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A Letter from a Loving Son to His Amazing Single Black Mother!

Often we hear of stories of so many Black women that are on welfare, when in reality there are way more White women on welfare. We also hear stories of so many Blacks who are on drugs when the rate of drug use is about equal among Blacks and Whites. So many Black women have had to become superwomen in an era when their families have been broken like other

I met this lady not too long ago with her co-worker and often we get engaged in very interesting dialogues, and recently she shocked me with both her age and the number of children that she has… YUP, 10 children and she is younger than I am, and all of them are either in college or college bound and she did it all alone (without the support of their Father.)

And just as I was about to ask her how she did it all, she shared something with me that I promised myself to share on LorinsPOST. It was something that had me shed more tears than anything else in a long time (right in public). It was surreal and amazing. She had left college early to take care of her first babies, and then she got blessed with two sets of twins etc.

Without further ado, please allow me to share the letter from the son to her (which had me shed some tears of joy). BY THE WAY, should you feel compelled to help her, please don’t hesitate to email me along to that end.


LETTER (unedited):

Hey! It was funny when I woke up and seen that you had called me because u was just in my dream. I just wanted to say that I love you and that I think u need to take a day to just sit back and appreciate what an awesome OG u have been. I know things aren't easy for you, and they probably haven't been in a while, but that has never seemed to slow you down. You have 10 kids and ur a single mom, what ur doing is impossible. Yea, uve had help along the way but that's ok because we all need a little help along the way. Don't let ur pride get in the way of that. As far as I'm concerned, u have always put ur kids first. I appreciate the sacrifices that you had to make socially, professionally, and personally to make sure that ur kids could have it easier. You have 3 kids in college and a bunch more on their way down that same path. This isn't supposed to be possible. Most people can't wrap their minds around how ur able to do it. I can't even imagine how many times you literally felt like u we're gonna go crazy, but u never stopped and I'm glad you didn't. We've been in some very unfortunate situations in our lives but I'm very fortunate to have you as my mom. If u never told me another day in ur life that u love me I would have no doubt in my mind that you do. Your actions have proved that already. The way that you grind everyday and bust your ass is so inspiring and I admire you so much for it. I hope you have a good day. Love you!


This woman works three jobs to raise these kids alone. In a nation in which Black men are disenfranchised and often have to work ten times harder as Whites do to achieve nearly half of what Whites achieve, reading stories like this touches my heart. I pray that this young Black man will grow up to be a great leader to motivate other young Black men to love and understand their parents and particularly their Mothers and work hard to appreciate both their efforts and shortcomings in order to learn from them and make the next generation better.

I would like to start a FUND for SINGLE BLACK MOTHERS who are in distress. Although a mother like the one mentioned in this article works hard, she still has AMPLE NEEDS and lack help from the FATHERS of these children and society at large because of her race and socio-economic status alone. My mother was not a single Black Mother, but her LOVE meant the world to me and thus I can imagine how much more strengthened that love is when ONLY ONE PARENT is present.


Should you feel compelled to make a donation to go to her, please address it to the following ADDRESS? Dr. Peterson Lorins, RE: Tiffany X Matter 3550 W. Peterson Ave., Ste. 204-A, Chicago, IL 60659

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