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Your Business Needs an Amazingly Experienced Biz/Project Manager

Often LESS is MORE and sometimes MORE is LESS...

Whether you are running a law firm, medical clinic, storefront, or even online store, often LESS IS MORE and at times MORE is LESS. YES, you are THE LEADER of your entity. In other words, you hold the key to the VISION and understand that CHANGE is needed to arrive to that VISION and even understand how to PERSUADE other leaders or even shareholders to get the funds or make decisions that you need (to make) as the FUEL that you need to run your business. However, you need CHANGE MANAGEMENT in order to effectuate the change itself. Therefore, you need a BUSINESS/PROJECT MANAGER. Otherwise, no matter how well you believe your business is doing, it will eventually crumble whenever your stress level rises or whenever life happens to you. “CHANGE” is the only thing that must remain CONSTANT in a progress-driven entity. If there are NO CHANGES then there is not progress and an entity that doesn’t make any progress becomes OBSOLETE. But, with all such changes you will need a CHANGE(BUSINESS) MANAGER to keep you aligned with your vision while managing/simplifying seemingly complex changes.

In other words, only a professional with raw experience, ingenuity, discernment and even mere talent will be properly positioned at any given point in time to help you figure out WHEN to:

  • Spend or Buy Less or More

  • Not Fire Current Employees or Subcontractors Yet

  • Barter

  • Factor

  • Negotiate Smarter Deals

  • Etc.

Just like you would be wise not to have PODIARIST perform a BRAIN SURGERY, it would also be wise not to let yourself (an entrepreneur) act at your business or project manager.


  1. It is your baby, and your view of it is too subjective. So often it may require constant attention that you might feel that it doesn’t require, which may halt its progress/success.

  2. It is harder to see faults in your own business because you’re biased

  3. You’re probably not going to be able to think outside-the-box most of the times.

Over the past 24 years, I have seen the best business/law firm/medical clinic concepts crumble mostly due to a lack of an EXPERIENCED/COMPETENT and WISE BUSINESS or PROJECT MANAGER.

Often executives become overwhelmed with the business management demands that they failed to foresee mainly because of the aforementioned reasons, and essentially become frustrated at each other, which ultimately either induce the dissolution of partnerships of deaths of business concepts and amazing dreams from creative and genuine people. works with the concepts perfected in in order to get any business project completely RAPIDLY yet EFFICIENTLY. They specialize in SIMPLIFYING the processes so that you can GET MORE with LESS, which will translate in a boost in your PROFIT MARGIN.

Feel free to contact either Dr. Peterson "Pete" Lorins (who is an amazingly experienced and innovative business and project manager) for a FREE (10-minute) business evaluation TODAY

You can reach Dr. Lorins via:


PHONE: (407) 955-3534

Dr. Pete Lorins is the Chief Editor of This article was sponsored by, a multi-industry consulting firm that provides the following types of services… Management of Law Firms, Medical Clinics, Businesses...Project Management, Sales, Marketing, & Leads Generation...Research & Engineering... It can be reached via

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