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Biracial Brothers like Kaepernick: Are They Exposing Team Owners as Modern Slave Masters?

To be honest to the World, I never particularly liked any Sports in which most of the players are Black, and most of the owners are White. It sort of reminded me of SLAVERY DAYS too much, particularly when the same words are being used… Words like “TRADE”... such as when a player is TRADED like chattel to another team or when a player like Kaepernick is clearly PUNISHED or RETALIATED AGAINST for taking a stand. The White owners become exorbitantly WEALTHY while the players from humble beginnings “THINK” that they are wealthy too. While some of the players are so gifted/talented and successful and profitable to the “Masters” that they demand some levels of respect (e.g., Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Kobe Bryant), let us not forget that that respect was assured by the direct tie that it had to the pocketbook of the “Masters”.

This is why the only SPORT I ever talked to my kids about is TENNIS as it is a one-on-one or individual sport in which one person get to his/her INTELLECT to outperform another person of the same or a different race. Don’t get me wrong, I love the team atmosphere that team sports create, but they also create lots of other issues (e.g., player envy, selfishness and guilt sharing). I’d take a SERENA WILLIAMS over a KOBE BRYANT any day… While she still has a team that supports her, but in THE ARENA it’s all between her and this opponent and ONLY GOD can truly help her other than herself at that time. In short, she only has herself to blame or her opponent to praise (no guilt sharing in this instance)

Back to my Biracial Brother, KAERPERNICK

Well, I am sure he knew that there would have been some consequences to his MILITANCY. I am a very militantly-minded person, but even I felt that the occasion for his militancy wasn’t ideal and forum not appropriate either. HOWEVER, the Brother proved that he has GUTS and that I respect. The next question is: should he become an activist instead of player, and can he be a NFL-friendly player? Or “can the NFL argue that his presence creates an unnecessary distraction to the game itself, where the purpose is not social justice, but rather a business centered on winning and being the best in one’s category?

While both sides have SOLID ARGUMENTS, “MIGHT” may end up prevailing again, EVEN IF the NFL is forced to do something with MARCHES being arranged by social justice leaders like SPIKE LEE to support our MILITANT BROTHER.

Should Kaepernick be supported?

While I didn’t initially agree with the forum that he chose to express his defiance to America’s racist system as it had a “BITING THE HANDS THAT”S FEEDING YOU” kind of feel to it, I don’t think that his intent was wrong. In fact, I know that his heart is in the right places. No Black person should stop supporting another Black person who is in a weaker position and at the mercy of people that can be analogized to former slave masters who have the power to cut it off or make his life miserable because of their “m”ight (“m”oney).

Assimilation vs Keeping It Real

While I am a proponent of some level of assimilation because whether we try or not, we all kind of assimilate over time. Thus, we may as well do it with a plan or better yet do it wisely.

Players like MICHAEL VICK and RAY LEWIS will probably be called “HOUSE NIGGERS” by quite a few Blacks out there for asking “Kaepernick” to assimilate in this instance. While they do have a point as what the “K” man did was a distraction. However, it was an intended distraction, and he should be willing to accept the consequences and become a HERO to those who want to DEFY the odds, and expose the system. HOWEVER, he must know that there is a consequence to every action. My point is, he should have seen it coming. Perhaps not to that extent, but he must have had a hunch. However, that does not make the backlash or retaliatory behavior "OK". If left alone, it'll set a precedent of retaliation and censorship that should never be tolerated in America.

HAVING SAID THAT – he should not be left alone… he should be supported by the Black community because he is just a BRAVE ONE who, unlike the others, suppressed his own interests, for a larger cause.


Definitely. Anyone who is willing to be scrutinized in a manner in which he seems to have more to lose than to gain on the surface YET will impact HISTORY at large is a HERO. He is setting up a precedent that WHILE MOST will keep their mouth shut to keep money in their pockets, a few rare ones will FIGHT for the CAUSE or even LIVE/DIE for it.

For this reason, I support any cause or rally to have the NFL re-instate him into the NFL or UN-BAN him therefrom… These NFL WHITE BOYS or SLAVE MASTERS are rich enough to pay him anyway. Quite frankly the main reason why I don’t watch these sports because I HATE to think of the idea that WHITE DUDES that are doing NOTHING are getting so darn rich off the Backs of a bunch of “negroes”. The irony is most of our Brothers will end up dying poor after they play sports because far too many of them are not educated enough to know what is truly going on.

I appreciate J. Cole’s blasting of Kapernick’s critics. He, too, will have to live with any consequence that he will have faced, but it is good to remember that MANY DIED to allow the FREEDOMS that we all hold so dear to be available (e.g., Malcom X, King, JFK etc.) Like former slaves they too will have suffered RETALIATION at the hands of those who STILL see themselves as MASTERS (and to some extent and thanks to the ignorance of many, they are). However, the DEFIANCE of BIRACIAL BROTHERS like Kaepernick, J. Cole and Obama will have changed the course of history and ONE DAY, being a RICH WHITE MAN will become the most undesirable thing to be on Earth because of them. The BIRACIAL BROTHERS must know something that we don’t and they must be so proximately linked that they know the STING of the HATRED that is in the heart of some White folks towards Black people. I may not always agree with the channel used, but I’m certainly in agreement with the MESSAGE SENT. May God’s will be done!


How About Donald Sterling...? Does the racist former Clippers owner ring a bell to you?

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Remember: Divided, We’ll FALL... While it's not always easy to love an OPPRESSED, ANGRY, and FRUSTRATED PEOPLE, but historically, GOD always wants to deliver this VERY PEOPLE from their OPPRESSORS or THE EVIL ONES, and trust me, God will (smile). And for some strange reason, God has put a LOVE in my heart for Black people that is beyond belief and understanding. Perhaps it is because I LOVE MYSELF A LOT, or just perhaps it's because I WOULDN'T want to be anything else but Black. A story of triumph over adversities, a story of fighting for a bigger cause and one of appealing to a higher level of conscience in the minds/hearts of men that are seemingly blinded by their own ego and vanity-driven nature.

It is so effing cool to be Black. To be able to live anywhere... and be able to say that whatever is earned was earned not through an unfair privilege, but rather through one's MERIT. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

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