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White Supremacy-Debunked & the City Racism Test (CRT7-9)-Introduced!

WHITE SUPREMACY has always existed here, and far too many of my Black Brothers and Sisters who are screaming about it today are nearly as White supremacist as some of the most racist Whites, except they are too bamboozled to so realize. Many of us found comfort in being "SPECIAL NEGROES, HISPANICS, ASIANS etc"... We feel "APPROVED" or "ACCEPTED", but as my Father would tell me, "YOU THINK THEY REALLY CARE ABOUT YOU?" While some Whites have a great heart and care about humanity at large, a great percentage of Whites simply don't care about Blacks or other non-Whites UNLESS s/he is a LOVER. PERIOD!

Far too many Blacks are acting like they just DISCOVERED that America was a White Supremacist country… it is as if to them, Donald J. Trump is the author of this newly discovered DISEASE… Give me a darn break. Are you kidding me?

Most of us have lived, eaten and drunk the bitter realities of White supremacy every single day. I have a plethora of Black intellectuals who feel that they are too educated, intelligent, and boogie to hang out with, assist, or live near “lower-tiered” Blacks in the “Hood”. Some have even given them a special name… NIGGERS… they have told me that “THERE ARE BLACKS” and then “THERE ARE NIGGERS”… HUH? SERIOUSLY?

This is exactly why I wrote the article entitled: “Is NIGGER, SPIC, CHINK, SAND NIGGER, POON etc., the way far too many Whites still see Non-Whites?. Some might have found it offensive, especially those who feel that they have been DE-NIGGERIZED by being educated, and assimilated enough. However, rest assured that the day will come, when you will least expect it to, when the last White people that you expected will probably call you a NIGGER, SPIC, CHINK, SAND NIGGER, POON Etc.

The fact is, most Americans (including Blacks) are to some degree White supremacists. WHY? Because you were conditioned and designed to be so.

Trump & White Supremacy

In an article entitled “Both Trump and Obama are good for America” that I wrote about two years or more ago, I accentuated the point that BOTH TRUMP and OBAMA would end up exposing America’s issue with White supremacy. When I wrote this article, there were MEDIOCRE MINDS that failed to understand what I was saying. Some disagreed with me blatantly and disrespectfully. Some even had some choice words for me. And many attempted to even CENSOR ME and eventually did. But, my point is correct, the biggest problems that BLACKS have modernly is not WHITE SUPREMACY, but RATHER BLACK APATHY and BAMBOOZLEMENT.

Yup, I just said it, we are the most MENTALLY-ENSLAVED and bamboozled people on Earth. And while I believe that only a MESSIAH will eventually save us as THE ORIGINAL PEOPLE, we will suffer from the fruits of our MENTAL ENSLAVEMENT as long as we keep pointing the FINGER at WHITE SUPREMACY as if we’re some senselessly HANDICAPPED GROUP who can only live at the mercy of White people. I wrote an article entitled “MENTALLY-ENSLAVED” that should be read by people from all Walks of life who happen to be of direct African descent. In fact, in a conscience-driven and non-White-Supremacist society no young persons should be able to graduate from High School without understanding the content of that article.


Don’t you get it?

As long as we have BLACK PEOPLE that are stupid enough to expect that WHITES will stop believing that they are SUPERIOR when they have more racial equity, access to resources than we do, then WHITE SUPREMACY will only get covertly stronger and stronger. Look at the state of far too many Black areas... IS IT SUPERIOR to THEIRS? COME ON NOW? How many Black multi-millionaires do we have? What have they done once they get rich... I'll tell you... THEY BECOME JUST LIKE WHITE FOLKS IF NOT MORE... They spend their money in WHITE STORES and RESTAURANTS and they buy the most expensive cars, and acquire the most expensive homes. So, trust me, they too are WHITE SUPREMACISTS.

My questions to those BLACKS that have suddenly become RACISM and WHITE SUPREMACY EXPERTS are:

  1. When was the last time you spent a few days mentoring young Black boys and girls about the pitfalls of White Supremacy and Black mental slavery?

  2. When was the last time you thought about creating an entity that will assist a predominantly Black area in thriving?

  3. When was the last time you shopped at a Black department store?

  4. When was the last time you created an account at a Black-owned bank?

  5. When was the last time you tried to help a predominantly Black school as opposed to BUS your child to a WHITE SCHOOL or Ivey-leagued school?

  6. When was the last time you tried to motivate young Blacks and told them they are good enough and loved?

  7. When was the last time you STOOD UP to a Black or White Supremacist about his/her views and do you even know who (including you) is a White Supremacist?

You see, true education is obtaining via observation, research, hypotheses, experiments, theories, models, application and laws (or rules of thumb)…

When was the last time you came up with a model to understand White supremacy? YET, you are freely talking about THE OBVIOUS when you hear TRUMP or an OUTSPOKEN WHITE PERSON say something that you dislike. HOW ABOUT the others who have WORSE THINGS TO say that will never mention them out of fear of being rebuked and losing it all? Do you have to hear it to believe it?

Come on, I LOVE YOU, but you are SO LOST and BAMBOOZLED that perhaps only JESUS can come back to save you… and quite frankly, we NEED JESUS, MUHAMMED, and whoever else GOD can send to save us… BECAUSE most of us are so darn LOST that it sickens me.

The 7-9AM City Racist Test (CRT7-9) a/k/a “The Lorins City Racism Rule (CRL)”:

Until I came up with this metric, there was no rule of them to measure how racist a U.S. City is towards minorities, and particularly Blacks. I have simplified it along…

Between 7AM to 9AM either drive a car, or take a cab or an UBER to any major U.S. City and cruise around that city to personally OBSERVE the breadth and depth of people that are heading to those corporate jobs. The representation should reflect the actual city demographics (e.g., 60% White, 15% Black, 16% Latino, and 9% other).

Should that not be the case, then your CITY is more likely than not RACIST (with negligibly small exceptional circumstances allowed).


We have a plethora of Black athletes that are filthy rich out there. But like LeBron James, we only hear about their activism or militancy after they are PERSONALLY-inflicted by the venom of White Supremacy/Racism. Recently, someone wrote the word “NIGGER” on LeBron’s estate and it was such a big deal. The same thing happened with Oprah in Europe. They were both RATTLED... REALLY? I want to ask them this: "Did you think that your money bought you a ticket out of being a NEGRO in America?" LOL LOL LOL... It is not good enough to give back, rather it is good to give to entities that help PURPOSEFULLY because far too many entities are simply creating BLACK WHITE SUPREMACISTS. PERIOD!

Blacks are the most peaceful and REACTIVE people in the World. We just don’t like to do anything until WE ARE SICK AND TIRED OF BEING SICK AND TIRED… UNTIL someone RUBS White supremacy in our faces and it becomes so intolerable that it is suffocating.

But do you have to wait for that long to react? Or should you be PROACTIVE INSTEAD?

I have changed a PLETHORA of WHITE MINDS about WHITE SUPREMACY… A lot of Whites have hired Blacks, dated Blacks and done business with Blacks because of me and my work, particularly as a professional and lately with

My point is… REALIZE that TRUMP did not event this CRAP… It is INSTITUTIONALIZED. It was once IMBEDDED in the laws of this country. Folks had to be FORCED not to practice it, but they couldn’t be forced NOT TO BELIEVE IT MY FRIEND.

So, until it’s all over WITH… WAKE the F*** UP and swallow the BITTER BILL of White Supremacy because you hardly have any other choices anyway… WHITE SUPREMACY is everywhere, When EUROPEANS conquered the World they induced EVERYTHING WHITE to be RIGHT and everything BLACK to be “NOT SO RIGHT”… Isn’t that clear? It was in the laws, in the practices, and it was REAL… so did you expect it to suddenly disappear because OBAMA became POTUS. Give me a darn break… and I suggest that you SNAP OUT OF YOUR IGNORANCE and read my articles more.

WHITE SUPREMACY is real, and it is here to stay UNTIL many our IGNORANT NEGROES realize that OUR BIGGEST ENEMY is NOT THE WHITE MAN, but it is THOSE OF US who FORSAKE THE BLACK AREAS, buy designer clothing, live in White neighborhoods and PRACTICALLY are WHITE until a WHITE PERSON call you a NIGGER!

My White friends would tell you that I talk about RACISM and WHITE SUPREMACY with them all the times. I remind them that I AM LITTLE BLACK BOY FROM THE POOREST COUNTRY IN THE WESTERN HEMISPHERE at every chance I get. But make no mistake about it, I HAVE THE MIND OF GIANT, and intellectually, I’m not ONE’s INFERIOR. I might not have had all the privileges that a WHITE SKIN can give a human being in America, but I got ALL THE EDUCATION and MENTAL PROWESS I could have gotten. I educated myself both intellectually and in the streets. And trust me, 95% of us are still BAMBOOZLED. It is so frustrating that I have to take time out of my busy schedule to write these articles. TRUST ME, I do it out of LOVE and OBLIGATION. However, I wish I didn’t have to.


If you live in America... you're somewhat a WHITE SUPREMACIST... don't believe me? I will fly to you and prove it under 15 minutes (smile). WHY? the system was so cleverly designed that even those of us who truly love Blacks don't know how to support them or help them and in the end may love them but not LIKE them. ACTIONS speak louder than words my friends. Don't just TALK THE TALK and THEORIZE... do something.. ACTIONS my friends... Actions my Brother and Sisters.

The fact is, ACTING BLACK equates a bunch of negative things to far too many people, while ACTING WHITE, means too many positive things to far too many people. Our perception and expectation of Black children/adults are often too low and those of White ones often too high. Do you think it is accidental? Look at the old movies and see how Blacks were presented... Also look at how Black are usually presented modernly by the media. There is a plethora of Black intellectuals, inventors, and creators out there, but please tell me how many of them are you aware of? And if so, did the media help you discover them or their work.

Far too many of our children face two choices:

1. Become thuggish and "hard" (Acting Black)

2. Become White-like to fit in (Acting White)

However, there is a THIRD and BETTER CHOICE. It involves being ONESELF. Our children need to be LOVED and just need feel accepted 100% so that they can be comfortable in their own skin. Lack of positive representation of people that look like them induce them to want to look like people that are being represented, who don't look like them. And then, they make a mockery out of themselves.

AMERICA IS A WHITE SUPREMACIST COUNTRY. TRUMP did not INVENT IT. UNTIL we all fix our minds, I will bet my life on the following: WHITE SUPREMACY WILL PERSIST because the folks that designed IT were nothing short of BRILLIANT as it has worked PERFECTLY and DEVILISHLY here for a long time.

My message to you is quite simple… FACE Reality and do something about it or SHUT UP, and by the way if you are Black or White and are simply flaky and wasting others’ time and truly don’t care, then F*** YOU!

Yes, TRUMP had to denounce the White supremacists but that does not mean that either he or they are no longer White supremacists. We cannot change others fully, but we can certainly change our SITUATION so much that all groups will have no choice but to respect US (Black people).

Dr. Pete Lorins is the Chief Editor of This article was sponsored by, a multi-industry consulting firm that provides the following types of services… Management of Law Firms, Medical Clinics, Businesses...Project Management, Sales, Marketing, & Leads Generation...Research & Engineering... It can be reached via

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