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The Forgotten Modern White Men: Surprisingly Empathetic, Cautiously Optimistic

While we are busy talking about the plight of Blacks, Hispanics, women, and Muslims, there is a group that I will call “The Forgotten Modern White Men” that I have discovered to be the opposite of what we think of when we think of a White man. The latter can hardly express their true opinions on race and many societal issues without being labelled “a bigot, unaware, insensitive, unable to relate”.

In my communications with many human beings that fall in this group, I have found them to be rather more aware and empathetic about the plight of the other groups than most would have realized. They are entirely aware of “White Skin Privilege” and accept the fact that they do have an unfair advantage. Moreover, many of them are even against presumed aggressive anti-Illegal-Immigrant or anti-Immigrant stance, and a great percentage of them voted against Donald J. Trump.

I wanted to write an article about this group because I feel that while many of them voted for Donald J. Trump because they hated Hillary, it does not mean that they hate minorities per se. Rather, there is a sense that they have been forgotten, that their lives which resemble a more industrial and less consumption-driven America seem to no longer matter. To many of them Donald J. Trump was a clear and resounding voice. And I understand it perfectly.

The following observations were interesting to me because quite often, and a great percentage of White males that I have met were often more tolerant toward minorities than minorities were towards themselves. It is a rather startling discovery that goes against the status quo: that “far too many White males are inherently racist and want nothing to do with minorities.”

The following are my observations of the White males from all walks of life that I have met:

1. They are incredibly open-minded and willing to discuss all types of societal issues, including racial ones, in which they will admit their unfair advantage and admonish the disenfranchisement of minorities and even aim to help change it.

2. While there is a desire for them to live a quiet life, and not enter politics or controversial situations, many are well-equipped to help change the status quo, and make it uncool not to open doors to QUALIFIED/QUALIFIABLE minorities and women.

3. Many of them admire President Obama to nearly a fault. They think of him as a fair man who was not given enough of a chance to accomplish his goals, and seem to rather overlook some of his flaws, something that I am not even willing to do as a Black man. Many of them also admire Kanye West... they like his swag and confidence. Many simply want him to see Black fight more and do better.

4. They have more than that one TOKEN NEGRO/MINORITY friend who is typically kind, well-mannered and awesomely cool to be around (smile).

5. They invite seemingly decent minorities to their circles (i.e., churches, work, schools, and even trips.)

6. They care about a more open, inclusive, and thus less disenfranchised America. Many boast about having biracial grandchildren or children who have married Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Indians etc. In fact, many marry Black women and minorities themselves and seemingly treat them like the queen that they are and often much better than minorities would have treated those very women.

7. They want Blacks to do much better, but they also want some form of social responsibility on the parts of everyone, and particularly Blacks who are able to work, contribute, and utilize talents that many have failed to use thus far. They are more likely to hold the door, offer assistance, share a smile and positive comments with minorities than even many minorities that fall in the same group.

Thus, while far too many of us are busy labeling most White males as “HITLER”, there are far too many of them who are more open-minded, tolerant, caring, and empathetic than we would like to believe. Many of them voted to ensure that we can now say that we had a presumed “First Black/Biracial” U.S. President, and many went out of their way TO ENSURE that Mr. Trump did not become POTUS because they didn’t believe that he is pro-minority enough. While I beg to differ with the latter, I must attest that I’m VERY IMPRESSED by the MODERN WHITE MEN, and surprisingly LIKE HIM, and feel that America has so much to be hopeful about because of him. I never thought I would have been typing this article in 2016. But, I must say that I’m also CAUTIOUSLY optimistic about the future of the World because of those men who still dominate the economy of America, which is still viewed as the Leader of the Free World.

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