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Pence Backs Anti-Abortion Bill

There are enough schools of thought about ABORTION out there to confuse all of us COMBINED if we so allow... Although many will argue that morality cannot be legislated (i.e., induced by laws), a valid counter-argument is that the law has never ceased to force others to at least appear to behave in a more morally-compliant manner as part of the implied social contract that gives the government partial abridgment over the very rights that are guaranteed by the US Constitution and Bill of Rights.

But the real issue is rather: WHETHER ABORTION IS MURDER OR NOT...

As a law school grad, I can hear the sounds of law school discussions along the following:

... viability of the fetus ...

... trimester-based (first, second, third)...

... woman's right to choose ...

... penumbral (constitutionally-implied) right to so effectuate...

... Supremacy Clause (Fed law trumps State law)... ETC...

HOWEVER -- despite the fact that 45 years or so ago, in Roe v. Wade, 410 U.S. 113, a landmark decision by the United States Supreme Court was reached on this issue, modernly, it remains one on which reasonable minds can differ.

Obviously, the Vice POTUS falls in that category, and arguably so do I. This past Thursday, VP Pence cast a tie-breaking U.S. Senate vote to advance legislation that would allow states to withhold federal funds from Planned Parenthood and other health care providers that perform abortions. The DEMS are furious!


After a procedural rule, the senate will proceed to a measure that would dismantle an Obama-era rule that banned States from denying federal funds to such organizations (e.g., Planned Parenthood).

Mr. Pence's vote was NEEDED in order for the senate to agree to bring the resolution to the floor.

In February, the House had voted 230-188 to reject the rule under Congressional Review Act (CRA), which allows Congress to overturn recently enacted regulations. The latter prohibits States from withholding family-planning funding from providers for reasons other than their ability to offer family-planning services, and it took effect TWO DAYS before Pres. OBAMA left office on January 18, 2017.


The Obama rule should be overturned as to allow States to use their police powers to regulate HEALTH, safety, welfare and morals, and thus use their right to STEER FUNDS AWAY FROM ABORTION PROVIDERS, based on their own discretion.

VP Pence is an evangelical Christian. He is rather direct about that. In fact, he was a leader in efforts to defund Planned Parenthood while serving in Congress. Moreover, he con-sponsored "PERSONHOOD" legislation, calling fertilization-enabled CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS establishing the fetus as a PERSON!

As an ANTI-ABORTION person, I have met so many people who despite Pence. And although I understand their arguments, I disagree with them and agree with VP Pence entirely. I must assert that my agreement with Mr. Pence is not based on religious thoughts alone, but rather on NATURAL LAWS.

I respect Mr. Pence for standing up for what is not politically-correct when he became the highest -ranking US official to appear in person at the annual March for Life demonstration. There, he made a promise to the attendees along the lines of working with Congress on behalf of the TRUMP admin to BAR TAX-PAYER FUNDING to ABORTION PROVIDERS like Planned Parenthood.

Mr. Pence was strategically-chosen by Mr. TRUMP. It was a genius MOVE that won him the Presidency. If there were any one who could severely restrict ROE v. WADE, it will be Mr. PENCE.

As an Anti-Abortion person who understands how organizations like Planned Parenthood has affected the lives of minorities and particularly BLACKS, I back Mr. Pence wholeheartedly!

I don't like ABORTION... A woman's right to choose should be limited to her choice of a partner, and the choice to give the child for adoption to be nurtured by someone else, or to nurture the child herself. ANYTHING ELSE should be deemed UNCIVILIZED. I find it (abortion) to be UNNATURAL and REPULSIVE AT BEST!

PROCREATION requires the birth of new human-beings. It is against the laws of the creator to do anything to the contrary. There may be exceptions, but I'd rather think of the RULE. In my Word, the rule would have been simple... ABORTION = MURDER... thus PROSECUTION would ensue therefrom, IF IT SO HAPPENS. PERIOD!

I am so pleased that Mr. Pence is taking this head on... that may be one of the top reasons why God allowed him and TRUMP to get into the OFFICE. A lawless society is a jungle and there is no better law than that of securing PROCREATION from human beings of ALL walks of life no matter what the status of the prospective Mother is!

We are all here to debate this issue because we were NOT aborted. WE should all be AGAINST abortions or be deemed hypocrites!

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