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COSBY BETRAYED: America’s Disenfranchised (Black) Dad & His #METOO Prostitutes

DISCLOSURE: Capital letters simply denote my writing style… I am not a fanatic of any group or person. I am the type of person who can support someone with whom I disagree on many levels, if such a person’s ultimate work will have contributed to the greater good and do more good than harm. I am as enigmatic as one can get. In one instance, I can play devil’s advocate and defend Bill Cosby and at the other I can defend Donald Trump… WHY NOT? Why follow a herd… it is boring and wrong… what if the herd is wrong. I CANNOT BE BOXED… SORRY!

In one of the nearly two-hundred articles that I have written recently, I succinctly wrote about THE BLACK MAN as the Disenfranchised Father of Humanity. Mr. Cosby’s case can be said to be the modern-day example of the latter. Known as “America’s Dad” in a nation that has a history of racist treatment against Blacks, Mr. Cosby (at one point) was the only American person that truly managed to present a POSITIVE IMAGE of an AMERICAN FAMILY that happened to be Black, in a way that cleverly portrayed BLACK FATHERS in a positive light, while subtly encouraging Black men to desire to reach such a status despite being disenfranchised in a White-male-dominated and patently racist society. And trust me, many of those who control how Blacks are viewed in American society did not like that.

Mr. Cosby’s goal was to change America’s image and perception of the Black family and Black males at large, and no one had a better attempt at it than he did. And better yet, no one can ever erase the effect of his work. NO ONE, at least not in my mind and the minds of INTELLIGENT ENOUGH PEOPLE who are not willing to be bamboozled or induced to think in particularly ways by people who hate the accomplishment of Black men like Bill Cosby that conspire to destroy his legacy for doing the very things that they do in Hollywood. It is not different from watching TRUMP trying to destroy Obama’s legacy even though the latter is more politically-motivated, but trust me, there is also a racial component there as well (even if it were to be subconscious), but in Trump’s case it is obvious. The fact is that WHITE MALES have a love-and-hate relationship with Black male success. While they envy the things that Black males are naturally good at (their talents), they still want to remain the dominant group and they resent having a man of Cosby’s level become an inspiration to young Black men, especially if such a man threatens to buy a TV NETWORK like Cosby did. The NEWS MEDIA might has been and has remained the best BAMBOOZLEMENT tool that the White male dominated media has ever used to convince the very people that will disagree with this article to think the way they do. But I have news for you, I challenge you to READ ON if you’re intellectual enough to accept conflicting thoughts, and I’ll prove to you that you’re both bamboozled and misled.


Cosby’s MeToo Prostitutes and their lawyers (e.g., Lisa Bloom and her Mother Gloria Allred) have become specialists in bringing down mighty American male stars in a WHITE-MALE-FORMED-AND-DOMINATED-SOCIETY in which the very hypocritical nature that the White male created in the hearts of so many Americans (particularly Blacks and White females) is being demonstrated in the DICHOTOMY of LOVING to see AMERICANS STARS rise as much as they LOVE to see them FALL disgracefully with or without merits.


As a man who was raised to respect women. Heck, I have never slept with a prostitute before because of that… I wish women or men would not be subjected to any type of sexual acts only because of monetary needs driven by a desire to make fast money for pressing needs or to fulfill drug addictions. I would love to live in a World in which, a woman, as the bearer of future generations would respect and conduct herself accordingly. But the latter could not be farther away from the truth. THE FACT is that A LOT OF WOMEN sleep their way to WEALTH, higher positions, and undoubtedly far too many sleep their way to the hearts of POWERFUL MEN LIKE BILL COSBY with the hope of getting favors of all types. While there might have been innocent women who were not ill-motivated, their behaviors were analogous to that of the ill-motivated ones as they defied the standards that PROPERLY-RAISED women would have used in regards to POWERFUL MEN that hold the mindset or modus operandi (MO) to which POWERFUL MEN like Bill Cosby adhere… it is a WEALTHY, POWERFUL and WHITE-AMERICAN-MALE ENTITLEMENT DRIVEN mentality that has permeated the mindsets of both Blacks and Whites and is exemplified in the ME-TOO movement… Don’t forget that like Blacks, WOMEN (and that includes WHITE WOMEN) at one point were subservient to WHITE MALES and could neither vote, or own properties… and thus like BLACKS they were practically CHATTEL or THINGS or POSESSORY INTERESTS to WHITE MALES. So to me, often people are exemplifying the behavior of their former masters, and the ME-TOO women are acting like White males used to by feeling entitled TO HAVE THEIR CAKE and EAT IT TOO… SLEEP THEIR WAY TO THE HEARTS OF MEN LIKE BILL COSBY and then SUE THEM LATER… That my friend is BS!

While the MeToo movement does have some merit to the extent that no one should be violated without his or her consent, the approach/motive is not only morally wrong but also it should never be only about females who receive date drugs or Quaaludes from males who intend to have sex with them knowing that the main reason why such men are interested with them is their sexuality there is nothing else in it for such men. It is a sort of QUID PRO QUO relationship in which the man says, I’ll help you become a STAR and you’ll reward me with YOURSELF or BODY. Let us consider that there is also a double standard when it comes to the same issue when it concerns women doing the same to men, and often primarily White female teachers who statutorily (strict-liability-wise or non-CONSENT-centric) rape young males merely get a slap on the wrist compared to people like Bill Cosby. The ME-TOO movement would have merits if it is about ALL SORTS OF ABUSE that happen among people OF ALL GENDERS who are at the powerful level that BILL COSBY was. Trust me, Mr. Cosby was one of the most amazing figures of his time, so much that EVEN AS A BLACK MAN, he was viewed as “AMERICA’S DAD” due to his amazing work.

CONSENT – note well… Major Potential Turning-Point at the End of the Cosby Trial

A major prong in determining whether consent-centric rape occurred is CONSENT itself. In other words, did the other party CONSENT to the sexual act? (i.e., did it happen against his or her will)

At Cosby’s trial, the jury deliberated and was stuck at that very issue of CONSENT and thus asked the JUDGE to provide them with the LEGAL DEFINITION OF “CONSENT”… something that the JUDGE failed to provide …


“… there is no legal definition for CONSENT… Just use your COMMON SENSE” HUH?

What type of B*LL SH*T is that?

COMMON SENSE… the most misnomer of a concept in American English… the most UNCOMMON aspect of the TV-and-fake-news Bamboozled American society… ???

So, we lynched America’s (BLACK) Dad based on COMMON SENSE BS… I disagree vehemently and so does GOD!


I call them MeToo prostitutes because even most prostitutes would not raise their hands 30+ years or so later to say that they had ANY TYPE OF SEX with a powerful man especially if they had managed to change their lives around. These women are worse than prostitutes because some prostitutes do it only because they have a drug addiction for which they need money constantly... These Cosby-Me-Too Prostitutes are STUPID! Trust me, they are!

I mean, who raised such women. REALLY? For some reason they CHOOSE/IMPLIEDLY CONSENT to go to the house of a man who is known to give women any type of consent-neutralizing or sex-inducing agents (e.g., alcohol or drugs of any type) like so many other men, particularly POWERFUL WHITE MEN do, and somehow they expect such TESTOSTERONE-RICH men to just give them a body massage or a hug and fall asleep hugging them or better yet, leave them alone and go to another room altogether. OBVIOUSLY they are either DELUSTIONAL or STUPID about the nature of MOST POWERFUL MEN.

The fact is that most men at that level pursue women with the same passion and ambition that induced them to become powerful to begin with. They are shrewd, manipulative, creative and they do have SUBTLE PROSTITUTES like Bill Cosby’s ME-TOO prostitutes as MOSTLY PROSTITUTES would go to a man’s house late at night, knowing that he is a WOMANIZER, accepting drinks from him, and hope that he would not desire to have sex with them by any means necessary. They are either WHORES or at the least STUPID PEOPLE.


Again, I am not a fanatic of any group or person. I am the type of person who can support someone with whom I disagree on many levels, if such a person’s ultimate work will have contributed to the greater good and do more good than harm. I am as enigmatic as one can get. In one instance, I can play devil’s advocate and defend Bill Cosby and at the other I can defend Donald Trump… WHY NOT? Why follow a herd… it is boring and wrong… what if the herd is wrong. I CANNOT BE BOXED… SORRY!


Not just because he is a genius in a patently racist society, but also because of his work…

As a child, I recall walking away from one of my City College of CUNY engineering classes in New York City, and seeing this VERY TALL and SUSPENDER WEARING FIGURE, who I was told was Bill Cosby. He, certainly, did look like him, but I couldn’t believe it, and right there he aspired HOPE, BLACK POSSIBILITY and a contrast from the image that AMERICA had been portraying of BLACK MEN… an image that I REBUKE and DESPISE, and one for which I have a LOVE-and-HATE relationship with America.

YUP – the man who created the COSBY SHOW… DR. HUXTABLE… The HUXTABLES… the man in the pudding commercials, the most interesting and peculiar comic in America’s history, the host of “Kids say the Darndest Things” and the man who threatened to purchase a major White-male owned news network… was both LOVED and FEARED/HATED by many who did not like to see Americans Black males shines. They love what he represented as an American but they didn’t like the fact that he was Black.

I have had many successful Black males tell me that WHITE MEN said the same thing to them DIRECTLY… and I have had WHITE MEN say the same thing to me as well… “IF AN ONLY IF YOU WEREN’T BLACK…” What kind of BULL SH** is that, huh? Well, that’s your American reality and something that whether you like it or not, understand it or not, YOUR BLACK NEPHEW, SON, Godson, HUSBAND, BOYFRIEND, FIANCE or BEST FRIEND will be subjected to or limited by whether he realizes it or not.

And even if YOUR BLACK MALE LOVED ONE manages to be victorious like Cosby was, at the very end, when he is at his weakest (or down), he will be KICKED to the GROUND like BILL COSBY was.


So, while you cheer for Bill Cosby’s demise, if you’re White, do realize that you live in a nation that disenfranchises Black men. And if you believe that you’re a person, ask yourself what you are doing or willing to do about it. When you go to work and see so many Black homeless men on your way, ask yourself WHY and if there is anything you can do to help the next generation of Black men get a job like yours and that of your White co-workers based on their talents instead of being judged based on the color of their skin… And if they answer is NOTHING… you’re not as good a person as you were raised to believe you are. TRUST ME! And also, if your answer is NOTHING, you ought to be ashamed of yourself as a modern and presumably aware human-being because that is the essence of allowing SELF-DECEPTION to cloud your judgement as exemplified by your seamless failure to empathize with the plight of your fellow human-being.


So, while you cheer for Bill Cosby’s demise, remember all the BLACK MEN that will never achieve even 1% of what Bill Cosby achieved. Remember that either your Black NEPHEW, SON, Godson, HUSBAND, BOYFRIEND, FIANCE or BEST FRIEND will be limited by the very obstacles that MR. COSBY overcame during even a more racist America… that it is the very reason why the WHITE-MALE RUN news media and ME-TOO empathizers want you to hate BILL COSBY because in so doing you’re destroying the IMAGE OF THE BEST BLACK MALE IMAGE that America has ever had prior your BIRACIAL/BLACK PRESIDENT, namely Obama, and trust me, some WHITE DUDE is conspiring to destroy his legacy while I am typing this very article. TRUST me on that… and that may even include the current President of the US (POTUS)… even though I like the fact that he is there to PISS OFF the other groups because sometimes the enemy of one’s enemy is one’s friend (smile).

WHY did SOME WHITE DUDES create the Cosby conspiracy and induce HANNIBAL (the cleverly picked self-hating Black Comic) and the opportunistic ME-TOO PROSTITUTES and their Reps to embark on the slow blows that culminate into the KNOCK-OUT of the GIANT COSBY even if it happened at 80 while he was weak?


What better way to further launch an assault on the positive image of Black males despite the plethora of Black males that are out there being the best Fathers, boyfriends, sons, and brothers that they can be?

YUP, let’s lynch the legacy of THEIR BEST IMAGE… BILL COSBY… AMERICA’S (BLACK) DAD… Let’s DISENFRANCHISE HIM and thus disenfranchise all of them along.

And just like that my friend(s), the BIGGEST MODERN CONSPIRACY was launched against the MIGHTIEST OF BLACK AMERICAN MALE IMAGE.

And many folks (Black or White) will fall for the OKIE DOKE and will prove THEIR AMERICAN STUPIDITY, just like they think that TRUMP is their major enemy.

The major enemy of American poverty is WHITE-MALE-OWNED NEWS MEDIA who perpetuated a RACIST IMAGE of BLACKS and BLACK MALES … and the ONLY MAN who (seemingly) had SINGLE-HANDEDLY and CLEVERLY FOUGHT AGAINST that VERY IMAGE is being lynched and some of the VERY PEOPLE that he helped are STUPID enough to side with those who were conspiring against their own interest to begin with.

Last but not least


It is COWARDLY to lynch an 80-year old man. It is saying that you were too chicken, stupid, and weak to attack him when he was young. It is saying that you had to wait until he is old and weak to attack him. WHAT DOES THAT SAY ABOUT YOUR CHARACTER?

It has been said that one should never kick a man(GRANDFATHER) while he is down. And at 80+, we are all as down as we can be, and too many Whites and far too many Blacks chose to, cowardly, kick Bill Cosby (a comic and sitcom and commercial production genius) while he is down as an elderly person. Why did they not come forward sooner (when he was younger)? Well, they were TOO SCARED… too intimidated by his potential defense… Rather, like a SERPANT they waited around with lethal venom for Mr. Cosby that will more likely than not secure the end of his illustrious legacy.

We all have skeleton in our closets… Any HOLIER-THAN-THOU movement should be suspect by any smart and intellectual person... Even Jesus asked people like the Bill Cosby haters to CAST THE FIRST STONE IF THEY ARE SINLESS... So, as you watch and JOIN the WHITE-MALE-DESIGNED conspiracies work their magic towards the destructions of the legacies of every Black genius that you have had and the future Black geniuses that will have had (which will include Black husbands, sons, nephews, godsons etc) the rest of the battle will be easy for such conspirators… Simply ALLOW THE NON-GENIUS ONES to self-destroy through drugs and STUPIDITY, and GENTRIFICATE!

Believe it or not, I am 100% RIGHT on this issue and time will so prove!

ONE last note: All I would like to say is that ACCUSATIONS about a GRANDFATHER who might have had indiscretions 100 years ago in a different era in which MOSTLY WHITE DUDES were doing the same thing and even worse and never got prosecuted, with potential victims that seem to be paid and well coordinated in a conspiracy-like manner should be highly suspicious to any Black person who knows how well orchestrated the accusations White folks had about Dr. King were. Dr. King went from being THE SCUM OF THE EARTH before he died, to being an IDOL afterwards. I don't believe a thing that comes out of a White person's mouth about a successful Black person, especially if it's bad!

FOR THE RECORD… I disagree… I am not part of the COSBY (BLACK MALE) LYNCHING… just like I wasn’t part of the GADAFI and SADAM HUSSEING LYNCHING… Leave me out of your mess, you AMERICAN FOOLS!


Dr. Pete Lorins is the Chief Editor of This article was sponsored by

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