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SH*T HOLE COUNTRIES: The Truth and The Way Forward!


If I got a dollar for every White person (especially man) who either directly or indirectly called Haiti or Jamaica a SH*T HOLE COUNTRY during my past three decades of living in America, I would have probably never had to work one other day in life. Additionally, If I had another dollar for every NON-HAITIAN, BLACK or NON-WHITE person who had also at some point disrespected Haiti and Jamaica or some other poor African nation (or other poor ones) both in the US and the Dominican Republic, I would perhaps be the richest man in the World.

As a Haitian and a man of primarily-direct African-descent, allow me to write a bit from such a perspective. There are many impoverished countries in the World... people from El Salvador were mentioned too, but the focus remained on Blacks because it was more NEWS-FRIENDLY and NOTABLE... so here we are... By the way, I LOVE HAITI and I LOVE AFRICA and thus HAITIANS and AFRICANS because HAITIANS are AFRICANS. But the truth is that Haiti and Haitians have been disrespected for a long time by White-Haitians, Black-Haitians, multi-racial Haitians (e.g., Syrian-Haitians), White Americans, and even Black Americans at first, until the latter realized the value of Haiti as the only and first Black Republic.. until they realized that a Haitian founded the City of Chicago, and that Haitians are the only Blacks who have ever beaten the mightiest of European Armies in any period in History... that Toussaint Louverture was a HAITIAN man who outsmarted America and all of Europe to FREE HAITI from European reign and bring an end to slavery Worldwide. Thus of course, Haiti is never going to be liked. But, put that extra layer of complexity aside...


To understand it quickly, visit the island of HISPANIOLA that is shared by both Haiti and the Dominican Republic (DR). While the DR was created with Eurocentricity and tourism in mind, HAITI was created mainly with Afrocentricity in mind and growing in HAITI I know that we did not particularly like WHITES until RELIGION came into play. RELIGION is what made Whites acceptable in Haiti. It was well known that we brutally fought whites, and we wanted "to write our CONSTITUTION on their skin" when we won our battle. At that time they were our oppressors (and some would still argue that they are in some instances), and we did not want to have anything to do with them and neither did they with us.

Thus, there is a bit of disenfranchisement and self-disenfranchisement going on concurrently. While the DR opened up to tourism and Whites, Haiti didn't particularly care, especially when PAPA DOC (Fr. Francois Duvalier) became PRESIDENT FOR LIFE after he was discriminated by Whites and biracials in Haiti in regards to medical school access based on his skin color. Papa Doc proceeded to get rid of a lot of Whites and Biracials either by exiling or killing them after he took office as PRESIDENT FOR LIFE. He ruled Haiti with an IRON FIST and amplified the turbulence that existed in the Haitian soul after we became the first free Black Republic and went from being called the pearl of the Antilles to being called a SH*T HOLE after BLACK HAITIAN PRESIDENTS one by on RAPED the country both financially and morally.

As I asserted on a Facebook response. IN order to be respected at HOME we have to earn it... HAITI wasn't AMAZING before the EARTHQUAKE... we've always been at others' mercy for a long time. WE are not the pearl of the Antilles anymore. Our glorious days are way BEHIND US... if we're going to succeed... a RENAISSANCE is needed... and ONLY GOD can inspire it in a leader... It is such a monumental task that I hope I will not be that leader.

If Mr. Trump's alleged comments about Haiti and other poor nations (e.g., some African nations) are true, we already know that they would then have racial animus. TRUST ME, he is not the only White dude in America who adheres to such beliefs and he won't the the last one either if they are true. NEVERTHELESS, if they are proven to be TRUE, the PRESIDENT should apologize for the first time to Haitians and the African nations that he might have disrespected either out of ignorance or frustration.

However, this is not a TRUMP-created issue. It is rather a TRUMP-exposed issue. I wrote an article a couple of years or more ago tiled "TRUMP & OBAMA ARE GREAT FOR AMERICA". No one seemed to have understood what I truly meant. But now they are quickly so discovering. You see, sometimes, your WORST ENEMY IS YOUR BEST FRIEND. Trump appears to be the worst enemy of Blacks, he will have exposed more issues about Black disrespect and disenfranchisement then the last 10 US Presidents combined because of his brutal honesty. You see, honesty is like a cleanser... like TRUTH... if it's handled, it can only LIBERATE US (i.e.,SET US FREE).

I have personally made trips to Haiti and spoke to government officials about programs that fell on deaf ears. In fact many of them were more interested in bad-mouthing other Black Haitians than eliminated factions to focus ON COUNTRY FIRST. Whose fault is that? IS that the fault of the WHITE MAN? Black Americans do it too in America... they are DIVIDED based on all genres of beliefs (e.g., religion, education, socio-economic status) etc... We have to admit, as I wrote in a previous article a while ago, that POST-COLONIALISM far too many Blacks are still MENTALLY-ENSLAVED. While many of us act like we are not, but when it comes to ACTIONS in our communities, most BLACKS and others would prefer to TRAVEL TO EUROPE than to HAITI. The latter is a FACT. We'll find every excuse NOT to visit HAITI or NIGERIA, which happen to be populated by very hospitable and smart people in poorly run countries. The latter is because of beliefs that are similar to TRUMP's... We SAY ON THING, yet DO ANOTHER...

Some go to the French Riviera, Italy, Greece, etc... but NEVER HAITI, and it is right in our backyards... many of us also even visit the Dominican Republic (DR), but never dare to visit Haiti even though it is RIGHT NEXT DOOR. Heck, even Haitians avoid Haiti when they go to the DR at times, just like many Whites and Blacks avoid Black neighborhoods and businesses here.

When was the last time OPRAH or JORDAN visited HAITI? can anyone so tell me?

I have started an organization and have tried to communicate and mentor young Haitians. I am available enough so that others who truly want to help could have made it easier for me to help more Haitians. I intend to use this organization to help form and run non-profits in Haiti and other so called "Shit-Hole"-countries LOL...

I guess that's a new terminology now. While, I don't have TRUMP's problem, because I GENUINELY LOVE BLACK PEOPLE... Blacks have to remember that TRUMP doesn't have to love or respect Haitians or Black people. WE, BLACKS , DO and to be perfectly CANDID, most BLACKS still don't love and respect other Blacks enough, both in the US and abroad (based on their actions). Actions do speak louder than words.

The real problem is, far too many Blacks don't truly love Blacks or love being Black or love what it represents. Many will go the extra mile to act White, live in a White Area, support White businesses, and schools while they neglect their own Black neighborhood or country. Some will not even attend prestigious historically-Black-Colleges-and-Universities (HBCUs) like Morehouse and Spelman, YET they hop on TV to talk CRAP... They are WORSE than TRUMP in my book. At least TRUMP is not a hypocrite!

When we start loving each other more, and supporting each other more, I assure you that Whites will have to RESPECT US, just like they had to respect the JAPANESE!

We have the intelligence, but do we have the determination. Can we swallow our pride? Can we accept to be wrong even when we are right only to put "coutry first" at times? Can we help failing Black businesses, acquire them, invest in them instead of abandoning them? Can we talk the talk and walk the walk?

There are a lot of poor people in the World, but for some reason, when we think of POOR PEOPLE, the first thing most think of are the HAITIANS or the AFRICANS. The IRONY is that, some of the richest people in the Word fall in those two groups. The reality is, most people want NOTHING to do with the POOR. And apparently, neither does TRUMP. I don't support that mindset, because I have a servant mentality and support the homeless every week. However, I'm not a RICH and SPOILED WHITE MAN who has never been poor before. Moreover, I am not American. I don't make the rules here. Developed Eurocentric countries usually make it VERY HARD for poor people to bring their problems to their shores. TRUMP just say it the way he thinks it. They are ALL saying the same thing, except in a nicer tone.

We must find a way to respect each other no matter what... a way to be HUMAN despite our divides... we must have FILTHY RICH MEN respect FILTHY POOR MEN again somehow. However, IMMIGRATION will probably be not the way to do it! Of course, people from impoverished (SH*T HOLE countries (smile)) will beg to differ. On one end (UNFORTUNATELY, they won't make the immigration rules of developed countries), but on the other end, FORTUNATELY, TRUMP's alleged assertions will end up helping them in one way, shape or form... See, there is always a silver lining.

WE need to help countries like HAITI become industrialized so that young smart Haitians can stay there and work hard and become the BILL GATES, STEVE JOBS, and ZUCHEBERG of Haiti. Keeping Haiti impoverished, robbed by both Black and White opportunists, and DIRTY and POOR to the point that most smart Haitians leave for France, the US and Canada will guarantee that it will be either covertly or overly viewed as a SH*T HOLE COUNTRY for years to come. The definition of STUPIDITY is doing the same thing while expecting a different result. We have to ask ourselves as so called SMART BLACKS if we are being as SMART as we believe we are when it comes to our IMPOVERISHED HOMELANDS. And as to WHITES, you should help countries like HAITI just like you have helped European countries thrive. Anything less is nothing short of RACIST, but then again, that is no secret... we are all racist to some extent, but please don't make it SO DARN OBVIOUS, PLEASE!

As to my fellow Haitians who disrespect other poorer Haitians every day by looking down on them, stealing their countries' monies and resources, allowing others to loot the countries naturally resources for pennies on the dollar... who make millions in Haiti yet go to shop in Paris, London, and drive their fancy cars through masses of poor people in the dirt roads of Haiti to get to their Mountain-bound mansions... you guys live in that purported "SH*T HOLE" as well... the question is... as I have asked many of my RICH HAITIAN FRIENDS... "Don't you get TIRED of seeing POOR PEOPLE? Don't you get tired of seeing people in such a miserable state while you live in ABUNDANCE?" But then again, I ask the same to my AMERICAN FRIENDS HERE who are wealthy, "Aren't you tired of seeing people living in utter poverty, and homelessness while you live in abundance?"

LAST QUESTION: What's next? What will we truly do about it all, and will it truly change anything?


To be fair to TRUMP, the US had never been ultra-nice to Haitians when it comes to Immigration. For instance, Haitians are treated quite disparately compared to Cubans when it comes to US Immigration laws. Moreover, the US has turned a blind eye on the brutal treatment that Haitians face in the Dominican Republic. In other words, TRUMP is only trying to do more overtly what the US has already been trying to do covertly. That's my story and I am sticking to it.

1/17/2018 UPDATE From my Facebook Post...


The reality is that MOST HAITIANS leave HAITI because it was a HELL HOLE for them either FINANCIALLY, POLITICALLY or even RELIGIOUSLY (with VOODOO) and all... HECK, if HAITI could be PERFECT or even somewhat NORMAL again, why the heck would my Black ass be here in the Cold of the Midwest? Let's be FRANK... and LET US not be OFFENDED.... Let's use the ANGER to better a HOMELAND that has been raped by both INTERNAL and EXTERNAL FORCES...

Enough of the VICTIM mentality as if HAITIANS/BLACKS are a bunch of IMBECILES who can't self-defend or FIGHT... we were the FIRST BLACK REPUBLIC... we defeated the MIGHTIEST EUROPEAN ARMY...

Enough of this pity party... the best revenge is to prove those that said you were a victim, and NOTHING that you're a VICTOR and AMAZING...

STOP THAT PITY PARTY and leave me the heck out of it please!

IN A RUSH! (smile)

Dr. Pete Lorins is the chief editor of This article was sponsored by and

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