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No Generated Leads = Out of Business... How to Stay in Business!

Yup... No Generated Leads = No Prospects = No Busine$$ = Out of Business

So, imagine that you’re a new entrepreneur who is so excited about a new business concept or venture that you have, zealously, mortgaged your house and received ample investment money to bring it into fruition. However, a month afterwards, the bills arrive and the income generated is so meager that reality starts setting in…

… the business has now become a GORGEOUS BILLBOARD IN THE DESERT… MOst people will never know that it exists and the marketing dollars that you would have had to spend in TV and Radio ads are simply either unavailable or impracticable. In a nutshell, you or an entrepreneur in this situation need(s) THE PHONE TO RING… in other words; you or s/he need(s) to have LEADS GENERATED!

To be candid, I discovered that I was an entrepreneur when I started my first business at the age of nine (9) years old right from my parents’ balcony and using a small window in their giant Caribbean metal gate. I learned early on how powerful my Mother and Aunt were as entrepreneurs. In a very subtle way, they perfected their crafts and ran business ventures as a designer/seamstress (my Mother), and an inter-country merchant (my aunt), and seemed to have done it effortlessly. They both inherited my maternal Grandmother’s natural business skills; and for sure they were my first and still best business role models. I seemed to have been graced with such a genetic trait as well. However, this skill can also be learned, but I will admit that it is hard work if it does not come intuitively. I have seen clever people struggle at it while I seemed to have done it effortlessly.

In a way, I always felt like I was an entrepreneur, and coincidentally, it is the only thing for which I never had to attend a class. In a very intuitive way I understood the following rules, even though I hadn’t brainstormed over them like I did with my business partner Reed Sawyer, years later.

1. Find a NEED, and FILL A NEED


3. Understand one’s SECRET SAUCE

4. Don’t be a NICE BILLBOARD in a DESERT


The first four points on this 5-point list can probably be readily categorized as “GIVEN”… But the last point, namely, leads generation, is not always so easily feasible or ascertainable. It requires both professionalism and talent to be accomplished well and consistently.

Again, the above entrepreneur needs a LEADS GENERATOR

I started generated leads for a former boss, then myself and business partners over the course of two decades now and perhaps even three decades (30 years) if you opt to go back to my first business venture at nine (9) years of age. I, not, only enjoy generating leads, but I also get an adrenaline rush from it. It’s analogous to the feeling that a fisherman or lottery player or gambler has prior to embarking on a specific journey. It is fun, engaging, and at times adventurous.

HOWEVER – Leads generation is not for everyone. Through the years, I have hired countless people that were brilliant in many areas but were dismal in leads generation. A true leads generator is a person who is naturally-inclined to receive countless stimuli from his/her prospects and tends to do it so intuitively as to remain unforgettable and undeniable in so many ways. Thus, while the prospect (prospective customer/client) may not readily have a need that needs to be met, should the entrepreneur use repetition or should the need surface in the immediate future, the entrepreneur will have been remembered due to the uniqueness of the company/service presentation or communication.

As a highly-efficient LEADS GENERATOR, I have generated thousands of leads per day for professionals of all walks of life. I used all types of tools and my combined skills in engineering, education, law, e-learning/education and even medicine, including artificial intelligence, heuristics, and hybrid approaches (mixture of traditional and modern trends) as to arrive to what my business associates and I call WARM or SCORCHING HOT LEADS!

I currently provide leads generation services via either or and can be reached by email at:

Don’t be that billboard in the desert. Contact me, Dr. Lorins, Today!

Dr. Pete Lorins is the Chief Editor of This article is sponsored by is a multi-industry consulting firm that provides the following types of services… Management of Law Firms, Medical Clinics, Businesses...Project Management, Sales, Marketing, & Leads Generation...Research & Engineering... It can be reached via

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