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“America/Americans First”, Said TRUMP at Eloquent Bipartisan-Friendly 2018 SOTU Speech…


DISCLOSURE – Random Capital Letters only Denote My Writing Style… I am Not Yelling!

My goal last night was to find something wrong in his SOTU Speech... for once I wanted to disagree with Mr. TRUMP even if it were to play Devil's advocate. But even as an immigrant I found nothing wrong with the man's speech. Yes, as an immigrant, I did my best to watch the SOTU speech as both an immigrant and an American. While I empathize with my fellow immigrants, I also put myself in the shoes of America/Americans. Part of me was wishing that I had come from a country that cared about its citizens as much as Mr. TRUMP or America aspires to care about every American (albeit from different viewpoints.) Minorities have to get a grip... foreigners need to understand that as friendly as America has tried to be, it was a matter of time that it'd put its foot down like a homeowner who is extending space to a guest to tell him/her, HEY, IF YOU ARE UNDER MY ROOF, YOU HAVE GOT TO PLAY BY MY RULES.

TRUMP During his 2018 State of the Union (SOTU) Address/Speech

Mr. Trump was direct when he said that while he empathizes with immigrants, “Americans are Dreamers Too”, in reference to the DREAMERS/DREAM Act of 2017 (an acronym for Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors Act), which is an American legislative proposal for a multi-phase process for qualifying alien minors in the United States. In nutshell, President Trump was saying, “No offense to Alien Minors who are called DREAMERS, Americans (American Kids) are dreamers too.”

Mr. TRUMP is not WRONG. When an alien minor comes to the U.S. from a poor country, more likely than not s/he will end up depending on the U.S. government for some sort of care because more likely than not, his/her parents will not be able to afford such care. Mr. Trump seems to prefer Aliens from other wealthier countries primarily because he is a businessman and it does make more dollar sense on a business and capitalist standpoint to bring a Norwegian (worth $1 million from birth) over a Haitian who is practically not worth a lot money wise at all from birth. YES, it is not humane to think of it that way, but that’s exactly how wealthy White business dudes think. TRUST ME! And that’s exactly why they are wealthier than other groups.

But TRUMP'S SOTU speech was bipartisan-centric and reaffirming of TRUMP’S agenda concurrently. He was eloquent and unwavering. It is true that many people want to move to the US while the US has its own problems. Far too many African Americans, Hispanic Americans and poor Whites are living below the poverty line. Thus, what Mr. TRUMP is saying is, “How can we take care of everyone’s problems when we can’t even take care of our own issues, including:

1. A BROKEN TAX CODE – which he just passed a law to help fix

2. BROKEN INFRASTRUCTURES – which as a developer, he has proven that he is able to build quality structures and thus is qualified to make such statements.

3. Repeal of the Obama Care individual mandate (fee) which I HATED.

4. Stressing the need to have a BIPARTISAN and TRULY-MERIT based immigration plan that puts AMERICA/AMERICANS first.

Mr. Trump was eloquent and hit the ball out of the bark by encouraging bi-partisanship that is focused on putting America first. It is true that there are far too many illegal immigrants here without a path to Citizenship… I liked his 12-year plan to offer these kids a merit-based approach to becoming a U.S. Citizen. I also like the fact that he disfavored the LOTTERY system that handed random Green Cards to folks. In 2014, 4.7 million U.S.-born kids lived with unauthorized-immigrant parents. Think about it!

I had to suffer to get my Green Card here. It should never be too easy to enter any other countries that are not one’ own country. Imagine making it easy for intruders or even neighbors to walk into your home as pleased.

I hope to live to see my country try hard to better its people’s chances of succeeding and at least debate solidifying its infrastructure by putting it on the table and making it an agenda. I wish I had a chance to hear a Haitian leader SAY… HAITI FIRST prior to accepting BRIBES. Trust me, Mr. TRUMP is right. As a Black man, despite views held by him and many older Americans that will always be viewed as racist because it is coming out of his mouth, I don’t believe that he is so much more racist than other Americans… I believe he is frustrated to watch his countries’ infrastructure and immigration rules render it inept on many levels. His motive is still CENTERED towards AMERICA FIRST. My friends, there is NOTHING wrong with that.

If I were to ever become President of my country one day, namely HAITI… I hope I’d be saying HAITI FIRST TOO, unlike the other Haitian CRONIES that would have preceded me. But trust me, I would have ruled with an IRON FIST, but I would/will have ruled FAIRLY and based on a meritocracy. The fact is America is still White-run and primarily White-male run. Mr. Obama's ascent was not the status quo here, it was something that America could be proud of. But not all Americans liked it. WHITES still comprise over 60% of America's demographics, they are still the majority, and while they aspire to be more tolerant, they are not always comfortable with the way Blacks and other minorities expressed themselves under the Obama era. Many Blacks failed to look at both sides, and even I did at times too. Now that Whites are more vocal (like we were under Obama) far too many of them are calling them racist. YES, their views may at time be racists, and while I urge ALL PEOPLE to be more tolerant especially as America becomes a more melted melting pot, minorities hold racist views too (e.g., Indians, Hispanics etc.) HOWEVER, we (including TRUMP) are all have a FIRST AMENDMENT right to FREE SPEECH, which is one of the reasons why America has been a great country to which people flock. HOWEVER, TRUMP believes that it can be greater... he has that right as well, and he exercised it when he accepted the scrutiny that it took to bravely stand tall to become the 45th POTUS. He deserves it. TRUST ME!

We, minorities, must be more tolerant too. To be honest, many of us have become so radicalized that it is blatantly UNAMERICAN. No wonder some people have told us that we should leave if we either don't like it here or think it is so bad here. Even those of us that leave far too often end up flocking back to America. Trust me, I have seen it happen. WHY? It is where the ACTION is my friends (AT LEAST FOR NOW).

Dr. Pete Lorins is the chief editor of This article was sponsored by and

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