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America & Immigrants: A Perpetual Love-Hate Relationship…


DEDICATION – I dedicate this article to the late and unique Jerome Morgan and my Amazing Mother, Martha Lorins, and late Aunt Marie R. Charles, who not only truly loved me, but also always allowed me to think through things and learn from THE TRUTH. I also dedicate it to my dear Father, Pierre Lorins who taught me courage and FAITH. Mr.. Jerome Morgan passed away recently, and it hurt my heart so much. He always offered ample insights on very complex and unpopular topics that people with limited insights or too much political correctness were too scared to even tackle. His soul resonated through this article, and I know that he is in heaven telling me… WELL DONE, BROTHER. I love and miss you, Jerome Morgan!

DISCLOSURE – Random Capital Letters only Denote My Writing Style… I am Not Yelling!

I am an immigrant, but will not write solely in the context of an immigrant, yet will still try to empathize with my fellow immigrants. Without further ado, let me start by stating that America has always had a particular Immigrant that it has kind of LOVED to HATE… yet has utilized or at least “fantasized about” to some extent…

Let us remember, although (aside from the Native Americans) we are ALL immigrants, not all immigrants are treated the same way. In fact, even among immigrants from the same country, those that arrive first often treat the newly arrived ones as inferior.

Let us, first of all, re-assert that the only AMERICAN NON-IMMIGRANTS were the NATIVE AMERICANS. The initial immigrants were the Europeans who fled to run away from their pasts of crime, and lack of freedom (e.g., speech, religion). Yet, the male version, affectionately known as “THE WHITE MAN” made himself KING in America. WHY? Everyone else was was deemed inferior to him and was akin to “chattel” (i.e., things, or inanimate possessions), and that included the White woman who nearly had no rights except that of serving/supporting her man. Like the other immigrants to follow, she, too, had to EARN (or FIGHT FOR) the right to vote and the freedom to be in charge and control of her own body and mind. Other immigrants arrived and were chastised (e.g., the Irish and the Asians despite their hard work), and then prior to Blacks, there were the ORIGINAL THUGS, who were not regarded as WHITE/CAUCASIAN at first, namely the ITALIANS, who controlled the drug market and organized crimes via their mafia organizations and ITALIAN MEN were in many instances treated like Blacks are today. However, there is a major difference, unlike Blacks, they came here WILLINGLY. They were never considered to be a TRUE CHATTEL (personal possession) or anything less than a full human-being. The Black man had remained the last of immigrants that never seemed to have fully assimilated UNTIL the arrival of the JIHADIST MOVEMENT, when Muslim extremists sort of became “the New Black’ as they were, also, being profiled like Blacks (particularly Black men) had been for a long time here. Yet, when it comes to disenfranchisement and mental enslavement by Whites, Blacks still remain more MENTALLY-ENSLAVED (click here) than any other groups.

IMMIGRANTS = America’s Back Bone

If so, should it matter where they came from? It obviously does, even based on current U.S. Policies, which predated TRUMP by decades. Don’t believe me yet? Simply compare the US Policy towards the Cubans and the one towards the HAITIANS, even though Fidel Castro (Cuba) and Venezuela have had a great relationship with Haiti. The U.S. policy towards the Cubans was two-fold: (1) to destabilize the Castro regime and also make it easier to have lighter skinned Cubans in Miami and elsewhere than darker-skinned Haitians (who are essentially Africans), even though many Cubans are also of African descent and Cuba is heavily influenced by Afrocentricity.

Although it is well-known that IMMIGRANTS have been the BACKBONE of America no matter the country from which they emanated, the truth is that America has a love-hate relationship with ALL or least MOST of its immigrants. Arguably, it shouldn’t be so, and it shouldn’t matter which countries or race or national origin or socioeconomic status that an immigrant is coming from, yet it does for a plethora of reasons.

Reason#1: Net-Worth and Race Equity

Example: Norwegians vs. Haitians (since they were in the news recently after Trump’s comment)…

Net Worth

The net-worth of a Norwegian person for an entire lifetime from BIRTH living in Norway without doing anything is amount $1 Million, while that of a Haitian person living in Haiti for a lifetime is negligibly small (barely in the thousands). This is important because the amount of money allocated to a person will secure better health, parental support, village mentality (i.e., as in, it takes a village to raise a child)

Race Equity

I have written many articles about race equity. But the most notable one was written in the context of Black males who have been sort of an absent leader of the Black household in too many cases… The argument is that the race equity of any single Black person is affected by how others view other Black persons as a whole… See the following article: Black Male Equity/Image: There "Ain’t No" Rising Until we all Rise Together…


Again, although (aside from the Native Americans) we are ALL immigrants, not all immigrants are treated the same way. In fact, even among immigrants from the same country, those that arrive first often treat the newly arrived ones in a condescending manner. Often Americans tend to talk to non-English speaking foreigners as if they are retarded, when many of those non-English speaking folks are actually more intelligent than they are in many instances. But, the irony of having to leave one’s own land/environment to another can expose one to some rather inconvenient realities.

THE FACT IS that with… the IMMIGRANT SCRUTINY LADDER is as follows:

I) WHITE MEN are the top of the Immigrant ladder… they are more privileged than all other immigrants, meaning they are more connected, and more likely to gain access to opportunities and less scrutinized than any other group.

II) WHITE WOMEN and ASIANS are behind them but still at a distant second, and have to prove themselves a lot more and are more scrutinized.

III) Most ARABS and Other ISLAMIC group members are better organized than Black Americans and despite being profiled and not necessarily liked like THE JEWS (who are not necessarily liked either but are financially powerful), they still can own their OWN and can own businesses in both Black and White areas and establish some level of autonomy despite not being liked.

IV) BLACK WOMEN – despite having more credentials than most other women combined, Black women still have to be geniuses to break glass ceilings that White women have been able to break with less skills and education.

V) BLACK MEN, MEXICANS/Other Hispanics, Africans and other Poorer Groups – remain at the bottom of the Totem Pole. Despite being THE ORIGINAL MAN (click here), and thus have so much natural physical, creative and imaginative talents, they seem to have been marginalized by White Men because of an ALPHA MALE issue. Clearly, Black and White men remain the two alpha males, and having had a MASTER-SLAVE relationship in the past among them, these two groups will never truly trust each other 100% when it comes to most, and that is understandable. It is arguable that both groups could have done more to foster a better relationship to foster the ascent of Black men in the board rooms or corporate America, but it appears that THE WHITE MEN doesn’t quite feel as comfortable with the thought of not being THE KING OF THE JUNGLE YET. And the best way of so doing is by keeping the AVERAGE BLACK MAN as disenfranchised and disillusioned as possible. Guess who becomes future BLACK MEN... you guessed it right... BLACK BOYS... Again, See the following article: “ Black Male Equity/Image: There "Ain’t No" Rising Until we all Rise Together… “ YET, America has fantasized about Black male physicality, and sexuality among other things, particularly in Sports and interracial relationships. But there is rarely any mention about the fact that MOST of the top and most CREATIVE INVENTIONS of mankind were initiated or perfected by a Black mind.

... regarding Mexicans and other poorer groups... they work even harder than any other groups and can be viewed as modern day slaves in some instances because Black Americans refuse to do certain types of jobs that remind them of slavery. Thus, in that sense, in a strange way, they are going through what Blacks went through in a nicer way... They don't have to deal with a WHITES ONLY SIGN... but they certainly have to deal with A WALL that is getting TALLER and TALLER.

For now, America remains a WHITE-MALE dominated nation. Yes, there will be the occasional Black male or female genius who will have WOWED both Whites and Blacks and shock America’s conscience enough, but on the average WHITE MALES are less scrutinized and offered a lot more opportunities than any of the other five (4) immigrant types. The other immigrants remain rather invisible on most issues as they are just hard working transplants with seemingly no mere say in culture, politics and Civil rights. In fact, case in point, the notion of Civil rights from which all other immigrants benefited emanated from BLACK AMERICANS.

Bob Marley said the following:

"Until the philosophy that holds ONE RACE superior than another is finally and permanently discredited and abandoned, we will have WAR..."... my friends, TRUST ME.... WAR is inevitable, not because of TRUMP, but rather because we haven't PERMANENTLY ABANDONED and discredited the philosophy that holds ONE RACE superior than another, which was started by the WHITE MAN and thus can only be truly ELIMINATED by the WHITE MAN!

Last by not least, in case you missed my opinion on TRUMP'S "SH*T Hole Countries" assertion (<== click on this last link)


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