find and secure his own luck or Hillary’s lack thereof.

Nevertheless, we all owe Hillary our gratitude for her public service because no human being is perfect, or 100% evil. Thus, I am sure during her time as a First Lady, Secretary of State and Senator she contributed a few things to humanity for which we should all be grateful. However, she either was not lucky enough to become America's first POTUS or simply failed to create her luck to that end. Either way, I wish her good luck and as previously predicted, I expect that she'll enter political obscurity just like Al Gore did.

While Hillary seems to have run out of luck, the American people will have to wait a bit longer for their first female POTUS. I highly doubt that it will happen in my life time. But then again, one never knows... as one only have to mention one word to so believe... OBAMA!

Dr. Lorins is the Editor-in-Chief of . This article was sponsored by

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