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Is TRUMP (Or Any White Man) Truly Inherently Evil?

“CHILDREN” – In a TRUMP or post-OBAMA era, it’s time to have an honest, respectful discussion about the view that so many of us have about the White Man (a/k/a THE MAN) because of the wrongs that he had induced on nearly all other shades of the human race in the past, but arguably, so have others… But, modernly, the White Man seems to be viewed as the most racist and evil man on Earth by so many…

Accordingly, let’s ask ourselves the following question:

IS TRUMP/Any White Man inherently evil?

Well, the answer to that question will, obviously, depend on who is answering the question…

In the ‘age’ of a TRUMP presidency if you ask many minorities (particularly Blacks and Hispanics), most of the answers will probably be a resound “YES”… However, if you ask non-minorities, you will probably get mixed answers, which will amount to something less than evil (e.g., misguided, bigoted, confused.)

Nevertheless, since neither side holds a monopoly to the truth; and all human-beings can be affected by self-deception, let us embark on an objective quest for THE TRUTH together.


We could have answered with a “YES” because all human beings are capable of being EVIL sometimes. Scientifically, it’s been proven that all human beings came from the Original Man anyway, who of course was a Black man. Thus, to say that the White Man is inherently evil would have been like saying the same for the Black Man. In short, all human-beings can, sometimes, be evil!

YET – History has proven that there is something different about the White Man after he evolved/mutated from the Black man, considering how he returned to the other continents and ravaged through in his acquisitions by any means necessary to take over what belonged to others either by might (conquest), discovery, or gift.

Perhaps the right question is:


It is a rather a tough question –

Even Malcom X uttered the following quote:

The White Man is not inherently evil, but America’s racist society causes him to act evilly. The Society has produced and nourishes a psychology, which brings out the lowest, most base part of human beings.

The last question requires an analogy… for instance, a Pitbull is a dog, which can be domesticated like any other dogs and can bite like other dogs, but however, when motivated to attack, its propensity is to do so more vigorously and harmfully. Likewise, the White Man is a human-being like any other who is capable of doing good and evil. However, when motivated to do evil, historically, his propensity has been to do whatever it takes to achieve his goal (e.g., slavery, conquests, and atomic bombs.)

While all human-beings are capable of doing evil on groups that differ from them based on their culture, race, religion, color and national origin, it does appear that it did take men like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to appeal to the conscience of the White Man, and his morality. While there were a small percentage of Whites who felt that the approaches used was immoral, most were too bamboozled and arguably to happy to be White to worry about the plight of non-Whites.

Albert Einstein said that “the World is not dangerous because of those who do harm, but because of those who look at it without doing anything.”

While there are some Whites who have contributed towards the upward mobility of Blacks and other minorities, there are far too many Whites who have failed to do enough about the plight of non-Blacks, particularly Blacks. The latter can be said about some Blacks and other non-Whites as well. However, in America, since Whites still form nearly 70% of the population, one would expect that more Whites would come with ways of fostering more assimilation and opportunities for non-Whites.

Accordingly, my assessment is that it appears that most White are not inherently evil, but conditioned to be “evil” when it comes to their ability to relate to other groups. It appears to me that after leaving Africa a long time ago, the White man might have experienced a MUTATION which induced him to lack EMPATHY, and thus become purely goal-driven (or non-spirit or feelings driven). In other words, once He has a set goal in mind, whatever is on His way is seen as an obstacle may that be a human-being or another obstacle. The latter has allowed the White man to dominate the World. While other groups are hindered by culture, respect for lands and the spirits of elders/ancestors, respect for nature, EVEN THE SKY seems NOT to be a LIMIT to the White Man’s imagination, which has induced him to even land on the moon. He is more likely to go bungee jumping, pursue extreme sports etc.

YET- just like there are many White males who can’t relate to other groups, there are some that can as well, and just like there are many folks in other groups who can feel the plight of both Whites and other groups, there are some who are just as oblivious as the average White man has been.

YET- there is hope. I have met many White men who are more empathetic towards minorities or non-Whites than people of those very groups themselves. For instance, Chicago is a very liberal city in a very conservative State. The millennials that live in Chicago seem to be more open-minded and liberal about discussion various topics and many even despite Donald J. Trump and were surprised that I predicted his nomination and eventual election.


While God has allowed the White Man to dominate the Earth and the skies for one reason or another as a result of that specific mutation that happened in Europe, the latter comes with a moral responsibility to do MORE GOOD than EVIL. The White Man has to accept its past, and thus his propensity to focus solely on his own interest and family or “subset of the human race”. He has to accept his propensity to lack empathy and desire to seek whatever will assure his dominance or induce him to assert himself as SUPERIOR to others. These reasons make the White Man still the most dangerous of human-beings in 2017. Like any human-being, just like he was conditioned to HATE others, he can be conditioned to love others as well. However, if he is put in a position to HATE, his propensity is to WIPE HIS PROBLEMS/OTHERS OUT will cloud his judgment, and he becomes uninhibited by FEAR or RELIGION like those of other groups.

God has allowed the White Man to be the Alpha Male of humanity for now, but at any given point in history that may change and the White man should act proactively to ensure that he will not suffer the same ails that he induced on others over the past few centuries ten-fold.

I pray for HARMONY, RECONCILIATION, and LOVE despite our propensities. Other groups have their own propensities which can be advantageous in some ways and disadvantageous in others. But, while the White Man’s propensities have earned him the reputation of being REBUTABLY EVIL, it also allowed him to conquer, and secure WEALTH and His propensity to assert superiority induced him to secure the structures, and wealth necessary to maintain the status quo.

Modernly, there are enough WHITE MEN out there who KNOW BETTER, and if they CHOOSE to do SOMETHING about the current plight of others, and challenge those who are more consistently evil than good, perhaps, and just perhaps, America will see the end of BIGOTRY and DISENFRANCHISMENT of its NON-WHITES. They have to realize that THE WHITE MAN created the concept of INEQUALITY and BIGOTRY and RACISM and do something about COUNTERING ALL OF IT. Until then, the White Man will remain rebutably EVIL in the eyes of others just like TRUMP has been thus far, and even though he is not INHERENTLY EVIL, he might end up become de facto EVIL in the eyes of the World. After HE has induced everything GOOD to be associated with Whites (including Jesus Christ), he has to UNDO his very damage in order to free himself from his own demons.

While many of us may like the quality that exists in any human-beings, including those that are White, that does not imply that most non-Whites trust the White Man 100% if at all YET. The White man will have to EARN the trust of other Human beings, that will take some time, and I hope he is capable of so doing... I believe that based on my generation, there is NEW MUTATION/EVOLUTION in the new White Male enough to so induce. I'm Cautiously Optimistic! (smile).

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