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A Top Thug & Brander from a Top Thug Nation…

Believe or not, as great of a nation as it is, the United States of America is a THUG NATION. It is a nation that, despite its on flaws in treating all its citizens equally establishes itself as the MORALITY POLICE of the World, and like a THUG invades or bombs them whenever they disagree with it. Now, ONLY A THUG does such things, and to be candid despite being slightly in denial about it, subconsciously, every American either knows it or should know it, but then again, in a World in which “MIGHT makes RIGHT”, it is rather “SEXY” to be a “THUG”!

There is a plethora of people out there who, still, simply fail to understand that America is, indeed, Top Thug Nation (TTN) though. And if so, no other president has been so morally-aligned with America’s true agenda than the current President of the U.S. (POTUS). While he may sound like a politically-incorrect maverick to most, he is simply saying what America has been subliminally saying effectively for years, and is, essentially, a FRUIT of this VERY GREAT NATION as much as he is a fruit of New York City (NYC). A New Yorker can often be seen as practical, action-plan driven, non-empathetic, direct, unpolished and even rather rude. However, that does not make them bad people per say. They are, essentially, a product of their environments.

Likewise, I have met more disrespectful non-thugs than thugs. Most thugs that I have met return respect as long as he is getting respect. For instance, most police officers are professional thugs, and when they get respect, they are the nicest people in the World, but when they feel disrespected, they can be the nastiest human beings on Earth. Likewise, a street thug/gangster is the coolest guy in the World, but if you anger him, he will probably destroy you.

This is analogous to America and our current POTUS. While they are willing to work with others who want to truly get something done respectfully, the moment that they feel that such a person’s agenda is either ill-motivated or tainted by a desire to de-route them, they are immediately on the defensive and already prepared to get rid of that opponent immediately.

My point is, no POTUS has been like the true yet often driven agenda of America than Donald J. Trump has been.

America is a top brander of itself… it often calls its sports series “World Series” even when the World is not involved in it. It self-proclaimed that it is the World’s moral police and is the first to act when anything happens and often acts erratically (e.g., when W. BUSH attacked Iraq and killed Saddam Hussein and when OBAMA attacked Libya and killed Gadhafi), whether the rest of the World agrees with it or not.

However, no other POTUS has been as non-hypocritical and direct as Pres. TRUMP (and presidential candidate TRUMP) had been in my three decades of living on this great yet often perplexing land. As his country’s TOP BRANDER, he:

1. Branded his opponents cleverly (e.g., dishonest media, crooked Hillary, Little Marco, Lying Ted etc.)

2. Branded himself and his company as a top company and a top non-politician who knows the game that politicians play and played it and knows how to FIX IT… and as a businessman, I must say that he did a great job convincing as many people as he could, that ONLY A THUG can deal with OTHER THUGS… and wherever you find a TRUMP tower, you do indeed see class, ego, THUG-DOMINANANCE, among other distinguishing features. And trust me, America is also as ego-centric, and aesthetic superiority driven.

3. Branded himself as the guy who will change the country’s stance on immigration by helping America keep itself truly safe, and building a wall to help it to that end.

4. Branded himself as the chief aesthetic engineer of the U.S. by being the first president to propose a plan to revitalize or even modernize his nation’s ancient infrastructure…and trust me, some of our bridges do indeed needs a makeover.

NOW – many will choose to see TRUMP as an older racist White male. I beg to differ.

I see a man who has always been involved in BRANDING, and IMAGE (aesthetics), who is on a mission to change the IMAGE that America is FREE FOR ALL; wants America to focus on Americans and America first.

In other words, he is more interested in LOCAL ISSUES (i.e., being a LOCAL THUG for America’s local issues) than being a World THUG. However, he also instills fear in others who might fear that he is impulsive and dangerous, and he will act swiftly to take care of any nation who tries to impede on any American interests. However, his main interest and approach has been AMERICA FIRST, which is rather interesting at the least as it had already been America's mission anyway.

He wants to make America great again. Some have scrutinized and over-analyzed this. But, quite simply, he wants to establish the FEAR of America in the minds of other World leaders. Like the old America, he is not interested in being the World’s sweetheart; rather he is interested in being the World’s TOP THUG with an understanding that most American leaders and leaders of other countries in the World are also THUGS in their own rights.

HOWEVER – if America is the leader of the (FREE or NO-SO-FREE) WORLD, then TRUMP is the TOP THUG of the most THUGGISH country on Earth, and the top thug and leader of all U.S. Thugs, and other World Thugs. Coincidentally, he happens to be the World TOP BRANDER, something that catapulted him to the US PRESIDENCY and something that will make him the most effective POTUS in the end because in one way or another he will have changed America forever…

His mission was emboldened by terms like… “let’s make America great again, and let’s drain the swamp”, and trust me, every term that Pres. Trump will have chosen will emanate from the minds of perhaps the GREATEST MARKETER but for sure THE GREATEST BRANDER that the World has ever known.

Anyone who fails to see the points made in this article is blinded by the fact that he is an OLDER WHITE MALE who is POTENTIALLY-RACIST or SEXIST. While, I’m sure he is not perfect in those categories, but he is not 100% so either. In the end, he is as American as he is a New Yorker… a TOP THUG, and a TOP BRANDER! Perhaps, seeing him in that way will help you understand what emboldened him to believe that he is more aligned with the OLD AMERICA and wants to bring aspects of a more emboldened and STRICT AMERICA again.

Hey, he made his case, and became POTUS. He, now, must be respected (he earned the respect by becoming POTUS) and thus must be allowed to implement his vision, and should he fail to make America great gain, then that will have “spoken” for itself –

But for now, HE IS THE MAN (who proved so many wrong and toppled many valiant adversaries… Thus, let the man do his job!)

On behalf of, I will give America a D- on the Minority-Friendliness-Quotient because it has yet to do to anything that will help foster more socio-economic advancements for young Black males, who are the future leaders of the Black family. And of course, this creates the Broken Black Boy (BBB) syndrome which in turn creates the broken Black community. I expected Pres. Obama to tackle this issue head on but he failed to do so, while I don’t expect Pres. Trump to be capable of handling it, it would have been ironic if he ended up doing things that will have, essentially, expose more light on the issue. America needs to look at this issue seriously, else it will continue to disqualify itself as the moral police of the World as any clever World leader should be able to tell America, “HEY, you’re not even treating the Blacks properly in your own country, go fix your own problems first and then perhaps you can come back to help us fix ours.”

Yes, he is not going to be right about everything… but please, tell me who has been thus far! LOL, LOL, LOL… However, should Mr. TRUMP fail to tackle the BBB Syndrome issue at the end of his presidency as well, his administration will have probably also earned a D- or an F from on the issue of American Black-friendliness.

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