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Subtle “Non-White” White Supremacists… An American Idiosyncrasy!


DISCLOSURE – Random Capital Letters only Denote My Writing Style… I am Not Yelling!

During my last three decades (i.e., 30 years) of living in America, I have had the fortune and misfortune of meeting some of the most bamboozled people in Human history when it comes to the issue of race. Some of the worst and most vocal White supremacists that I have met are not even White. I have to say that I respect a guy like Obama who is actually bi-racial (half-Black-and-Half-White), but many other biracials, has gone out of his way to integrate himself in the Black community; especially when he was raised by a White mother and White grandmother. Anyhow, the man even married a “real sista (lol)” as further evidence that he embraces Black beauty and intelligence or that he even practices what he preaches as a former community organizer from the South side of Chicago. The latter is not often the case with far too many successful minorities. I do understand that some Whites may also view him as phony for not linking himself to his White side enough, which quite fairly made him who he is today other than the genetic code that he inherited from his absent Father who was (constructively) deported to Kenya.

White Supremacy is BAD no matter from whom it emanates... in subtle forms, it is always in our faces... signs like "EUROPEAN Blah blah" are always visible, but one rarely sees "EL SALVADORAN XXX" or "AFRICAN XXX" unless it's an African Hair-braiding shop... I mean, even many of those that are criticizing White supremacists are in one way or another White supremacists themselves if one scratches over the surfaces and looks deeply... YES, some know the truth, but being a "subtle minority White supremacist" has become a way of life to far too many Americans, which explains the lack of commerce in many minority communities, particularly Black ones. I had a cousin who lives in the suburbs of New York who used to tell me that whenever she comes to Brooklyn people are a lot DARKER and things seem to be not the same... you know, NOT SO WHITE-RUN, she meant to say... and that she was not in her element. I could never forget that... What she didn't realize that, she was part of the people that ran away and left the mess behind and that she could run but not hide and sooner or later she will be reminded that she belongs in that very mess that she left behind (LOL).

Anyhow, let us at least attempt to be somewhat fair to WHITES a bit (smile) or at least allow me to play DEVIL’s ADVOCATE here a bit as well… But, let’s be VERY FRANK or TRUTHFUL, or CANDID or HONEST here…Whites are NOT the only GROUPS that mainly hire their own… or that mostly prefer to hire Whites in higher-ranking jobs. A lot of the people that are NOT HIRING other minorities are MINORITIES themselves who want to prove that they are PRO-WHITE or prove that they are the ONLY SMART MINORITY in the company, the only celebrity or star or TOKEN MINORITY that made it to the CIRCLE of the SOCIETAL ELITE… give me a break… Seriously?

FAR TOO MANY MINORITIES (e.g., Asians, which includes Indians, Latinos and Blacks) end up favoring WHITES or WHITE ENTITIES over other minorities in their business dealings either subconsciously, or by necessity or status quo. The subliminal messages are there and no group is more affected by this thinking than Blacks, since even if the other groups are also affected in future generations, the early generations are more successful in creating their own communities which are often vibrant. There is also an exception to Blacks and that consists of Caribbean Blacks in Brooklyn, NY and Boston, MA who did manage to create vibrant communities as well… there is also some semblance of it in Little Haiti, but it never quite took off and most sophisticated Haitians or Jamaicans or Cubans in Miami or South Florida are not likely to shop at local Haitian shops. In fact, most of them end up shopping at the same shops at which rich Whites shop. Trust me! While there is nothing wrong with Shopping White-owned entities, there is something wrong with NOT SUPPORTING YOUR OWN COMMUNITY, and witnessing its DECADENCE for decades and appearing on TV or radio only to REACT to allegations without doing anything substantial to change the very IMAGE that induced WHITES and OTHERS (including those that belong to those very communities) to stay away from them. Things like crime, quality, customer service etc. In a nutshell, far too many minorities support more White entities than minority entities.

… Still don’t believe me; take a look at OPRAH’S SURROUNDINGS or Michael Jordan’s or even BARACK OBAMA before and after he became elected etc. It is as if America is, subtly, sending the following message to its inhabitants or youth… “You are more acceptable to America when you have WHITES surrounding you… “

Heck, many minority Christian churches, especially Catholic ones, have a statue of a “WHITE JESUS” as their God and Savior… not that there is anything wrong with race per se, but it is sending a subliminal message to all brains (particularly that of the weak-minded) that even looks White. I always had a problem with that and sort of found it to be rather offensive.

I do get it… the majority race in America is still “White” and Whites earn higher wages than most others in the population even based on connections, networking along (i.e., who they know), not to mention “White Skin Privilege”. Thus, on the surface, to so many minority members if “it isn’t White or White-like, or if it doesn’t cater to Whites at all, it is not right”… Far too many minorities prefer to live in White neighborhoods once they become successful; and far too many don’t support anything Black even while they attend Black churches, and many don’t attend Black churches at all.

I have seen the following from minorities that appall me:

A lot of skin and hair bleaching...

A lot of blue or light brown contact lenses

A lot of White-like hair textures or colors that don’t even match their appearance or skin tones

Too much fake long hair… and too much association

of good hair with one hair texture and bad hair with another

Too much association of beauty based on skin tone

or exotic looks because of racial background or biracial or multiracial features

communicate as if they are Non-Minority or better than others in the same minority group...Implicitly

And Other TELL-TALE Signs of Subtle Minority White Supremacy...

To be honest, on one end, it is comical but on the other, it is THE VERY EVIDENCE of people who find themselves WANTING to be something that they never will be, not because they truly want to be WHITE, but rather because they want to have the SAME PRIVILEGE that “WHITE SKIN PRIVILEGE” provides by default. A lot of minorities are more willing to inter-marry Whites than White are willing to inter-marry them. Specifically, far too many Black men tend to leave their Black wives to marry White or lighter-skinned women once their circles primarily White as if they are hoping to vicariously become lighter-skinned via that person. The latter mainly has to do with socio-economic status because the moment a minority person becomes wealthier, he is automatically more attractive socially to Whites.

Nevertheless, that is the incorrect way to approach things. Far too many minorities (particularly Blacks) are afraid to go to certain minority neighborhoods. I have made it a point to visit or shop in ALL NEIGHBORHOODS or BUSINESSES every year… I have Homeless friends and Wealthy friends. I have Black and White friends in both categories. Some of my greatest conversations have been with men who were once in jail or men that are still considered to be lost souls or societal rejects. I have also have some amazing conversations with WHITE DUDES who would make most Black socialists feel like they have NEVER LOVED BLACKS or other MINORITIES enough.

My point is… SUPPORT YOUR COMMUNITY or COUNTRY or at least DIVERSIFY… Visit Black or other Minority entities or countries more, and RETURN to your OWN COMMUNITIES or COUNTRIES to offer your expertise for free or for a nominal fee… Don’t just buy into the notion that it is ONLY GOOD if it is WHITE-RUN or in a WHITE-NEIGHBORHOOD or WHITE COUNTRY etc. If you find yourself doing the latter… it is one of the indications or TELL-TALE SIGNS of you being a WHITE SUPREMACIST. Yes, you might talk a good talk on TV or in person, and you might have voted for OBAMA and you might hate it when Whites say things about minorities, but when it comes to your action in regards to things that can improve the lives of other minorities or those that look like you, you are NOT ANY DIFFERENT!

My point is… I know, yup, I know… I’m getting to it …

… get involved in your own community and strengthen your own people because WHITES have no problem doing the latter with their own communities, which make YOU or YOUR COMMUNITY THE PROBLEM, and in the end as you leave your community to run away from PROBLEMS and gravitate to established White ones, WHITES will remind you directly or indirectly that YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD or COUNTRY or PEOPLE SUCKS or are "SHIT HOLES", all while they remind you of who you, REALLY, are and why your own community cannot compare to theirs and then you’ll CRY RACISM at that point when all along you were part of it all, and I will be the first one to tell you to SPARE ME THE DRAMA!

When was the last time you offered to help a struggling business in your neighborhood at a nominal fee?

When was the last time your mentored at risk minority children free or charge or at a nominal fee?

When was the last time you helped start a neighborhood watch group in an area to transform in from a dangerous on to a safe one?

When was the last time you thought of creating a "gang-banging-to-real-job" program for the gang bangers with no alternatives that you call THUGS?




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