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TO PRES. TRUMP: You Did It! Now, You Must Truly VET Yourself as Presidential, Non-Racist, and Non-Xe

Pres. Trump, as your supporter, I have earned the right to CONSTRUCTIVELY CRITICIZE YOU or YOUR ADMIN without any rebuke... (smile). First of all, no one becomes president by accident... either GOD or NATURE so secures... TRUST ME. Thus, in that context, let us believe that Donald J. Trump like Barrack H. Obama was destined to become President of this Great Land!

Pres. Trump… enough of us (including an educated Black male like myself) were happy enough about the change in tone that you brought in the past elections, that catapulted you into the US Presidency to overlook, to overlook any faux-pas that you might have made along the way because quite frankly, most elections are “FUGLY” by nature, but make no mistake about it, now that you have become President of the US (POTUS), you will be scrutinized by both your supporters and your non-supporters. Accordingly, in order to become an effective POTUS or at least leave a favorable legacy, you have the DUTY to prove the following:

  1. That you can, actually, be PRESIDENTIAL.

  2. That you either are, or actually can be NON-RACIST or NON-MALE-CHAUVINISTIC.

  3. That you are not Anti-immigrant or Xenophobic.

Kind sir, I am not saying that it’s feasible 100% at your age, but at least you have to show GOOD FAITH, and show that the things that you have said that might have induced others to think of you in that way were part of your personality and character ethics rather than evil thoughts that you have about certain segments of the Human Race.

To be candid kind sir, you are not off to a great start YET in these two departments… It appears to me that you have placed more efforts in repealing Obama Care or the Obama legacy than you have in proving that you’re NON-RACIST. Moreover, after beating the country’s top female politician in the most vicious manner (because you had to win, quite understandably), you haven’t done or said anything yet to rebuke any misunderstandings that women might have had about you. I am a firm believer in treating even the most deserving wounds that one might have induced to prevent infections, if you understand my metaphor kind sir.

To be candid, throughout the campaign you were rather entertaining to me. You were saying many things that we wanted to say about career politicians, and you also exhumed the angers that various segments of the population felt. Your confidence, relentlessness, passion, and mere audacity simply entertained me enough to believe that you must be motivated by a desire to keep your country safer, to win despite all odds, and to help America win in the same manner. I have been a study of your story ever since I arrived on this great land thirty years ago, and having grasped your modus operandi, unlike many, I’m rather convinced that you’re a VERY UNIQUE and INTELLIGENT MAN. However, I do have my reservations about you simply because you’re AN OLDER WHITE MALE and a good percentage of older White males like you do subconsciously hold rather RACIST and MALE-CHAUVINSTIC VIEWS that I personally REBUKE.

I am a very open-minded and intellectual person and understand that I don’t have to agree with someone 100% to realize that his/her agenda can help more than it hurts. However, when it comes to the aforementioned two categories, I’m not YET IMPRESSED (kind) sir! I would like to give you the benefit of the doubt because you’re the type of man who (like my Father) tends to hold allegiance to those who supported you along the way, however, this is a matter that IS BIGGER THAN YOU KIND SIR… You are not POTUS… and no longer running just the TRUMP ORGANIZATION. Rather, you are running the LEADER of the Free World, or the most powerful nation on Earth. Therefore, from HERE ON, you MUST conduct yourself accordingly in order for history to remain on your side.

While your unpredictable and unapologetic personality may frighten some World leaders to the benefit of US citizens most of the times, you must know when to use diplomacy and tact, and when to revert back to your default modus operandi (mode of operation). This is the MOST SERIOUS ENTERPRISE that you have handled kind sir… Despite the size of the TRUMP ORGANIZATION, the latter not only “trumps” it, but also reduces it to a negligibly small endeavor. Please take your current job seriously.


As mentioned above, despite supporting you, the fact that you’re an older and wealthy White Male makes you a REBUTTABLE RACIST and MALE-CHAUVISNITIC MAN in the eyes of your Non-supporters, Non-Whites, and particularly women and lots of minorities and immigrants. I am saying that I believe you are (per se), because I even wrote an article that declaims the notion that all White males are inherently evil/racist. HOWEVER, Many immigrants are almost afraid about the fact that you may be suffering from Xenophobia (i.e., fear of strangers or immigrants). Accordingly, you must also prove that you are not… that you’re NOT ONLY everyone’s leader, BUT ALSO the leader of the FREE WORLD!

Why Do I Have Reservations?

Despite giving you the benefit of the doubt on many issues for your larger agenda, there are few things that I didn’t like about your past or current approach:

1) BIRTHER MOVEMENT & OBAMA CARE: I did not like the way you approached the BIRTHER MOVEMENT and how you tried to illegitimize the former POTUS, namely Pres. Barrack Obama. It was rather unsavory to me. Perhaps you did it to piggy back off of the movement to get you elected, or perhaps you were motivated by hidden racist sentiments. Unlike others, I will not assume anything. I just want to tell you that it did induce many others to think that you’re trying to ILLELITIGIMIZE Mr. Obama as best as you can first by claiming that he is NON-AMERICAN and secondly by trying to dismantle his health care law which helped cover so many Americans. I understand that it may have to be amended, but please do not ADVERSELY AFFECT too many Americans if your motive is to simply ILLELITIGIMIZE everything that Mr. Obama did and particularly if you believe you may be holding any racist sentiments towards the first NON-WHITE POTUS. I would VEHEMENTLY disagree with you on the latter (kind sir). My point is, focus on the issues and not the former president. And don’t that your successor will have to do the same for you as well… Thus, DO UNTO OTHERS… (you know the rest).

2) NEARLY-ALL WHITE-MALE ADMIN: sir again I give you the benefit of the doubt to some extent, but placing mostly White males in a country that has been historically plagued by RACIST VIEWS held by White males was borderline UNCONSCIONABLE. While it is too early to understand the reasoning or motives behind all your actions, please ensure that TIME/HISTORY will judge your favorably. There should have been MORE WOMEN and MINORITIES in your administration even if it WERE to STRATEGICALLY prove that you’re NON-RACIST, NON-MALE-CHAUVINISTIC and NON-XENOPHOBIC.

However MR. PRESIDENT… time is still on your side. You still have ample time to REDEEM yourself in those areas. Unlike, most minorities, I happen to believe that you’re a very TALENTED MAN, and despite not being very VERBALLY-refined, or politically correct, I believe that you’re our country BEST-BRANDER, and that you can actually help restore some level of BIG-BROTHERLY fear of America in the minds of belligerent World leaders who are rather CRAZY (like the North Korean one). To be candid, your persona is rather CRAZY and COMICAL in an effective way and perhaps their fear of your unpredictability and impulsiveness might end up inducing compliance not only in non-Americans but also others who are too afraid of being attacked, vilified and branded like you.

However, Mr. PRESIDENT, despite liking you and understanding you as a Black man, rest assured that I am not AFRAID of you at all. I would invite you to invite me to a dialogue on such issues and other issues, which I believe you can impact. You beat the mighty and unethical Clinton machine (By the way, thanks for stopping such a disaster from happening sir); you poked a big hole into the balloon of political correctness, fake news and media dishonesty as I articulated in many of my articles. I even wrote an article that disclaims the fact that not all White Males are inherently racist/evil. Unlike many others I believe that you can be an effective president, UNLESS you fail to address the issues mentioned above. We all have flaws, thus I don’t expect you to be flawless, but like many Americans, I do expect you to be PRESIDENTIAL, NON-MALE-CHAUVINSITIC and NON-XENOPHOBIC!

By the way, in your appearance on the Don Lemon show, you mentioned that “YOU ARE THE LEAST RACIST PERSON…” TO BE CANDID, I don't BELIEVE that YOU CAN BE THAT AS AN OLDER WHITE MALE SIR, but, well sir, you’re now PRESIDENT, it is time to SO PROVE, and having a nearly ALL-WHITE-MALE ADMINISTRATION has not been quite convincing to me yet.

One last thing, I have surprisingly met a plethora of White males who don’t like your TONE at all. While it was entertaining during the campaign, please TONE IT DOWN… and be MORE PRESIDENTIAL!

But I love the fact that you speak your MIND kind sir… I LOVE IT… I want MORE folks to do the same as opposed to being HYPOCRITICAL BASTARDS!

But thus far, your organization only scored a C- on the Minority-Friendliness Quotient. It could have been worse, but to be fair to you, your administration is still at its early implementation stages, and thus it was given the benefit of the doubt, but should you not address these issues, you will have scored an "F" sir.

Good luck to you, Mr. President!

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