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UNCONSCIONABLE GAPS:  Proving that America is still too RACIST…

This article will make you think and will challenge your thinking substantially. Please read it with an open mind.

As of today, a major Black American problem does not appear to be as important as even a minor White American problem in America, when in a FAIR and NON-RACIST society, a Black American problem should be a problem for AMERICA at large.

Here is why America is still TOO RACIST, because had it been not so, it would have made Blacks whole for unfair housing practices perpetuated by the U.S Government that prevented Blacks from acquiring HOMES in the suburbs. By the time the Fair Housing Act (FHA) was passed, property acquisitions in the suburbs were nearly impossible to achieve for Blacks and Whites had gotten such an unfair head-start and windfall, that the FHA was nearly ineffective in making Blacks whole.


I'm not going to make this an article about REPARATIONS, but call it whatever you want, since HOME or Real Property (Land and Land-Attached Property) is the top means by which Whites became rich and passed down wealth generationally, it seems to have been the main systematic design of ensuring that Blacks would lag and would experience GAPS and remain at the mercy of their wealthier White counterparts for jobs since even other Blacks in their areas may not be able to afford the services that they provide because they, too, are disparately impoverished by past RACIST U.S. policies. Those who don't own a home usually have no collateral for business loans and usually end up being poorer from one generation to another. PERIOD!


According to Money.CNN.COM, Blacks in the United States continue to lag far behind whites in key areas of economic well-being like wealth, income and home ownership, a new report from the Pew Research Center finds. According to research and science, no can PERFORM without OPPORTUNITIES to perform, as even the most motivated and skilled person will fail if no opportunities so present. America did exactly so. From the ONSET, it disenfranchised Blacks and STARVED them of opportunities. The latter is not only RACIST, but also it is CRIMINAL.

While these trends have been consistent for decades, what's particularly notable is that these disparities between blacks and whites persist regardless of the level of education they attain, said Juliana Horowitz, an associate director of research at Pew.

According to Horowitz, "even when we only look at people with bachelor's degrees, we still see these gaps."

There is one EXPLANATION.... RACISM... It is the default CULPRIT when nothing else is present... particularly in a country with such a RACIST PAST as the USA.

Don't get me wrong, America is a land of opportunities, particularly for immigrants. Asians (e.g., Chinese folks and Indians) come here and proper in a short period of time, and so do many Caribbean immigrants. HOWEVER, they were not MENTALLY-ENSLAVED by the past policies that patently discriminated against far too Black Americans (and Hispanics) which discouraged them from even trying to do anything knowing that there is an invisible glass ceiling that will sooner or later surface. I felt their plight and feel that a White immigrant who arrived from Europe five months ago, may get opportunities that a Black person who was born in America may never get solely on the color of his/her skin. That is UNCONSCIONABLE.

NO HUMAN-BEING ON EARTH should have been subjected to such a harsh reality...


AMERICA is GUILTY of RACISM and gets an "F" on the Accountability Quotient (Minority-Friendliness). And until America fixes this problem at home, it is rather audacious to try to tell other nations how to be better to their citizens.

When I drive from the poorest Black ghettoes to the richest White suburbs, it is obvious that the Whites did get an unfair advantage at some point as for sure they are NOT more intelligent or wiser than the Blacks. In fact, many of the Blacks seem to be more intelligent in many instances. HOWEVER, what is lacking is opportunities. I have talked to a plethora of Whites and Blacks thus far, and trust me, the only thing that is lacking in Black communities is THE RIGHT ATTITUDE based on lack of opportunities and lack of HOPE based on the fact that America has practically left them HOPELESS.

One the EDUCATION front, according to USNEWS.COM, The achievement gap between White students and Black students has barely narrowed over the last 50 years, despite nearly a half century of supposed progress in race relations and an increased emphasis on closing such academic discrepancies between groups of students. The latter is the finding that a new analysis of a landmark education report calls a "national embarrassment." However, I believe they are not entirely being truthful. It is rather prima facie evidence of BLATANT RACISM. In the richest nation in the World that should have never been the case, and again a Black American problem should have been an American problem especially when Blacks were nearly left to DIE after slavery was abolished.

When it comes to Black motorists and cops, it is obvious that America refuses to heal the issues between the police and Black community. While I have urged Blacks to stay alive by respecting the police in order to stay alive to tell their stories in a recent article, I know that some cops are racist. I have experienced it myself at least twice. Thus, my plea is for them to say alive to tell their story as opposed to being shot senseless, with the result being a slap on the wrist for the officer who is part of the government. And trust me, government entities will coveer for government entities in the end (most of the times).

I, Dr. Pete Lorins, have created the Trillion BlaMMMA and a Free Mentoring, Motivation and Performance Training program in an effort to help my Black brothers and sisters address this major issue. Because the reality is that the more things have changed the more they have remained the same.

The definition of stupidly is doing the same thing repetitively while expecting a different result. I DOUBT that America has been stupid because it's placed people on the moon... one cannot be stupid and accomplish such feats concurrently. HOWEVER, I'm convinced that AMERICA has been IMMORAL in its treatments of its BLACK PEOPLE. And until it reverses its course, it will have exposed itself to societal ailments and issues that will have guaranteed its future demise.

I will URGE President Donald J. Trump to look into this issue seriously, because what America has done to Black folks is not only wrong, but also so UNCONSCIONABLE that I'm surprised that it is not PRIORITY#1 among what's considered to be national crises. The unnecessary incarceration of Black males, and their criminalization and demoralization has induced what I call the Broken Black Boy syndrome.

America needs to do a lot better to make Black whole - PERIOD. Because as I type this article, the GAPS are indicating that even with Blacks that work hard and make efforts, fewer opportunities are made available to them and for that reason the only main CULPRIT is racism.

Thus, America is STILL (mostly) PATENTLY RACIST in 2017. And it is not because it elected Donald Trump. Au contraire, the latter only helped reveal that American still differ on many issues, particularly those that concern race and people views on the topic. Yes, it has learned to tolerate non-White groups and Blacks to some extent, but when it comes to OPPORTUNITIES (perhaps out of a fear of RETALIATION) America has refused to make its Black PEOPLE WHOLE. And that is UNCONSCIONABLE. A REVOLUTION must ensue and BLACKS must figure out how to make themselves WHOLE, else, they will wait IN VAIN. I believe that I am a small part of that new REVOLUTION or MOVEMENT (smile).

The disparities are are nearly just as extensive as they used to be, and the gaps are too obvious… Any human beings who is not APPALLED by it is approaching being PATENTLY EVIL. WHITES are not superior to BLACKS. Thus, any discrepancies in achievement has to do with disenfranchisement, mental-slavery and yes, RACISM. America MUST change its course towards Blacks; else IT CANNOT call itself the MORALITY POLICE of the World. That my friend is so AUDACIOUS that is INSANELY UNCONSCIONABLE.

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