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TRUMP vs. Black NFL Players (Patriotism vs. Free Speech)

Oh boy… I can’t even believe that I am writing about this topic today, but I clearly felt compelled to do so… I just had to... such a complex yet simple topic concurrently. Ok, read it and you'll see how I debunked it successfully. Have fun!

Just in case anyone out there still lives under a rock and don’t know about this well published or televised feud, please allow me to indulge in stating the position of both sides:


The NFL players should respect the American flag and Anthem along with the NFL rule on properly saluting to show respect to both the flag and the country’s anthem. Or else, they should be deemed unpatriotic and insubordinate. And thus, should face either suspensions or forfeiture of their contracts. Mr. Trump claims that the NFL teams are probably afraid of the Black players as per the assertions of a couple of team owners that happen to be his friends. TRUMP sees the players as NFL employees that have to abide to the rules and expectations, else face insubordination.


Their kneeling down which differs not from the normal expectations of saluting the flag but also that of the NFL rule book is an expression of their free speech. They see themselves as private citizens who are not acting as NFL employees, but simply as citizens expressing their free speech.

As a Black man who understands the plight of Black men in America, I don’t really like to disagree with other Black men; especially those who are well-off and popular. However, as an intellectual I have a moral obligation to be as objective as possible.

The logic used by the Black NFL players is flawed for the following reasons:

They seem to want to have their cake and eat it too… You cannot be wearing the uniform of your employer-organization (an NFL franchisee) as a means of playing as per a contract for remuneration, yet choose to assert that you are acting as a private citizen expressing free speech. Unfortunately, TRUMP is right and they are wrong.

While I appreciate any form of semblance of Black male defiance, resistance and mental toughness to promote self-progress and thus progress in the Black community, the premises have to be RIGHTEOUS and FAIR.


In law school, I learned about the “fruit of the poisonous tree” argument. Essentially, the law will reward someone for good that comes from an illegality or an immoral or unethical behavior.


The poisonous tree is the NFL Players’ insubordinate, unruly behavior against their employer and their unruly behavior according to the NFL rule book. Moreover, their action might cost the NFL future attendees or spectators which may end up reducing revenues and the NFL may feel compel to rescind for their contract (ideally) and ask for a NOVATION (a new contract) to make itself whole under the circumstances. It’s not likely to be the case, but should the players totally boycott and breach their contract, then the NFL would have found relief in a court of equity in that manner.

But, in a nutshell, the poisonous tree is THEIR DEFIANCE/INSUBORDINATION


The fruits of this tree are the NFL players’ use of their position to promote social justice or fairness towards Blacks. While, it is a BRAVE move, it is still problematic because they are still impeding on the rights of the team owners to have them comply to the NFL rule on this issue which could not have been clearer.


The NFL players could have argued DR. KING’S NOTION OF BREAKING UNJUST LAWS TO PROMOTE SOCIAL JUSTICE. However, in their case, the NFL rule is not UNJUST AT ALL…

Imagine having a church rule on a Sunday morning to have no bathing suit wearers in the choir and having someone wear the bathing suit to protest against discrimination against people that wear bathing suits. I guarantee that if that person refuses to leave the choir the police would have had to have been contacted.

TRUMP is a man of conviction. In that way, I’m the same way. ONCE he knows he is right on an issue, he doesn’t give a flying you know what about what others have to say about it.

He is 100% right about this issue. YES, the NFL player can express their FREE SPEECH and INSUBORDINATION, but so can the OWNERS by ENFORCING THE RULES (e.g., fining them, revoking their contracts and thus their salaries). And thus, TRUMP’s assertion that the team owners are afraid of the Black players is correct. Unlike TRUMP, most White males are afraid of being CALLED RACISTS by Blacks. It seems to be that part of the reasons why TRUMP has become a hero is because he is the first WHITE MALE in a long time, who clearly does not care what Blacks, Whites, Women, or extra-terrestrial beings think when it comes to his convictions on most issues. The latter frustrates most minorities and far too many females, while it gives all the White males who felt restricted an EMOTIONAL ORGASM.

Unfortunately for the Black NFL players should they focus on the FRUIT alone (social justice), they will have faced the same fate as other players because the TEAM then has the ability to use the HOOTERS ARGUMENT (i.e., that it needs employees who are rule-abiding and will not deter spectators and fans).

The players CAN’T WIN this battle because even a WIN will be a LOSS because their FREE SPEECH is a means of achieving a fruit of a poisonous tree (i.e., their insubordination) while TRUMP's stand is to affirm a TRUISM, the need to be patriotic when it comes to one's nation's anthem to show respect to it despite its imperfections and also the need to abide by one's employer's rules in order not to face insubordination (which to him should have been the case had the team owners NOT been scared of the Black NFL players potential allegations of racism, which is often the fear that most Whites have expressed to me when they have to hire Blacks).

TRUMP seems to be offended about the fact that the NFL owners are afraid of the players. As the man who is not afraid to say "YOU ARE FIRED", I'm sure he is dying to FIRE those players himself (if he could have done so himself.) Trust me, he would have done it effortlessly after consulting with his solid team of lawyers.

The winner here is again: DONALD J. TRUMP

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