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PREDICTION:  TRUMP Will Continue to Trump (Outsmart) the Career Politicians & WHY?

First of all, TRUMP did not win the election as much as LIBERAL COMPLACENCY did!

Don’t get me wrong, he is unprecedented and shrewd… what he did was nothing short of amazing, but Hillary Clinton was by far the easiest target of all times, and even as a Clinton, she made it much easier to bring down the Clinton machine along with the Democratic Party.

TRUMP has always wanted to CHANGE America. Any leader (e.g., Obama) is always thinking about some kind of CHANGE… a change to go from a current place to a (hopefully) better place where his/her VISION reigns. The distinguishing factor between an effective leader and a regular leader (or non-leader) is PERSUASION… A leader must be able to persuade his/her audience to do things that are amenable to change… Both Trump and Obama did. However, their leadership styles are strikingly different and neither man admires one another. It’s rather comical. I happen to like both for different reasons but disagree with any agenda that doesn’t encourage disadvantaged groups to self-advance or any agenda that fosters too much political correctness just for its sake alone. In this regard, TRUMP might as well be the antithesis of Obama.

He will not require strategy to fire anyone and will act rather SWIFTLY on most issues, nor will he share his plan as much unlike Obama and previous U.S. Presidents. He is an ENIGMA… one that will challenge and change America and Americans forever. I recall writing an article titled BOTH OBAMA AND TRUMP ARE GREAT FOR AMERICA a couple of years ago and was chastised for putting TRUMP and OBAMA in the same sentence. But, call me a prophet or not, thus far, I have been right about my predictions of TRUMP and the fact that they are both GOOD for America’s growth. GOD allowed both TRUMP and OBAMA to become presidents for a reason. But I believe that the Trump presidency will induce more substantive changes yet more regression to things that used to work or things that made America what it is. With TRUMP, it’s less about sentiments/emotions and more about MEETING OBJECTIVES by any means necessary. Get ready for more of the latter. His agenda is to talk LESS about CHANGE, while actually inducing things that protect America more and induce long term change… That’s the BUSINESSMAN in him. And as a businessman, I get that line of thinking.

Most career politicians are either cocky, or they are flip-flopping and delusional. Thus, if I were to ever run for political office, I would have to come in as a non-career politician or outsider.

Liberal complacency and conservative idealism are what left a WIDE opening for a man like TRUMP. He was wise and shrewd to so recognize and must receive credit because of it. He is a GENIUS. But, to be honest, the real reason why TRUMP won is because HILLARY (and the Dems) lost... He would not have even tried to run had he not used his business skills (that were derived from trials and errors and failures) to realize how incompetent liberals were about championing the causes of the people that elect them (particularly Blacks and millennials), how dishonest the media was (and thus how to use that to his advantage) and how untalented career politicians are.

There are things that reasonable minds cannot differ on. We should all respect our respectful guests and treat them the way we’d like to be cheated. Accordingly, an event like that of Devos getting booed at a historically-Black-College-and-University (HBCU), namely Bethune-Cookman was truly distasteful. It is one of those things that may be allowed, yet is useless. It was rather embarrassing. We have to be more tolerant of people with differing views and be respectful even when we disagree with their views.

Health Care Law

If there is anyone who can get the bill somewhere to repeal Obama care, it will be Mr. Trump. While it should probably be replaced with a new law, Obama’s legacy will have always been cemented as a proponent of health care reform and a new health care law in America. However, that doesn’t mean that his approach in solving the health care problem was the most fair or effective one. The health care roll-out was a complete disaster. I was particularly embarrassed for the Obama administration. As a software engineer, I knew what was wrong, and it was directly attributable to Mr. Obama's lack of governance experience. It is one thing to do well academically (because he is gifted in that department), but it is another to run any many company or territory as a Mayor or Governor etc. Sometimes the "Good Enough" model has to be used in many areas as opposed to attempting to be great in a few only to fail in one. Only experience can help one understand the need for Quality Assurance (pre-release testing processes known as alpha (in-house testing) and beta-testing (testing by outside testers)), as to ensure quality and release readiness.

Political Correctness

If there was ever anyone who can make it a thing of the past, it was both Candidate Trump and again Pres. Trump. While some of Mr. Trump’s tone and language during the elections were funny, non-presidential and nearly distasteful, he is the kind of guy who will fight back until he wins. His character trait is one that is tenacious and will intimidate sub-par World leaders. One cannot use political-correctness with ISIS or other groups. One has to be stern, steadfast and must act quickly yet expediently. He is "crazy" and unpredictable and that may scare the heck out of some of those World leaders who have thought about messing with us. Sometimes GRANDPA has to come out and tell us things LIKE IT IS. Yes, GRANDPA might sound a bit grumpy and otherwise RUDE, but GRANDPA might end up knowing what the heck he is talking about (smile).

Almost everyone who have truly cared about Black people or disenfranchised groups has exhorted Blacks to become self-sufficient, independent, entrepreneurial, tactical and anti-handout (e.g., Marcus Garvey and Malcom X). However, modernly, far too many people have to some extent induced being Black to be equal to being handicapped and non-self-sufficient. The liberals seem to be championing this cause.

Even Michael Moore, a liberal, warned the DEMS about the fact that TRUMP would become the next president. And so did I, and did so in many of my articles. Again, Moore and I are agreeing that eventually Obama care will either be repealed or somewhat substantially changed to a new name or purpose minus a “pre-existing condition”-based compromise that ensured that the Bill made its way through the House of Representatives.

Liberals love to party ahead of time and often prior to even being close to the finish line or prior to being truly victorious.

Russian Allegations/Rebut-able Facts:

Who knows what truly happened? But either way, there is a standard that is established. When TRUMP went after Obama’s birth certificate as a political strategy, it was wrong, and when people are going after TRUMP over potential Russian ties, it is also wrong. We might as well revert to “an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth”… It should not be about either man as it is about THE PRESIDENCY. So, if the GOP made it hard for Obama to govern, then the DEMs should do the same huh? I guess it proves that neither side is truly better except in the area of fiscal responsibility and personal-accountability or anti-socialist thinking. On paper socialism works, but in real life it’s a formula for dependency and inducing human handicaps. People can be great, and they must be encouraged to be creative, to fight hard and be given the tools to overcome poverty, and other adversities, and not be told that they have no way out.

Moore’s assertion to Liberals was quite telling: “We do need to fix these parts of Obamacare that did cost us votes in November…Do not sit around…Democrats, you have to get this fixed.” Well, someone’s going to have to fix it. After all, it cannot fix itself. Likewise, we need to fix the socialist and political-correctness-based thinking that induced TRUMP to win to begin with.

TRUMP understands marketing and branding more than most if not everyone else. He is not the richest man in the World (not even close) but in his mind he is and because of his clever branding and the image of himself and his towers, many more people will believe in what he has to offer than all those other richer men combined. He won because he was the least politically-correct candidate and the best brander concurrently. I mean, if that isn’t a genius move to anyone then such a person is B&BorR (Biased and Bitter or Racist). We cannot accept racism from TRUMP or OBAMA or anyone else. We cannot just dislike TRUMP because his White. That would be Racist at best. <smile>.

Despite my respect for the achievements of both Mr. Trump and Mr. Obama, I give their respective parties a D- when it comes to minority friendliness on the Minority Friendliness Quotient Test. The GOP has yet to tap into the African American base until TRUMP ran, and the DEMs have been pandering and getting FREE votes that they have taken for granted for far too long because as of 2017, they have done nothing of substance in return for those votes that would go towards bettering the plight of Back Americans. It's arguable that even Mr. Obama failed to have done anything that was primordially substantial other than his ethical/clean presence and actually placing the image of a Black family in the White house (which is a a big deal!). America should be forever grateful to him for making the latter happen because he, too, changed America as a leader whether Mr. Trump likes to admit it or not. But trust me, he knows that he did, not that he likes it for his own personal reasons, which can be viewed as racist for a man of his age, but HEY, we take the good and the bad... we have no other choices but to do so. But perhaps, maybe secretly, it's never been about Obama as much as it is about using whatever he could to get to the land's top post in order to effectuate change his way. After all, he was as brutal to Clinton, Rubio, and Ted Cruz as he was to Obama.

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