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Re: NEVER SETTLE: Fight to Find Your Calling/Best Career

Your Career Deserves THE BEST

And So Do You.!

Almost anyone out there can find a job... but do just need a DEAD END JOB or your best possible CAREER?

Often we settle in life, and it is sort of like dating and either getting tired of waiting for the right one or just settling for "Mr. or Ms. Right Now” because "Mr. or Ms. Right" is nowhere to be found. YET, some simply give up altogether. Yup, they resort to taking the easy way out).

Heck, if you can’t find the right career, it sort of behooves you to either create one or find someone who can help you create one. While some have resorted to going from dead-end jobs to dead-end jobs, others opt to BUY A JOB by becoming franchisees/ or dealers. But, in the end one cannot achieve his/her utmost until s/he has found his/her calling/passion in life.

LORINS.BIZ and understand that most people hate looking for a career-driven opportunity because it’s not only mentally and emotionally taxing, but it also involves being proactive instead of reactive. Moreover, it also involves time, money, effort, persistence, self-discipline, proper decorum etc. Those things are often not on most people’s sides.

A career is more than a gig or a job. If fact one's best career can be analogized to his/her true calling; something that is linked to one’s soul as to pursue a CAUSE that is bigger than oneself. It is a cause that is often of so much value that one could easily see himself or herself do it for free had s/he had enough money to do so. YET, the latter will elude most of us as we'll end up in reasonable jobs either because we need the money or simply because the jobs pay well or the benefit have accumulated quite heftily and simply outweigh the disadvantages, particularly that of being jobless and broke.

What is Your CALLING?



Medicine or Healthcare?





Social Work?

Motivational Speaking?


Law Enforcement?

Or is it a mixture of two or more careers customized into your calling or passion?


EITHER WAY, I have been in the career development business ever since I graduated from undergraduate school and nothing has ever been more rewarding to me than helping others find their true calling and watching them so realize.

Whatever your CALLING/PASSION/CAUSE is - It, essentially, holds the key to your ultimate and true success, and happiness. But sometimes you need someone with a DISCERNING SOUL to challenge your existing thinking to help you find it. Such a person would have both discernment and wisdom/experience to help you so ascertain.


I, Dr. Pete Lorins, work via and in order to help people from all walks of life identify their true callings and formatting a resume that represents their true callings and aspirations as to translate that into a mission to match them with opportunities as to secure their most fulfilling career choices. With nearly two decades of experience in career development, counseling and staffing (in many industries), I lead a team of competent individuals in assisting professionals from all walks of life in assisting clients in multiple industries and nothing pleases me more than to watch others shine in careers that might have otherwise eluded him.

By the way, rest assured that your first consultation or visit will always be with me (if you so desire). Get ready for a CAREER RENEWAL... I'm determined to help you find your CALLING/BEST CAREER!

Dr. Lorins can be reached at:


Phone: (773) 372-9656 OR (407) 955-3534

Click on the "Engineer Your Career" image below to get more information or to schedule an appointment!

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