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The Unconscionable American Homelessness Problem…

America is, undoubtedly, the richest nation on Earth, yet socially-speaking, far too many of its inhabitants either live lives that are below that of inhabitants of other similarly-positioned developed countries or essentially live DEPLORABLE lives altogether. Far too many Americans live in ghettos in which even animals shouldn’t be allowed to occupy, and far too many live under bridges and even literally on filthy streets. It's been said that a great number of Americans are only a few paychecks away of becoming homeless, and having lived here for the past three decades, I must attest that this would have been exactly so had many not have good friends and family members to rescue them. However, those with addictions and mental issues are destined for such a fate UNTIL America changes its moral position on this issue.

I have had the pleasure to have interacted with some of the most brilliant minds on Earth in Engineering (artificial intelligence), Education (learning theory, instructional design), Law, Business, IT, and medicine, but I have also encountered homeless people that were in such deplorable states in America that made people living in the most deplorable States in Africa or Haiti appear to be living in mansions. Something about it bothers me. On one hand, the altruistic gene that I inherit from my parents kicks in and induces me to feel guilty and to want to do something about it. On the other hand, I feel so angry at SOCIETY for allows such a problem to persist at this capacity. I know that there is plenty of wealth wandering around, and when it affects as many Black males as it does in Cities like Chicago and San Francisco, I can only think of the many children who will have to go without a Father figure and the many women who have lost their leader and soulmates and of course the compounding effect of the latter to an already grave problem of Father absenteeism due to issues like incarcerations and others. YET PEOPLE are talking about NFL players… REALLY?

Anyhow, many will argue that most of those people (in a rather massively populated U.S. nation) have mental disorders stemming from drugs or pathological sources. While this argument would be sound, it still doesn’t justify the US government’s ineptitude at better handling this major issue. A problem still merits a solution when it comes to human beings (whether is mental or physical in nature) and when it comes to nation that self-proclaims to be the LEADER OF THE FREE WORLD. Now, if you can’t FIX YOUR OWN HOUSE, how can you ask other countries to do so? Wouldn’t that be HYPOCRITICAL?

Anyhow, far too many homeless and destitute Americans are living miserable lives and way far too many of them are Black (particularly Black males). YET, no one is talking about it. Not even DONALD TRUMP… and no one has been more outspoken on most issues than he has… I will ask his team to relay this to him.


It’s been said that (at least figuratively) in Norway, every Norwegian newborn starts the first day of his/her life as a millionaire. And in Germany, every German new born is assured governmental support towards education not only in Germany but also wherever he goes. Needless to say, their likeliness of having a homelessness problem like the U.S. does is slim to none right from the start.

Recently, the City of Chicago displaced a lot of homeless tents via police enforcement of such removals, and these people, many of whom have psychological paranoia and thus can’t be lumped around others were practically dumped onto the STREETS to sleep there in conditions that are even worse than those that most animals around the World live in. In fact, dog owners treat their dogs better than a lot of American children (particularly minority ones with mentally-unstable parents) are treated around the country.

Cities like San Francisco, New York and Chicago are known for their homelessness issues. Lately, I have been communicating with a lot of homeless dudes, many of whom know me by “Pete”, and always they are candid about the source of their problems. NOW, if I can get them to be candid, and if I can help a great number of these guys, then WHY CAN’T OTHERS with BILLIONS do the same?

America’s Moral Decadence as its Brothers'/Sisters' Keeper

America is losing its moral authority and stand. It is analogous to a person who is driving a Bentley yet lives in a shack. To the World, America is this mighty nation and a land of milk and honey. But to far too many Americans the future is bleak. Far too many Americans will become drug addicts, mentally-unstable, hopeless and YES, essentially HOMELESS.

The U.S. Constitution has entrusted the States with POLICE POWERS to regulate HEALTH, SAFETY, WELFARE and MORALS. However, it’s arguable that most States have been neglecting such duties in one way or another (particularly those that have the largest cities).

Naturally, when far too many Americans are adversely affected by an issue, then Black Americans who are still treated like disenfranchised or second-class citizens in many instances are even more adversely affected.

I would like to urge PRESIDENT TRUMP to say and do something about America’s GHETTOS and HOMELESSNESS PROBLEMS. He has a way of fueling a debate, and ROCKING THE BOAT that has gotten even the most boring politicians and some of the most STAGNANT RICH AMERICANS to finally SPEAK UP!

It’s time for America to speak up and debate its HOMELESSNESS ISSUE. We have a moral obligation to be our BROTHERS’/SISTERS’ keepers. I do my part EVERY DAY in more ways than one. America is NOT doing enough about its homelessness issue, and WEALTHY AMERICANS (particularly Black ones) should have known better and thus have done a lot more than they have done thus far to tackle this massive issue.

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