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THE BLACK HAIR ISSUE: An Outward Metaphoric Example of European-Induced Black Self-Hate and Insecuri

From Chicago, IL… and by Dr. Pete Lorins, a Renaissance man, and Chicagoan by Osmosis (smile)

DISCLOSURE: Capital letters simply denote my writing style… I am not a fanatic of any group or person. I am the type of person who can support someone with whom I disagree on many levels, if such a person’s ultimate work will have contributed to the greater good and do more good than harm. I am as enigmatic as one can get. In one instance, I can play devil’s advocate and defend Bill Cosby and at the other I can defend Donald Trump… WHY NOT? Why follow a herd… it is boring and wrong… what if the herd is wrong. I CANNOT BE BOXED… SORRY!

Prior to reading this article, please know that I think HIGHLY of BLACK WOMEN... and their TRIUMPHS... I was raised by TWO AMAZING BLACK WOMEN... See my article titled... BLACK WOMEN RISE IN MIDST OF CORRUPT WHITE MEN...

BLACK ISSUES are so complex. Even as a highly-educated and aware Black man I am, at times, baffled by what I see or watch Black people do or say. However, often they are so subtle or even hidden that only THEIR OUTWARD MANIFESTATIONS are self-evident. And perhaps nothing is more evident of post-slavery BLACK INSECURITIES than the chronicles of BLACK PEOPLE dealing with their hair and skin-tone insecurities (in America) a direct result of the mental slavery that was caused by their former European masters. Some clearly want to be WHITE or at least feel that looking White would perhaps extend access to the PRIVILEGES that are attributed by WHITES by DEFAULT. How unfortunate is this EFFING “B.S.”?

Anyhow, Kanye West (who is now being attacked by Black people for making truth-driven statements that far too many bamboozled Black fail to understand) is one of the few artists who has been brave enough to sing about “(SINGLE) BLACK FEMALES addicted to” things like FAKE HAIR and also singing about how “EUROPEANS/WHITES made BLACK PEOPLE HATE THEMSELVES (e.g., THEIR OWN HAIR) and love WHITE/STRAIGHT HAIR and WHITE WEALTH/BLING. I have to give some credit to Chris Rock’s chronicles on Black Hair issues or “Good Hair”. I mean what the HECK IS GOOD HAIR… To me GOOD HAIR seems to be BLACK HAIR as it stays in one place and is not flying all over my face and doesn’t bother the heck out of me. But to a White person good hair can be hair that’s flying with the wind. To each his/her own. And somehow he is right by saying Blacks in America are too self-conscious.

But no Black person should prefer WHITE HAIR (or straight hair texture) over BLACK HAIR Texture. The latter is a direct result of European-induced Black minimization or self-hate or at least self-consciousness through subliminal images and communications that permeated Black consciousness even from their infancy. Again, that is PURE B.S.!

When I arrived to America, Thirty years or so ago, TV images and commercials, merely showed White females and primarily blondes with blue/grey eyes as symbols of American beauty. I mean, I remember when I first saw Blacks on TV frequently (e.g., Oprah, Bernard Shaw, Soul Train, The Cosby Show etc.) Prior to that, almost every TV personality was White and many were Blonde with blue eyes. So, I’m not surprised that, modernly, I see a lot of Black females and other non-Blonde and non-European females with fake blonde hair and blue contact lenses that simply are not aligned with their phenotype. To be honest to you, it is not repugnant, but it often almost makes me want to puke. It looks “dirty and wrong”.

To be honest with you, I can still respect anyone who chooses to adhere to such styles while rejecting their natural selves, but I also understand the source of their extravagant variations from the norm. Often, I find it perplexing to be exact. Black women are amazingly strong women. They are the mothers of humanity, but modernly, far too many of them are also MENTALLY-ENSLAVED in White-male dominated World.


I know that I have focused mainly on Black females because like most women, hair is a bigger issue with the Black female gender than that of the male one. However, a great percentage of Black males are also insecure with their hair. Far too many are BALD or induces their hair to become rather WAVY.

Please don’t confuse what I am saying with HAIR MAINTENANCE. There is a difference and I know it. Everyone has the right to use different approaches to style or maintain his/her hair. HOWEVER, if an approach appears to induce someone to look closer to being WHITE than being Black or Latin or Asian, then it is an EXTRAVAGANT variation towards a preference to look like WOMEN of the DOMINANT/MAINSTREAM CULTURE (i.e., White women). PERIOD. Let’s not sugar-coat this issue, folks!

Although Black women are not the only women affected by this “mental disease”, Black hair texture (as the original human hair texture) is the most unique one, and thus variations from such a distinct texture, and/or additions to the latter are often more self-evident. Unless the other groups with dark/pigmented hair also choose to become blondes as well, which I also find to be just as ridiculous if not more.


It is an outward admission of the fact that a person is feeling so inferior about his/her own look that s/he felt compelled to adopt those of another. And the plethora of monies that are used to purchase such fake hair accessories could have gone into community building, college tuition, and all other forms of community and self-empowerment.

You will not spot me with any type of chemicals on my hair or body. I don’t condone SKIN BLEACHING or HAIR BLEACHING. I am tired of seeing women with light faces but very dark hands and feet as well. The latter is not only bad for the SKIN CELLS (as they can exposed such people to pathological issues), but also, such thinking exemplifies SELF-HATE. Something that was induced by how the Europeans treated Blacks and dark Indians, which I have heard get involved into SKIN BLEACHING as well because of their society’s preference for lighter-complected ones...

I find such HUMAN STUPIDITY beyond absurd. And I pray that NON-EUROPEAN WOMEN will find a way to SELF-LOVE enough to see their own BEAUTY. I see BEAUTY IN ALL WOMEN. But I have never see a nicer looking woman than A HEALTHY & CURVY DARK BLACK WOMAN WITH HER HAIR NATURALLY DONE and GARMENTS THAT EMBRACE HER “CURVES & EDGES & ALL HER PERFECT IMPERFECTIONS” as John Legend put it.

Love and Be Yourself folks… You never have to be WHITE-LIKE to look better or be greater. You are the original people (Black Folks), others should be copying your true and hidden values that are being masked by your mental slavery. I pray that eyes will open up faster and faster so that finally AMERICA will let “GOD’S PEOPLE GO TRULY FREE” from such STUPIDITIES.

The SINS committed by Europeans on the souls of non-Europeans, and particularly Black have permeated the values, mannerisms, and even looks of those very people… often leaving superior cultural values to adopt inferior ones, just because it has the one EUROPEAN on it.

In a way, I must give credit to Europeans/Whites for having cleverly BAMBOOZLED so many people and STILL no people is more bamboozled in 2018 than BLACK PEOPLE. like KANYE WEST said in the above mentioned song... THE WHITE MAN or other distributing groups is/are getting rich off of all the SELF-CONSCIOUSNESS ISSUES induced by his brutal dominance over Blacks and other groups through SLAVERY, COLONIALISM and IMPERIALISM.

YES -- people have a CHOICE... that choice is between TO DIE FIGHTING TO LIVE FREE or ACCEPT THE STATUS QUO... so Kanye was RIGHT... Love him... HE IS A GENIUS... and the majority of us Black folks are unfortunately bamboozled. I respect him for taking the BULLET for the TRUTH!

I hope you have enjoyed this article because it certainly was one of the most enjoyable ones for me to write (smile).


Dr. Pete Lorins is the Chief Editor of This article was sponsored by, a multi-industry consultancy that acts as a provider of services that concern the Management of Law Firms, Medical Clinics, and Businesses...Project Management, Sales, Marketing, & Leads Generation... Research & Engineering... Real Estate/Community/Career Development...

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