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Why Black (American) Men Have The Best "SWAG" in the World…

Despite being the disenfranchised Father of humanity, and facing a Broken Black Boy Syndrome at least in America (two topics that I have written ample articles about), the Black male swag permeates every aspect of what’s cool in any society in which he lives.

My point is that White males haven’t tried to make it easy for Black males to get big chunks of the financial pie (except in Sports and Music, which Blacks simply were better at anyway that they became the default pioneers of all nearly all COOL musical genres). It is as if WHITE MALES were trying to say that THESE GUYS GOT TOO MUCH SWAG and WITHOUT MONEY WE WOULD NOT HAVE HAD A CHANCE.

To be honest, Black American males have been given a raw deal by the (WHITE) MEN that dominated the US and World in brutal and inhumane manners. They had to emasculate other males in order to enforce their own masculinity. HOWEVER, you cannot emasculate something that is INNATE and ORIGINAL… something that is from the ORIGINAL MAN.

I’m guessing the word “swag” is a derivative of swagger, which generally means “to walk or behave in a confident or aggressive manner”…

And undoubtedly, despite all the efforts that were placed by White males to disenfranchise Black males and despite the fact that White males have dominated financially, a WHITE MAN can never and will never appear to have more SWAG than a BLACK MAN. The reason is because it is not innate.

Yes, the spirits of a lot of Black boys and men are broken. But, for every 100 broken Black boys, there are others like Jay-z, P-Diddy and FUTURE that were determined to create EMPIRES out of nothing using nothing other than THEIR SWAG.

There is something amazingly cool about Black men. Sure, we do have our share of idiots like every other shades of the human race that emanated from us, however, whatever Black males have touched have become more cool and interesting.

Could this be one of the reasons why White men have tried so hard to keep so many Black males out of their financial networks even in 2017?

I have met young Black men in economically-deprived areas that sounded cooler, confident, and had more SWAG than rich White men from rich areas.

I applaud the BLACK MEN that decide to ignore all the stereotypes to create their OWN STYLES and PIONEER industries that ALL MEN have to listen to while acknowledging their geniuses… From Michael Jackson to Bob Marley, TUPAC and the Black male artist that got my attention tremendously, whose name is: FUTURE… What a CREATIVE & TALENTED MAN!

By the way, he happens to be of Haitian descent (born from Haitian parents), thus as a Haitian, I have to so acknowledge. But, that has no reason why I like his musical talent, work ethic and ingenuity, and yes SWAG!

By the way, I believe that if he keeps it up, he will become one of the best if not THE BEST RAPPER of all times. And knowing me, I have a way of being right about such things (smile).

Black men have touched and induced amazing changes in everything that was of significance to the World the most (despite being disenfranchised)… From the invention of ELECTRICITY, to that of the TRAFFIC LIGHT, REFRIGERATION and countless MUSIC GENRES, they have made everything that they touch become more “cool”, with so much more SWAG.

Can you imagine how the World would have been had White males not tried to BREAK the wills of Black males years ago and arguably even modernly (to a large extent)?

By the way, there are many well-known artists and celebrities with SWAG that are of Haitian descent, but I still see them as Black Americans (periods). For instance:

Rapper Future, whose real name is Nayvadius D. Wilburn, was born of Haitian parents.

Singer Maxwell is half-Puerto Rican and half-Haitian. His mother was raised in Haiti.

Singer Usher’s father is from Haiti.

NBA player Blake Griffin’s father is Haitian.

Rapper Max B is of Haitian descent.

Rapper Capone is of Haitian descent.

Former rapper Jacki-O is half-Haitian.

Rapper Pras’ parents are from Haiti.


I mentioned it because Haitians are from a bloodline of Warriors… As a Black and Haitian man, I just wish we could unite more modernly… however, I know and believe that most Haitians can outshine anyone else in the World when s/he so decides.

But, Black American Men at large have changed the way the World look at SPORTS, MUSIC, SCIENCE and now even the U.S. Presidency. We have become UNDENIABLE even when the mission for Black males post-slavery was to induce us to be DENIABLE... we have become UNDENIABLE and we STILL RISE because we are the ORIGINAL MAN


Anyhow: Rapper Future’s Following Videos caught my attention (i.e., I LOVE THEM) and thanks to him I have FINALLY become a FAN of RAP MUSIC, which also allows me to see Black American Males through a different lens):

ii) “Percocet” and "Stick Talk"

iv) “Used to This” and "Blow a Bag"

I also found the following impressive to say the least:

vi) "GET RIGHT WITCHA" by Migos

vii) "MOVES" by Big Sean;

xiii) "I am BOTH" by Drake

xiv) Don't Matter by Akron

xvi) Sean Kingston - Beautiful Girls

xvii) Future - Used to This ft. Drake

xx) DJ Khaled - I'm the One ft. Justin Bieber, Quavo, Chance the Rapper, Lil Wayne

xxi) Post Malone - Congratulations ft. Quavo

xxii) Post Malone - White Iverson

xxii) Rae Sremmurd - Swang

xxiii) Duane Stephenson - Think Twice

xxiv) Richie Spice - Brown Skin

ANYHOW – I love all human beings… But I LOVE MY BROTHAS so darn much!

I understand their plight… heck it’s my plight too… they want to lead and thrive in a nation or even World in which they have often been DISENFRANCHISED… may ALMIGHTY GOD help Black Men defy the Odds wherever they are on EARTH.

But trust me, it will change… heck it’s changing… anyhow, I’ll stop here… I am out!

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