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The Accountability Quotients (Business, Minority Friendliness, Food, & Education)

It feels like has been around forever now. Indeed, It has come a long way. However, it is returning to the roots from which it emanated – promises that I made 3 years or so ago based on the essential need to keep our leaders accountable, value all lives, and challenge the status quo. Essentially, a promise to provide research and conscience grounded news and reports.

Many have viewed the Chief Editor of, namely Dr. Pete Lorins, as one who plays devil advocacy, or challenges the status quo, or induces others to think or engage in debates, and perhaps to some extent they are all partially correct. However, was a divine revelation, an inspiration to challenge people from all walks of life to think about their own thinking, minimize self-deception, banish stereotypes and at least think about the concepts behind the TRUTH. It’s been said that ONLY THE TRUTH can truly emancipate us from MENTAL SLAVERY. And we are all affected by the latter to some extent.

The Four (4) Accountability Quotients

The four Quotients were first conceptualized by yours truly as of 3 years or so ago. You can either view them as the four legs of the TRUTH SEEKING TABLE or the foundations stones on which the BRIDGE TO THE TRUTH is built. Albert Einstein once said that “great spirits will always encounter VIOLENT oppositions from MEDIOCRE minds”. Accordingly, in embarking on this journey, I expected to encounter some violent opposition at least once in a while. In fact, I have welcomed them because it is only in such dialogues that many will have had a chance to at least feel challenged, and the very presence of that opposition is an acknowledgement that another opposing and potentially valid or challenging concept exists that is valid enough to create doubt and thus valid enough to challenge any existing stereotype enough to induce others to at least reconsider their thinking. The latter is what can be referred to as METACOGNITION in psychology (to think about or to assess one’s own thinking), which is not something that most can do intrinsically/naturally (i.e., without being so induced by an external force). was created to be that unique force that is bigger than all of us, and empowered by the most important concept of all, essentially THE TRUTH!

By the way, I also provided a Food Fraud Alert article two years or so ago entitled “FOOD FRAUD ALERT – What the Heck are We Eating These Days?” Please feel free to read it along… will use these quotients as the pillars, foundation stones, or legs of the future articles that it will have written to challenge the status quo, norms or stereotypes, not just for the sake of so doing, but rather to induce humanity at large to think about its thinking and focus on SUBSTANCE over FORM. There is substance to so many things that we do, but human beings are often creatures of habit who simply do things out of habit (i.e., that’s what we’ve always done, so why change it!)

A leader has to PERSUADE others to EVENTUALLY CHANGE their own thinking no matter how stigmatized or even hated he might become because of it. It’s a dirty job, and I, Pete Lorins the Chief Editor of, do not care about being despised or rebuked or even hated when it comes to the TRUTH because every post that has already been published or that is being published , or that will have been published with the World has two common ingredients in them:

  1. An unadulterated love for the TRUTH

  2. Complete LOVE for humankind at large because I’m convinced that ONLY LOVE can banish ignorance and hate of all kind.

In all things, the wise ones of us must consider the ends (something that I do daily and religiously) and thus not just the means. Thus, I assure you that, in the end, many might not ending loving me or (remember that the most influential minds were only truly appreciated after their deaths), but they will, undoubtedly, have RESPECT ME or even if you end up doing so in secrecy (smile). May Almighty God bless continue to bless this project and may God open the heart and eyes of all those who will have read the articles to think about their own thinking and seek TRUTH and LOVE always. One last thing, remember that, even if you don't love me, I LOVE YOU with all my heart because GOD loves all of us whether we acknowledge God or not. God is LOVE and only through the LOVE can one arrive to UNADULTERATED TRUTH. I have chosen to use GOD as my model, and once I did so, I saw the light. Only TRUTH and LOVE can banish LIES and HATE (smile)

Dr. Pete Lorins is the Chief Editor of This article was sponsored by a multi-industry consultancy firm providing services in engineering, law, education, business, and medicine.

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