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Black-on-Black Crimes – The Pity Party is Seemingly OVER!

The PITY party appears to be either OVER or at least coming to an end. As a Black man, it was an exhilarating and fun coping mechanism to even think about jumping onto the “Black Lives Matter” movement at first, especially after watching Black men who seemed to have committed minor offenses get shot or killed at the hands of seemingly unremorseful police officers. I had become angry, militant, and biased. All I could think of was either myself or my son being senselessly shot like some of those Black American victims had been. However, secretly, I didn’t like the way I was feeling, it was not a healthful approach, yet it was hard for me to stop myself for a while, well until “reason” prevailed.

Undoubtedly, there are fringe racist cops and police departments out there and I have written about them, but lately, I have had to accept that there are also a great number of cops who show respect to the private citizen and take their pledge to “serve and protect” seriously. I have met a plethora of those cops as well, and seemingly the kinder I am, the more of those that I seem to encounter either in public or during a routine stop, all of which have been nothing short of pleasant.

Thus, while I am unlikely to jump on the “Blue Lives Matter” bandwagon because it is as senseless as the “Black Lives Matter” one in that it is a reactive rather than a proactive measure, and thus changes nothing and at the least only adds fuel to the fire; I want to say that ALL LIVES MATTER. ALL LIVES! We should be as concerned about a Black man killing another Black man as we are about a Black man killing a White Police officer or any police officer. Otherwise, we should start looking deep into our hearts because slowly but surely, our hearts will become DEPRAVED otherwise and that is not Godly.

It is unquestionable that many other groups that hear about the crimes that Black Americans senselessly commit on each other are left bewildered, or shaking their heads and often end up think of Blacks as savages who had to be tamed when a similar crime is committed by a rogue cop or a cop that is supported by a racist police department (again, not all police departments are racist), but it is safe to say that there are merits to some of the stereotypes that other groups have developed against Black Americans because they don’t live in Black areas and can only go according to their own perception of their situation, and to be honest, even reasonable Black minds can differ on many of the perceived ways of looking at Black Americans.

Obviously, there are all kinds of people that fall under the “Black” racial description or genotype. Like people of many other racial groups, some are intelligent, classy, kind, spiritual, religious, while others are ignorant or even stupid. I would like to conclude that some are “love” filled while others are “hate” filled in order to be politically correct.

I cannot understand how someone whose heart is filled with “love” would come to the realization of needlessly killing himself/herself or another human being. In law school, one learns that certain crimes can only emanate from what was called a “DEPRAVED MIND”.

In such a case, we have a whole lot of depraved Black minds out there. During the 2016 primary and general elections, many candidates said things about Blacks that were thought of as racist. Perhaps even I erred when I took out of context a passage in which Hillary called some Blacks “super predators”. Trump took a smarter road by asking for law and order and demanding that the killings against police officers be stopped. It is easier to ask everyone to respect officers than it is to ask every officer to respect a disenfranchised and seemingly unruly group. Undoubtedly, there is not enough “law” enforcement and nurturing of a sense of “order” in far too many predominantly Black American areas, many of which still look more like war zones than areas in which wonderful human beings who happen to live in the most prosperous country on Earth reside.

The situation is rather dire. While folks like myself try to mentor young Black males one at a time, most people seem to be categorizing them as thugs or talking down to them or many fail to show them enough respect in their own turf and of course I’m assuming that such respect has been procured as well, because they too have to procure respect and self-respect in order to receive the same from others.

Americans of many persuasions did not like what they felt from the aftermath of cases like Trayvon, Gardner and countless others. For a while, it did appear that only “Black Lives” matter to them. In fact, one hardly heard of cases of police brutality against other groups, which I am sure occurred as well, albeit not at the same rate. Accordingly, many of them who didn’t like the way Mr. Obama handled the racially-disharmonious situations that ensued felt the need to elect a STRONG LEADER to secure LAW and ORDER, demand that people behave or else face very tough repercussions.

Clearly, Americans don’t like victims and rather prefer victors. A growing number of Americans are tired of looking at Blacks as victims of slavery, discrimination, bigotry etc. Rather, many of such Americans, including progressive and non-liberal Blacks feel that it is time to stop the PITY PARTY. It is time to teach work ethics and principles of morality and self-respect to young Black men and women. There is nothing to gain from aiming to be obnoxious, vulgar, repulsive and angry except more hatred, disenfranchisement, and racism. Indeed, it’s the most self-fulfilling prophecy of my lifetime.

There is a need for LAW and ORDER. We want everyone to be treated with respect, which means that Cops will treat all citizens with respect and all citizens will treat law enforcement officials with respect as well. Of course, there are consequences when those things fail to happen. Moreover, Black Americans will treat themselves with more respect. Thus, no more “nigger please!” or “just another nigger” attitude. Obviously, when people don’t love themselves, others that look like them are more likely to be treated with disrespect than any other groups.

Self-love is needed to rebuild true Black villages, with that such much needed love reflecting on our young ones who will be looked at as future heroes, scientists, physicians, engineers, entrepreneurs, philanthropists rather than the self-fulfilling outcome of losing them to gun violence, prison, or the bullet of a cop that felt disrespected and embarrassed by a rebellious “Black” assailant.

If “White Skin Privilege” emanated from the equity that has been developed/earned via the dominance of Caucasians on many areas and people on the planet, then “Black Stigmatization” emanate from being dominated and controlled by one’s own current mental enslavement and past remnants of the legal and societal enslavement suffered through slavery that is analogous to a post-traumatic stress disorder situation.

Clearly, the souls of Blacks Americans from all walks of life are damaged, and the Black PTSD is even more awake with the occurrence of a TRUMP Administration. Many clever Black men and women (e.g., Douglas, Malcom X, King) tried to change the spirit of zombification that seems to follow far too many Blacks, unfortunately, those who would have been more effective were assassinated either by the then institutionalized racism induced groups that existed in America or by other Blacks who just failed to love each other.

Trump told Black America, “What do you have to lose by voting for me?” The irony is that they have nothing to lose in particular because with Blacks having historically voted heavily Democratic; the Democratic Party has not, proportionally, done so much for Black Americans. While it is easy to call President-elect Trump by a lot of choice words, calling those that supported him “deplorable” is analogous to Hillary calling Blacks “super predators”. This approach usually does not work and ends up back-firing on even the best of us, unless our name is DONALD J. TRUMP.

A TRUMP administration will look at the BoB crime differently. It will also look at Muslim extremism and illegal immigration differently or for their truths. At some point, the pity party has to end. Yes, there is always a price to pay. When Giuliani cleaned up the City of York after David Dinkins left the post, he was accused of being racist, but he did succeed in ridding the city of the rough criminals and activities that plagued it under the kinder and pity-centric Black mayor Dinkins. This is analogous to a post Obama administration. There is a time for pity and a time for toughness. Mr. Obama was a pity President. He failed the plight of Black Americans, and prisoners, and pardoned more of the latter than the previous eleven US presidents combined. A TRUMP administration will differ greatly. The country will be run by tough minded business men who are viewed as patriots, who will have asked for self-respect, and respect for country and fellow country men and women or ELSE…

I am not sure if Mr. Giuliani is racist or not. But one thing he is right about is that it is racist for the Black Lives Matter folks to ignore the issue of Black-on-Black crimes while they fight against crimes committing against Blacks by police officers. In time, the BLM folks will phase out, and order will prevail when both Black and police officer assailants will be forced to behave or face rather tough repercussions.

While it is easy to call those who use the very term “BoB Crime” willingly or unwillingly racist, the question is: are Black areas more love-filled than other areas because as of now, they certainly necessitate a whole lot of more self-love in my own unbiased opinion. I have shared my love to folks in those areas in more ways than one, but the problem is that I’m just one little drop in the river of love.

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