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WHY KANYE (or Any Free-Thinking Black): Is NOT in a SUNKEN PLACE Just Because S/He Supports TRUMP

DISCLOSURE: Capital letters simply denote my writing style… I am not a fanatic of any group or person. I am the type of person who can support someone with whom I disagree on many levels, if such a person’s ultimate work will have contributed to the greater good and do more good than harm. I am as enigmatic as one can get. In one instance, I can play devil’s advocate and defend Bill Cosby and at the other I can defend Donald Trump… WHY NOT? Why follow a herd… it is boring and wrong… what if the herd is wrong. I CANNOT BE BOXED… SORRY!

Let’s start by admitting that I cherish mavericks or those that transcend the boring norms that don’t seem to change anything… I call such people that use their fame to effectuate change-inducing dialogue the true geniuses… the Galileos, the Dr. Kings, the Malcom Xs, the TRUMPs, the KANYEs etc.

So, what are the odds that two Mavericks from the two relevancy dominant races would like each other? (i.e., TRUMP and KANYE)... actually that's not far fetched at all... people like TRUMP and KANYE are often their respective racial/gender groups’ worst nightmares, yet they are the very CATALYST and CHANGE-inducers/agents that will in turn truly induce CHANGE, the most essential component in any progress-driven entity.

AMERICAN MAVERICKS: Trump & Kanye (Love 'em!)

While it took me a while to truly understand who Kanye West truly is, I had to, in the end, admit that KANYE is an unorthodox thinker, a music genius and a man who hates being BOXED in one category… He is what one would want Black men to be more like in America... FREE-THINKING, strong minded and ODDS-defying... I share his view of despising MONOLITHIC (Black) thinking… the type that has kept Blacks MENTALLY-ENSLAVED (as I wrote in former article a while ago). He would like to see Blacks and all human beings free to think across party lines, races, religions, business ventures, careers etc… to him, that is the TRUE SUNKEN PLACE… and he the producer of “Flashing Light, Gold Digger, All Falls Down (Self-Conscious Single Black Females)” is cleverly and bravely SPOT ON and I am PROUD OF HIM for not trying to FALL for the TRAP of THINKING UNI-DIMENSION-ALLY or the trap of BEING BOXED into one category… AN ANGRY OR DISENFRANCHISED BLACK MAN OR WOMAN… We are more than that or at least we should be.

I recall writing an article about why both TRUMP and OBAMA are good for America way before even TRUMP knew he’d be elected… For those Blacks who see TRUMP just as a White man, he will always remain a racist bastard. But for the Blacks that see him as a THUG/MAVERICK, they will see the similarities with Blacks that he had to have to make it to the White House and this is why many rappers like to mention TRUMP in their songs as he is viewed as a political, business or even social thug who enjoy shaking things up or defying the odds. People like Jay-Z, Kanye, Oprah and others had to defy the odds… but many others would like them not to tell others that they should keep doing the same thing that they have been doing, yet expect different results… keep thinking monolithically yet move up the ladder of American society. The latter is wishful thinking my friends.

Let’s start with the following premises…


POST SLAVERY: Most Blacks are in a “SUNKEN PLACE” post slavery whether they admit it or not. If you don’t believe me, please take a cursory look at most predominantly poor or semi-working-class Black areas, and compare them to the areas where other working class or rich Black live, which usually end up being working class or rich predominantly White areas.


SOMETIMES, the enemy of one’s enemy is one’s friend.

The Clintons are the the friends of Blacks and Haitians that they might have believed they were... Don't listen to rhetorics, but rather to actions... Neither are a lot of Democrats and Republicans.

In TRUMP’S case, during my 30 years of living in America, I have never heard Americans discuss the issues of racism, immigration, feminism, misogyny (woman-hating), misandry (man-hating or bashing as exemplified by the plethora of sexual abuse allegations launched against men), xenophobia (fear/hatred of foreigners), political empire elimination (as induced by TRUMP’s political lynching of Bush and Clinton empires)… all these things induced Whites to fight among themselves and talk about issues that were almost taboo among Whites… During Trump’s campaign I heard TRUMP call Whites of all walk of life things that even Whites were scared to call Blacks… and in the end he asked BLACK AMERICANS… “WHAT HAVE YOU GOT GO LOSE BY VOTING FOR ME?” The irony is, Black Americans really have a lot to gain from the TRUMP-induced in-fighting that have been occurring during the TRUMP ERA. It took a true maverick, a man that others would perceive to be CRAZY or UNCONTROLLED to shake things up or as TRUMP would call him DRAIN THE SWAMP of American politics of social norm. The latter is what should be called a SUNKEN PLACE

So, What the heck is the SUNKEN PLACE anyway?

NOW – Blacks who are born in America or are descendants of Blacks who were brought to and enslaved in America, who are modernly known as “Black/African Americans” will define the SUNKEN PLACE as a place in which a Black person descends whenever he is either too pro-White or whenever he either stops realizing the EVIL that Whites have imposed or are currently imposing on Blacks at large.

But the SUNKEN PLACE is truly a misnomer because truly it should be a place in which the DISENFRANCHISED resides, and that is where most Blacks who cannot or will not or have not be allowed to associate with Whites because of cultural or socio-economic differences or inequities UNWILLINGLY RESIDE.


Of course, upon doing so, they start realizing the shortcomings of their own communities or those of their former Black partners who have been BOXED in the REAL SUNKEN PLACE. There is a bit of frustration associated with that…

Don’t believe me simply listen to Kanye West’s Song about “SINGLE BLACK FEMALES… and BLACKS who have been induced to ENVY/LOVE the WEALTH/THINGS that Whites Have yet HATE THEMSELVES” as evidenced by the way they treat other Blacks and their communities…

OR better yet, listen to what Serena said about BLACK MEN after she had a child for (and later on married a WHITE MAN)… Yes, her wealth could have stayed in the Black community had she found a Black man that would love her for who she is, but that wealth will end up going in other places.

Both Serena Williams and Kanye West are Blacks of opposite genders, who unsuccessfully dated within their race yet seemingly found more of an appearance of family-creating stability after they dated inter-racially.

So, are they in a SUNKEN PLACE because of their views of their own experiences?

Are they in a SUNKEN PLACE for realizing that sometimes THE ENEMY OF ONE’S ENEMY IS ONE’S FRIEND (in the case of TRUMP)?

BOTH KANYE and TRUMP are shaking things up… and they seem to be the only ones doing it for both BLACKS and WHITES… well, I do my little part to if you ask me (LOL)…

Kanye is Wearing his Trump Autographed "Make America Great Again" Hat

KANYE and TRUMP are mavericks… they are brave souls that are crazy and genius enough to do things that others wouldn’t have if they were paid to do them… Just because they believe in something yesterday, it doesn't imply they'll keep that same belief tomorrow if they can cling on to something better... That is what FREE-THINKING is about... Yes, one must have some core principles to which s/he adheres. But the others are all about BEING FREE to effectuate personal and societal changes.

I respect them and encourage others to do the same as even when one is wrong, he will at least have been TRULY FREE and will have learned from that very situation… IN America at least, it is good to be free to enjoy SELF-EXPRESSION (a First-Amendment-to-the-US Constitution-Right)… people love to box people into BLACKS, WHITES, FEMINISTS, GAYS, LESBIANS, but we are all more than just groups… we’re talented and multi-dimensional beings and when BOXED, what Kanye was saying, we are all in a SUNKEN PLACE, and he is RIGHT!


"Racism is like a wound. When closed it can only become more and more infected or necrotic. The fact that America has become more OPENLY RACIST is a good thing... it's counter-intuitive, but an OPEN WOUND has a higher probability of healing than a closed one" ~ Dr. Pete Lorins ;)


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