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The Trillion-Black-Men Mentor-Centric Mental-Army (Trillion BlaMMMA)


Here, TRUTH is our GUIDE and LOVE is in our HEARTS…

My name is Dr. Peterson Lorins, I am a multi-industry consultant (with graduate credentials in engineering, law, education, instructional design, business and medicine) and one of the co-founders of “The Trillion BlaMMMA”. I was inspired to start this MOVEMENT in an effort to bridge far too many gaps that Black Men have been systematically induced to experience in a formerly patently-racist American society. Thus, in the name of Almighty God, I claim the authority to demand ALL GOOD-HEARTED human beings of all races and color to join me in this endeavor because those that choose to support me will be blessed and those that oppose me will be cursed. It’s that simple.

Our disenfranchised Black Brothers deserve a revolution, a renaissance, true unadulterated LOVE, and the sort of mental rejuvenation that only other Black male survivors and victors can catalyze in the minds of the direct descendants of the Disenfranchised Father of Humanity.

Every HUMAN-BEING is WELCOME. But, please understand that this CLUB was designed with BLACK MALES in mind and thus is tailored for the ADVANCEMENT AND EMPOWERMENT of BLACK MALES... but the societies/countries where they live will be incidental beneficiaries.

The Trillion BlaMMMA MISSION:

To equip Black (American) males with the tools that they need to achieve their originally-intended greatness (as the Original Man) in a modern World which was formerly designed by European males to guarantee the Black Man’s failure (or ensure the White Male’s dominance or superiority over him); and thus our goal is to bridge all mental and performance gaps that were created as a result of stereotypes, and status-quo-centric-societal disenfranchisement as part of the remnants of slavery which have rendered far too many Black males MENTALLY-ENSLAVED and unequipped to compete with their White male counterparts in most aspects of society except entertainment (e.g., sports, music), which ends up not only entertaining their White counterparts, but also putting money in their pockets concurrently. Our goal is to use the tool of Human Performance Technology (HPT) along with other potent tools to equip Black males of all walks of life with the right level of MENTAL TOUGHNESS and MOTIVATION to acquire the right skillsets and secure the right opportunities up to the point thatBlack males will have become undeniable one at a time, and will have gone from the most disrespected and disenfranchised group (in the World) to the most respected and revered group and as the leaders that they used to be and the leaders that they were meant to be in their homes, careers, and society at large, and not to mention FINANCIAL AND POLITICAL FORCES to be reckoned with.


  • All Black Men Are Welcome (From the Billionaires to the Homeless Men)

  • All Human Beings are Welcome

  • SPIES are also Welcome (Smile)

  • Thugs are Welcome as Well

  • Societal Rejects are Also Welcome

  • Black Men of Differing Views Due to Religious and Political Affiliations are also Welcome

  • Atheist Black Men are Welcome

  • Ex-Convicts or Criminals are also Welcome

  • So are CARIBBEANS (e.g., JAMAICANS, HAITIANS, and Black males from Trinidad and Tobago, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Barbados, Grenada, Antigua and Barbuda, Saint Lucia, Dominica, Montserrat, Anguilla, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Guyana etc). AFRICANS and Black males of all walks of life are also WELCOME!

  • IN SHORT, we don't discriminate based on COLOR and SOCIO-ECONOMIC STATUS or any other NON-SENSE... WE don't believe in DIVIDE-AND-CONQUER TACTICS, and WE LOVE ALL BLACK MEN and they are ALL WELCOME!

ANYHOW, after writing the following articles, I got many calls and emails from both Whites and Blacks (including editors of major national newspapers or news networks) who called my Work ground-breaking and the foundation for something much greater. At that time, I had no idea what that SOMETHING MUCH GREATER was, but now I do as it has been clearly revealed to me and to GOD be the GLORY!

I have written many articles, but the ones that seem to be more relevant to this one are as follows:


In an act of deference and respect, I must pay HOMAGE to all BLACK MALE LEADERS of all persuasions who used their leadership skills to defy the odds. Although many of them were affected by “divide and conquer” tactics, at “BlaMMMA” we are not affected by such tactics because WE LOVE EVERYONE, but we will defend and protect our BROTHERS by any means necessary if they are unfairly attacked or treated.

I, particularly, pay HOMAGE to the following Black leaders that have always motivated me to keep thinking for Black males. It is something that I wake up with every day of my life, something that I have been inspired to do, and this MOVEMENT and REVELATION emanated therefrom.

This morning, my spirit felt the souls of the following amazing Black leaders and their souls gave me a NOD of APPROVAL:

i. Marcus Garvey

ii. Malcom X

iii. Toussaint Louverture

iv. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

v. Nelson Mandela

vi. Barrack Hussein Obama

vii. Dr. Cornell West

viii. Colin Powell

ix. Jean-Jacques Dessalines

x. Louis Farrakhan

xi. Tupak Shakur (PAC)

xii. Jesse Jackson Sr.

(We also pay homage to all FEMALES including White females who have helped Black males in the struggle over the years, particularly ROSA PARKS and MAYA ANGELOU).

I stand on the shoulders of the above-mentioned great Black male giants and many more such as inventors, innovators and entrepreneurs from inventors of electricity or traffic light or refrigeration to innovators and pioneers that founded cities or even nations. While some of us may not agree with everything they stood for, the MERE COMMONALITY is the STRUGGLE and a desire to FULLY EMANCIPATE OUR BROTHER THEREFROM with the understanding that Black males of all persuasion have faced an invisible struggle since their physical emancipation from slavery. I say physical emancipation from slavery because far too many of US (Black Males) are still MENTALLY ENSLAVED.


Every Black man is an innovator if he is LOVED and not disenfranchised by US, and thus can PERFORM.

According to the powerful field of HPT, every PEFORMANCE issue can be solved with the following equation:


P = M + A + O

Accordingly, whenever a human being (e.g., Black Male) fails to perform he is either missing one or two or all of the variables of this equation. He needs to have ALL THREE to perform optimally if at all.

At “Trillion BlaMMMA”, we aim to equip BLACK MEN of ALL WALKS of life with all THREE. We do not DISCRIMINATE AGAINST ANY BLACK MEN. WE LOVE and WELCOME ALL BLACK MEN… We believe that we can learn something (some aspect of the TRUTH) from anyone and everyone and their cumulative experiences. Using an EACH-ONE-TEACH-ONE-BROTHERHOOD approach, we aim at STRENGTHENING ALL SOCIETALLY-INDUCED performance gaps that have been generationally promulgated on Black males of all walks of life.


This is the BIGGEST & STRONGEST MOVEMENT that has been created by Black Men for Black Men… We URGE YOU TO JOIN IT TODAY by submitting your information using the CONTACT INFORMATION provided below.

Like Nelson Mandela, and Dr. we have forgiven, but like Malcom X, we will DEFEND and FIGHT for OUR BROTHERS if they are UNFAIRLY TARGETED OR TREATED…

I am not AFRAID OF DEATH because we are all destined to die. However, I will not die before my time, but in the word of THE GREAT TOUSSAINT LOUVERTURE, if I am ever assassinated, someone else will rise up through the ROOTS of this movement who will even be more driven than I am. Thus, perhaps if anyone ever things of assassinating me, they should think about that first.

TOUSSAINT’S ASSERTION (He is called THE FIRST OF THE BLACKS after he liberated Black Haitians and outsmarted the mightiest European/White Army to create the FIRST BLACK REPUBLIC and the beginning of the END of the European-mastered institution of slavery)

In overthrowing me you have cut down in HAITI/HISPANIOLA only the trunk of the tree of liberty of the BLACKS; BUT, it will spring up again from the roots, for they are numerous and they are deep” - TOUSSAINT LOUVERTURE

May GOD bless this movement, and may we surpass the TRILLION-MEMBER goal so rapidly that we will have had to TESTIFY that GOD was indeed with US. WE desire to equip Black males with the tools to be TRUE LEADERS in their homes, careers and society at large, ONE BLACK MAN AT A TIME. We trust no one but LOVE everyone! (smile)

We just want to see OUR BROTHERS THRIVE, and feel that they have gotten a RAW DEAL!



(407) 955-3534 or (773) 372-9656


The Trillion BlaMMA Group

5742 S. Stony Island Ave, 1-4

Chicago, IL 60637

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