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The CPS gets a “D” on Education or an “A” on Miseducation from the LorinsPOST MFQ Test

The State of Illinois is a great state and the City of Chicago is perhaps the most amazing in which I have ever lived. However, it seems to have adapted itself in the habit of mis-educating its Black and Latino learners.

A quick glance at the 5-prong test will readily help one determine why the CPS got a “D” on the LorinsPOST Accountability Minority Friendliness Quotient (MFQ) test (). Thus, I will not dwell on this rather nearly obvious fact. A brief survey of 10 randomized Chicagoans will probably find the “D” grade to be rather generous.

Many interesting Americans emanated from Chicago, and many are minorities and quite strikingly are African Americans (Blacks). In a City that was founded by a Black Haitian man named Du Sable, it appears that the Black population (particularly the one on various part of the South side may as well be the most disenfranchised or mis-educated Blacks in the entire nation.)

In a City that produced amazing champions like Michael Jordan, Barrack Obama, Oprah Winfrey, and the likes, it seems that the only thing that has remained constant is a state of complacency and stagnancy about how the City’s education system (i.e., CPS) continues to MISEDUCATE its young Black and Latino students. The result is rather obvious with Chicago being called “ChIraq or Murder Capital of the U.S.” But, the cause is nothing other than a lack of effective leadership and a great deal of human stupidity (i.e., doing the same thing while expecting a different result).

Thus, after Jordan left Chicago and made millions, he never once mentioned anything about what he observed about the miseducation of young Blacks and Latinos. Neither did Oprah Winfrey, who started her empire in Chicago and became the first Black female Billionaire, yet chose to build her disgraced school in the wrong SOUTH (i.e., in SOUTH AFRICA rather than the SOUTH SIDE of CHICAGO)… Moreover, last but certainly not least Mr. Obama who started his illustrious political career from the South side Chicago, which culminated into him become a Senator and the Nation’s first Black/Mixed President spent eight (8) years in the White House and never once made a serious attempt at rectifying the problem of the South Side of Chicago.

I believe that it is obvious. THESE BABIES are being MIS-EDUCATING… One will recognize the quality of a TREE by its FRUITS. And as of right now, the CPS’ fruits are rather POISONOUS to young Blacks and minorities.

Mr. Michael H. said that “the basic misconception held by far too many supposedly wise ones is that the schools are failing at educating Blacks/Latinos...” rather the converse is true, “they are succeeding at mis-educating them”


Effective leadership requires two main components: (1) Change and (2) Persuasion

Performance requires three main components: (1) Motivation; (2) Ability/Skills; and (3) Opportunities to Perform.

A leader should lead in a vision to change the present towards a better future. A leader should lead by example and should embody the very solution that s/he expects to effectuate.

YES – it is that simple.

But, why are people who are getting paid hundreds of thousands of dollars and those that made millions through the City/State, not being held responsible for the failure to lead effectively? These people include the former President of the United States (Barack Obama), the current Governor of the great state of Illinois (Rauner), the current Mayor of Chicago (Rahm, Obama’s former Chief of Staff), Michael Jordan, Oprah Winfrey, and CPS Leaders…


Leaders are not being held accountable because of the same reasons why leaders are not held accountable in underdeveloped countries. People have become complacent and stagnant and have accepted the status quo until their children get shot, or until their children are unable to assimilate or until they realize that their children are unprepared to enter the work force and rather have no other option but to participate in the very activities that are guaranteed to bring them their demise. This complacency is a cycle that remains apparent in all aspects of CPS and only a few complain because most see it as a lost cause, and thus see the plight YOUNG BLACKS and LATINOS as a lost cause as well. Quite frankly, the average layperson is busing making a living and apparently does not feel like s/he has the duty to put time in such endeavors. However, ever societal ailments that s/he will have suffered will emanate from the MISEDUCATION OF THOSE BABIES.


Recently, after Chance, the Rapper made a substantial donation to the CPS, a great debate pm the CPS funding mess ensued between Governor Rauner and Mayor Rahm, which culminated into Rahm calling the governor “emperor” and the governor stating that the mayor has a “Napoleon complex”; and Chance the Rapper tweeting “THIS WHOLE FU----- is EMBARRASSING”

CHANCE THE BLACK RAPPER is amazingly correct, and while he was not educated to become a politician or leader, he has demonstrated better leadership attributes than both the (White) Governor and the (White) Mayor by not only pointing out that there is a problem, but also by identifying it and putting his money where his mouth is by making a substantial donation that I believe amounted to a million or so dollars. Normally, I would not have pointed out the race of these individuals as I did here. However, in this case, I felt that CHANCE is the only one who truly felt the plight of THOSE MISEDUCATED BABIES, so much that he felt compelled to donate an enormous amount of money to the CPS. I feel that both the governor and the mayor are apparently out of touch with the issues because of their race because they failed to understand the gravity of the situation and quite frankly are unable to relate to its depth and breadth.


If CHANCE can so do, why can’t MICHAEL JORDAN, OPRAH WINFREY and THE OBAMAS do the same? After all, aren’t they aware of what is happening with the CPS and the South Side of Chicago?

Of course, they are, however, they have become COMPLACENT or DESENSITIZED to it that it has shocked the CONSCIENCE of an artist/rapper who was willing to do more than most of these leaders (combined) have done about the CPS dilemma.


The solution should be obvious. Hire leaders from mentoring programs that have historically worked who are also motivation subject matter experts that will help solve the 3-variable performance equation (performance = motivation + ability/skills + opportunity). I, Dr. Pete Lorins, am willing to use my expertise to help along. It is the duties of all American citizens and anyone who reside in the U.S. to ensure that children of all colors, races, and national origins are not left behind. We need great leaders to help along. Leaders who understand the problem and can keep it simple enough to arrive to a solution.

I have approached many organizations that are doing their part, but quite frankly necessitate more leadership in creating communities in schools that will act as liaisons. I will probably end up leading one of those organizations, and would welcome the opportunity to communicate with the CPS leaders and even the current President of the U.S. as to demonstrate the CPS flaws to them and proceed with treatment plans that are amenable to EDUCATING rather than a MIS-EDUCATING YOUNG CHICAGO BLACKS and LATINOS… and then the same model can be used towards FAILING SCHOOLS in various parts of the country. After all, if we can fix this Chicago public school system mess, then we can fix any other education mess that exists in other States as well.

This is America... We can do this!

Dr. Pete Lorins is the Chief Editor of This article was sponsored by a multi-industry consultancy firm providing services in engineering, law, education, business, and medicine.

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