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Are Indians Culturally more Racist than Europeans/Whites?

Who would have “thunk” that such a question would have to be asked about the land of one of the seemingly most righteous human beings of all times, namely Mohandas Karamchand GANDHI, who was the preeminent leader of the Indian independence movement in British-ruled India?

I did not find out about Indians discriminating against darker-skinned Indians until a couple of years or so ago, and it always kind of bothered me as did some other idiosyncrasies that I also discovered…To be honest, previously, I always saw it as a Black thing that was induced by slavery and White dominance. Yet, I always knew that they had a caste system there. However, I thought it was only a system based on social status, like the one that we have here. Moreover, I have always heard of Indians being bigoted towards all other groups when it comes to who should marry their children. I am not referring to a parent’s normal fear of the unknown. Rather, an inherent hatred of the occurrence that can amount to even murder. Yes, I have heard of Indian parents that have either killed their children, or threatened to kill them if they marry a Latin, Black, or White person or anyone from a lower class in their caste system.

Although many of the groups that were colonized/occupied by Europeans (who are White) seem to prefer a lighter complexion (skin tone) because the Europeans were viewed as superior people because of their dominance, it seems to be that the issue of skin-tone among Indians and Blacks (who tend to be more darker skin toned) seemed to have gotten more out-of-order.

Are Darker-Skinned People Seen As Uglier People Among Indians?

This BEFORE and AFTER (Skin Bleaching) Photo says it all (Same Person)

Apparently that is the case in India and in many parts of the States as well. Many Indians look down on darker-skinned Indians. In fact, many India get involved in skin-bleaching, something that is practiced by many dark-skinned Blacks. To me, the latter is an insult on genetics. The idea of taking a phenotypically superior feature allowing one to be more protected against UV light as a negative trait because of former European occupation induced issues is practically nuts. However, one cannot forget how the mind operates. It is like a machine that learns from environmental stimuli and when context is lacking, it forms concepts of what’s nice or not nice; what’s beautiful and ugly based on what we call “STEREOTYPES”. These stereotypes are hard to eliminate especially when they are reinforced by unfortunate occurrences that seem to substantiate them. So many former European colonies may have similar issues, but in the case of Indians, it seems to go beyond that source. In fact, it seems to go into the very core of their being.

Racism toward Blacks & Other Non-Indians

Most Whites can hardly say anything or behave in any ways that are not perceived to be racist by other groups. However, Indians seem to get away with saying whatever they’d like to say about Blacks or other groups. While I understand that it may have to do with the fact that they are not a majority here in America, and that what they feel will not have a substantial impact on the life of others. However, their behavior may. For instance, despite their preference towards mates of their own kind, an Indian woman is more likely to date a White man than a man of any other group. The same applies to most Asians at large.


There are always exceptions to every rule (well at least most), thus, there are Indians that understand those issues; and thus are more liberal. For instance,while so many Indians might have sided with the Khan family against President TRUMP, many Indians actually supported TRUMP because they understood the real issues that are going on in Washington, which are things that most cannot readily see or comprehend because they happen behind closed doors. It

was not based on color, but rather on the issues that matter the most to them.

NEVERTHELESS – I write this article to ask the following three questions…

I) Is there an inherent HYPOCRISY among Indians when they criticize Whites about racism when they are potentially more racist than Whites are towards darker Indians or other groups/races in many cases?

II) What can be done to help expose this kind of Indian Stupidity and induce younger Indians to treat each other and non-Indians better as human beings both in India and elsewhere?

III) Can Indians complain of discrimination when they, too, discriminate against other groups? (especially Blacks and minorities)

Please see the follwoing excerpt from an Indian gentleman by the name of Vivek Khan:

“I am dark skinned myself and given my experience of past 25 years - Indians are probably racists - period. You would obviously find people who are liberal and do not care what color you are - but yes the general sentiment that flows around the country is that dark is bad and must be avoided. Lot of people tend to blame the Britishers for this discrimination. The fact these sentiments have always been a part of the society even prior to the British rule, makes you believe that the age old Caste System is the ultimate culprit. Having said that the caste system merely divided people on the basis of the family they belonged to - Lord Krishna - idolized by millions of Indians himself was a dark skinned.

There really is no logical reason behind Indians fantasizing about the fair skin. It’s more of a mindset problem - Indians thanks to lack of education and awareness still maintain an orthodox outlook towards their beliefs regarding caste and religion. More than being an individual problem, I think it’s a way of living that the society has adopted to, which I don't see changing anytime soon .... until, say we have a black super hero.”

The following VIDEO is rather telling because it goes to ask the following question…

Is the skin-bleaching (fair-ness) industry UNFAIR by helping those who don’t like their skin tone bleach it, and is that racist in and of itself?


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