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Building True Wealth: Performance & Commitment

First of all, by “building true wealth”, I mean a philosophy of wealth building to create the following:

  1. A plan to build time-tested wealth

  2. Another plan to keep/maintain the wealth gene-rationally.

There is a plethora of wealth building techniques from well-known experts out there, yet most of us fall at the bottom 99%. While most will say that those that are at the top 1% were either born with a silver spoon in their mouths or simply got luck, the fact is some of the individuals who are in the top 1% are self-made. Thus, it is achievable.

So, why is it so hard to achieve despite the fact that there is a plethora of highly intelligent individuals out there attempting to so achieve?

Let’s cut right to the chase, and keep it simple without over simplifying this topic because wealth creation is not for novices, and requires expertise/experience or understanding, passion or commitment and a willingness to continuously perform.

In order to continuously perform one must possess three main components:

  1. Motivation – the motivation to perform

  2. Ability/Skills – the skills necessary to perform

  3. Opportunity – the opportunities to use those skills and actually perform.

Let’s now assume that one is READY to perform as per the above mentioned performance formula, how can one create TRUE WEALTH?

Firstly, one must have a plan to build time-tested wealth that includes HEALTH (i.e., healthy mind and body) as the most important WEALTH because some diseased or acquired deficiencies cannot be cured even if one pours billions to that end.

Now that one is READY TO PERFORM, and is HEALTHY, then one can start creating TRUE WEALTH…

The top 1% is comprised mostly White males. And how did they create their WEALTH?


There are mainly three general forms of property interests that one needs to be concerned with when it comes to wealth creation:

  1. REAL PROPERTY – anything that is attached to a piece of non-movable LAND

  2. PERSONAL PROPERTY – Any tangible item that is movable (in the streams of commerce.)

  3. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY – Any abstract or conceptual item that is the product of one’s INTELLECT and thus is not tangibly movable per se, yet can be distributed or used for monetary gains (e.g., inventions, patents, copyrights, trademarks etc.)

But, how did the Rich White Males make their money?

Acquisition of PROPERTY and SUBSEQUENT monetization (money derivation) therefrom… I actually realized the latter in my law school days. And the LIGHT was switched on ever since that moment…

In other words, they ACQUIRED PROPERTY by any means necessary. Don’t forget that SLAVES were considered to be PERSONAL PROPERTY which could be bought or traded in the streams of commerce and were monetized in many ways accordingly.

But, let’s not diverge from the point here. Now that one is healthy enough to perform and has the motivation and skills, all s/he needs is the OPPORTUNITY to perform…


SO, back to my WHITE BROTHERS (smiling)… how the heck did they create TRUE WEALTH?

Back in law school, in my property law course (one of my most favorite law school courses) and one of the few courses in which I got an “A” (smiling), because I truly enjoyed it, I learned the following… THE WHITE MAN achieved his wealth via.

1. ACQUISITION BY “FIND”(DISCOVERY) – in other words, he “found” / “discovered” the PROPERTY – usually the land (do you remember reading the following: “Christopher Columbus “discovered” America (smile)

2. ACQUISITION BY CONQUEST – in other words, he fought and conquered others and thus by conquering them, he also conquered their lands (real properties) and guess where we live, on EARTH/LAND, thus everything that we own is on that LAND as well.

3. ACQUISITION BY GIFT – I convinced you to be nice enough to give it away for NO CONSIDERATION whatsoever. A nice person or nice group of people decided to let them use the land.

ALL THREE PROPERTY ACQUISITION FORMS lead to MONETIZATION (MONEY CREATION) and when continuously maintained translate into building TRUE WEALTH.

So, there you have it. I have debunked it all for you. Don’t ever say I never did anything for you.

Thus, this is exactly why, STILL TODAY, one of the best ways of achieving the American Dream in America is through HOME (Real Property) OWNERSHIP/EQUITY… Smart home ownership is still the average American’s best piggy bank.

However, that’s not enough to achieve TRUE WEALTH. The latter can only be achieved through a diversified streams of PROPERTY INTERESTS (real/personal/intellectual) that when monetized bring forth TRUE WEALTH.

I am on a mission to BUILD TRUE WEALTH and have been assembling some key folks to that end. Thus, if you happen to be reading this article and feel inclined to brainstorm over ways of so doing, don’t hesitate to send me a quick email at: and whether I am interested in your proposal or not, I promise to send you a response along.


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