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FAKE NEWS: The Dishonest Media…

I haven’t owned a TV set for a year now, and I can’t even begin to tell anyone just how FREE and liberated I feel… Obviously, there are things for which a TV set is useful, but I choose to find FILTERED and TRUE NEWS from other sources.

I can’t wait for the time at which we will not need to watch any TV at all, not even for Sports events because of the fullness of freely available moving pictures… moments in which technology will (objectively) control what audiences find intolerable. I DO NOT LIKE the NEWS MEDIA as it is now. It has created an image about PEOPLE OF COLOR that it can only fix by self-discrediting first and then work hard to present them in a more positive light.

Anyhow, a medium is a channel to transfer information… the plural of medium is MEDIA and for that reason we call all of such channels the NEWS MEDIA (“MEDIA”)… Thus, I will refer to them as such.

So many minorities dislike TRUMP, but ironically, no one has exposed media dishonesty more than he has… I mean, the man is far from perfect, but at least he is clear on where he stands. I wish more people were like him. I don’t like typical serial flip-floppers (i.e., politicians) and HOLIER-THAN-THOU HYPOCRITES… LOL

Let’s be real, CNN is too liberally dishonest and FOX is too conservatively dishonest. Both extremes are patently wrong and offensively egregious. I chose CNN and FOX as TV news media, but of course, there are hundreds of others like the NY Times, the Chicago Tribune and others that have not been ENTIRELY HONEST. And they know it. They ought to be ASHAMED of THEMSELVES.

Although I think of myself as an open-minded person, I am not LIBERAL by any stretch of one’s imagination. I don’t believe in abortion, hand-outs; and I do believe in the rule of law. I believe that we should all pull our own weight, and that TRULY HANDICAPPED people (physically/mentally) deserve a continuous hand-out. I mean, we all need some help sometimes, but if one is not handicapped in anyway, s/he has to fight hard within the boundaries of the law, and if he chooses to circumvent the law, he’d better do so cleverly as not to be caught, and if s/he is caught, then DUE PROCESS should be allowed and the proper social-contract-based punishment should be accorded.

I used to hold too much anger towards the police, but now I believe that he police should be respected. I say hello to all officers and they always greet me back with respect. Most go out of their way to accommodate me. Perhaps I should become a police officer some day just to understand them better (smiling)... don't worry, no more school or career changes... (smiling)... From my experience, when citizens respect the police, they fare better even with the bad apples of the police departments…

Back to the NEWS MEDIA… the past elections have revealed many things. From the pre-debate question leakage to Hillary Clinton during the debates by CNN staffers to the FOX sexual harassment issues, the MEDIA not only got a hard beating from then Candidate TRUMP, but also from themselves. And trust me, I was enjoying it all. One thing is apparent, those that run these FAKE NEWS entities SUCK!

Nothing pleased me the most than to hear TRUMP call them… “DISHONEST MEDIA” because only an audacious, strong-minded, and thick-skinned RICH WHITE MAN like TRUMP could have done so and get away with it. At that TIME, he was my HERO… I had an intellectual orgasm each time he stared at them at his rallies and called them by their name… DISHONEST MEDIA…

The MEDIA’s job was supposed to help expose the truth of the matters. RATHER, they have been bribed by both political parties towards BAMBOOZLING Americans to perceive things in a way that benefit the top 1% of the population.

There has always been a SILENT MAJORITY. People who are too afraid to be chastised, or too afraid of public or professional retaliation because of an era of political correctness that a Pre-TRUMP America might have fostered…

I’m not sure if America has so realized yet. But, with the advent of Mr. TRUMP, a big HOLE has been poked into the DOGMA of News Media induced political correctness. And quite amazingly, the people that will benefit the most from it are those that have been in the silent majority, and that includes a lot of Conservative Blacks who were previously too afraid to speak their minds. We did not establish First Amendment Rights (e.g., Freedom of Speech) just to stay SILENT in fear of being called SEXISTS, MALE CHAUVINISTS, FEMINISTS, RACISTS, etc.

Jesus told the JEWS that the laws that were supposed to save them were ENSLAVING THEM. This is analogous to today's AMERICA. Its laws that were created to help Americans have often enslaved them... AMERICA is a land of FREEDOM. I came here to be FREE, and not be enslaved by overzealous religious folks, or atheists/agnostics.

FAKE NEWS should be everyone's enemy. Sometimes, one’s perceived worst enemy ends up being one’s best friend, and one’s perceived best friend ends up being one’s worst enemy. TRUMP has never been an enemy for Blacks. He will work with anyone to WIN (i.e., make money). He worked with Don King (the famous Black boxing promoter) and has worked with Blacks of all walks of life. I find it hypocritical that so many Blacks that criticize TRUMP hardly ever hire any Blacks, and are surrounded by Whites themselves. Let’s not be HYPOCRITES folks. He won because he uttered things that others were TOO CHICKEN/CAREFUL/NAIVE to utter. He won because he is a WINNER. Now, to deny him of that because he is a White man is as racist as denying a Black person a job because he is a Black man. PERIOD!

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