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Even TRUMP’s Critics Are Starting to Agree with the TRUMP DOCTRINE

People love to follow the status quo or herd. It’s in our nature as it is in the nature of most species. Birds do it, ants do it, and almost all mammals do it. They follow each other without understanding why quite often.

As a Black immigrant who has been in America for decades and who is well aware of its inequities, it would have been so easy for me to oppose Donald J. Trump. In many ways, his story appears to be the opposite of my story, except in one area “business”. Mr. Trump is a wealthy Caucasian American man, who was born wealthy, and I am an exceptional and hard-working intellectual rarity who has had to work hard for every “ounce” of accomplishment that I attained thus far. The latter was not meant to imply that Mr. Trump does not work very hard (because he does), but admittedly, it is easier to work hard with money in hand, than with nothing at all, unless one has the passion, sheer will, motivation, and self-discipline that it takes to be persistent.

Needless to say, my exposure to the man’s aspirations and views and no-nonsense personality got me interested in understanding his psychology over the past thirty years, and the latter has culminated into what can now be defined as the TRUMP Doctrine. In short, upon scratching over the surface of the TRUMP rhetoric/stereotypes that a White man of his age must have, all I saw was a genius and confident marketer, salesman, and entrepreneur with the confidence, and determination to believe that he can win despite insurmountable odds, and believe in his image and ultimately would like to see the same for his country. The latter is driven towards one goal, to win and to make money in the process. For this reason, I became a TRUMP REPUBLICAN.


Every day, I meet former TRUMP critics who tell me “hey, I hope that he can really change things or I believe that he will prove himself to the US or that he is a maverick or I was so wrong about him not winning etc.” Their view of Trump is slowly changing and by the time it's all said and done, they will have to admit that I was right, just like they did about him winning the GOP nomination and the eventual election.

No entities have been better examples of accepting those that are transitioning to the TRUMP DOCTRINE than “CARRIER” and “FORD”. In fact, both entities have relinquished their goals to spend millions/billions of dollars into plan developments in Mexico.

FORD or Ford Motor Company announced this past Tuesday that it will invest $700 million in the Flat Rock Assembly plant “to create a factory capable of producing high-tech electrified and autonomous vehicles plus the iconic Ford Mustang and Lincoln Continental.”

FORD had criticized the TRUMP doctrine before and had to admit that it has converged to it. CARRIER, on the other hand, has already kept over 1,000 jobs in the US because of the TRUMP doctrine.


On the surface, it may appear to be xenophobic, self-centered and narcissistic. However, if we scratch the surface, we’ll discover the Truth. America’s infrastructure has become sub-bar, immigration is a major problem and far too many companies have shipped their plants/jobs overseas.

Accordingly, as the days go by, more and more previous critics of TRUMP will realize that he was indeed right.

Common sense is not so common and of course, time always tells. I chose not to follow the herd or status quo. Throughout my life, I have often chosen to approach things unconventionally because quite often people are just creatures of habit.

Who wouldn’t want to “put his country/house/family/people first”. I come from a country in which people put their own interests and that of other countries in front of my country’s interest. The result is a country that became the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. I praise TRUMP for not allowing America to go towards that path no matter how unconventional it may sound to most people.

Socialism and imperialism sound great on the surface, but in reality/actuality/practicality, they just do not work. Resources are depleted and America still ends up being demonized. I have admired many Socialist leaders for other character traits (e.g., Obama, Castro, Carter), but in the end, countries cannot save other countries. Their leaders have to want to save their own country and people first and America cannot help Americas unless its leaders put Americans FIRST.

In the end, Donald J. Trump will end up being the most EFFECTIVE U.S. President in the modern era.

Dr. Pete Lorins is the Chief Editor of This article was sponsored by

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