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THE GOOD WHITES: Myths Debunked…

DISCLOSURE: Caps only denote my writing style… representing my RESENTMENT for being boxed…

Over the past three decades I would be hypocritical if I were to say that I hadn't met quite a few kind, caring, and understanding/wise Whites in America. In fact, I would certainly call at least one or two Whites my best friends. I know it sounds similar to Whites saying that they have a BLACK FRIEND, who is usually either a partner in crime or a decent person, but be patient with me and I promise to take you to a destination you have not quite visited before via your mind's eyes.

Again, I have met some amazing White folks during my three decades of living in America. Some have truly loved me, assisted me along, and invested in my businesses and education, while others have even shared their homes or vacant homes just to show their love and admiration. Yet, others are still great friends that I hold dear after decades… So, yes, I’d be a hypocrite if I were to say that there AREN’T “GOOD” White folks out there. HOWEVER, ON THE FLIP SIDE, I have also occasionally met some that were like the scums of the Earth and a reminder of what the days that followed the immediate end of slavery must have been like for Black Americans. I am so pleased to have lived in a MUCH LESS IGNORANT America… yet the irony is that far too many Americans are still too ignorant about race even when the results of their assertions are self-destructing (e.g., Roseanne Barr). YES, she will remain rich and will have other ignorant Whites that share her views that will come to her rescue in other ways. But she did get the satisfaction of CALLING A BEAUTIFUL and SUCCESSFUL BLACK WOMAN an APE. If people will say stupid things that will self-destruct in public about successful and beautiful Blacks, can you imagine what they say in private (i.e., in the comfort of their own homes or similarly-minded circles) about average ones. Trust me, EVIL is still within us and so is HUMAN STUPIDITY or should I say WHITE STUPIDITY in the case of people like Roseanne Barr or any Whites or other groups that choose to be RACIALLY-INSENSITIVE in public in 2018.

Blacks are not perfect either. I have set some interesting things about Whites and other races in private, but I have also said some very complimentary things about them as well (smile). In other words, I don't specifically and only say bad things about Whites or any other group.


All Whites don’t feel privileged and many truly believe that they are NOT RACIST even when they actually do have racist tendencies… It is not always their fault and it doesn’t in and of itself imply that they are evil… they were raised to have such stereotypes and the same White folks that many might have thought was RACIST and EVIL may end up being an ANGEL in saving a Black person’s life the next day… and SOME Whites feel surpassed and outsmarted by smart non-Whites and particularly Blacks in light of their known privileged status… thus they can imagine how worse off they would have been had they not been White. I have had many Whites tell my friends and I that they could only imagine how more successful we would have been in America had WE been White based on our intelligence alone. I have had a lot of Whites flat out tell me that I am way smarter than they are or that I am a better person than they’ll ever be. Thus, Whites don’t necessarily always feel happy about being White. Many hate the presumed privilege especially if they are actually poor. Whites that don’t feel privileged (e.g., worked two or three jobs like many non-Whites do) feel like they are clueless as to what Blacks or other non-Whites are talking about. They will often state that they never owned any slaves, and that Blacks should get over slavery modernly (and to some extent, they may be right). Some truly privileged Whites (i.e., those that are both financially privileged and cognizant of their White skin privilege concurrently) are aware of Black plight to some extent. A small minority of Whites have managed to empathize with the true plight of non-Whites and particularly Blacks, but the majority of Whites still feel that far too many Blacks talk too much about being Black in America and do too little or are too lazy or not proactive enough (and to some extent they may be right). HOWEVER, one thing that ALL WHITES have never had to endure or can’t fully relate with is the “WHILE BLACK SYNDROME (e.g., Driving While Black, Shopping While Black or Job-Hunting while Black), the culmination of which can be grouped in one of two words: PROFILING or RACISM. Many Blacks have to live with a fear of the police or a fear of being followed or mislabeled to which most White will never be able to relate.

THE CONVERSE IS ALSO TRUE for BLACKS: All Blacks don’t feel disheartened or lost in America. Some Blacks actually feel privileged. All Blacks are not lazy, stagnant and short-sighted. There is a healthy percentage of wealthy and hard-working Blacks and Non-Whites that continue to innovate… and there are amazing Black neighborhoods. HOWEVER, MODERNLY, when it comes to ORGANIZED COMMERCE or BUSINESS Blacks still lag behind all other groups as they spend more money elsewhere than in their own communities and people and still lack UNITY because of their diverging thoughts based on religion and racial background. The latter must have had something to do with the DIVIDE AND CONQUER approach used by Europeans particularly in Africa and India. This is why I wrote an article titled: “ARE FAR TOO MANY BLACKS STILL MENTALLY-ENSLAVED?


Although some will argue that on can find the latter in every race, when it comes to Whites, it brings a different connotation in America because Whites are not only still the majority race, but also THEY ARE THE ONLY RACE that RUTHLESSLY managed to dominate other races even when they were the minority race (e.g., during South Africa’s Apartheid system). Perhaps it emanates from a sense of fear or yet perhaps most Whites have less empathy than people of other races. But the truth is, the White race has been very RUTHLESS to the rest of humanity, and it has also been the MOST DISLOYAL in keeping its promises to other races (e.g., the 40 acres and mule promised to Blacks after the abolishment of slavery that was never delivered)

Essentially, the term “Good” in “Good” Whites does not imply “Perfect” Whites or even “Non-racist” Whites… it only means that those Whites are people that truly have a DECENT HEART or at least some degree of etiquette and thus either happen to genuinely LOVE A BLACK PERSON or those that are FERVENTLY TRYING HARD to understand the plight of other NON-WHITES even though they will NEVER be able to TRULY RELATE or EMPATHIZE with them due to their PRIVILEGED STATE.

As a matter of fact, most Whites will do one of the following things:

(1) OVERCOMPENSATE because they know the feelings that Blacks (or other Non-Whites) may hold about them due to past or current behaviors displayed by other Whites or general stereotypes that others RIGHTFULLY hold about Whites… (e.g., mention their other Black friends, listen to Black everything in your presence, and over-mention that COLOR is not relevant as if they are trying to convince themselves or you that they don’t believe that color matters to them or in America). In short, overcompensation is an acknowledgement of the existence of something evil that must be countered and that something is RACISM. And the best way to either be in denial about it or make others believe that one is not racist is either by being OVERLY NICE to a non-White person, or by stating one’s difference to other not so “GOOD” Whites. And doing some requires either being OVERLY NICE or a KILLER with KINDNESS to disarm the other person who might have tried to be angry at a White person otherwise. It is also a form of reverse psychology.

(2) PRETEND that Blacks or other non-Whites have no reason to be unhappy at all; and thus act as if Whites are not “PRIVILEGED” in America, and mention the term MERITOCRACY as if Blacks and Whites were to do the exact-same things, they will end up with the exact-same results. Of course, that is BS, but some Whites have either been taught that, or made themselves believe that or simply choose to believe that even in the face to evidence showing that often EVEN DUMBER WHITES often fair better than GENIUS BLACKS and NON-WHITES.

(3) BE IGNORANT/OBLIVIOUS… in other words, they are either VERY HONEST or CANDID about how they really feel about THINGS or they hate to SUGAR COAT their true feelings or they are 100% IGNORANT or STUPID about the plights of BLACKS and other groups (i.e., the latter just DON’T GET those NIGG***, SP*CKS, CH**KS etc.... For better or worse, those are the DONALD TRUMP or ROSEANNE BARR types of WHITES who for BETTER OR WORSE will state their TRUE feelings even when it might leave a negative image of them or in some instances SELF-DESTRUCT.

(4) BE PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE about it all… ACT ANGRILY and DISAGREEABLY with BLACKS knowing already that Blacks or non-Whites know the propensities and true feelings that Whites hold. Those Whites will simply be so mean to Blacks, non-Whites, and even other non-White sympathizers… and may even use terms like “NIGG** LOVER” in regards to the latter.

(5) Remain SILENT... Dr. King said that in the end we'll remember the SILENCE of OUR PRESUMED FRIENDS MORE... Don't be one of those SILENT FRIENDS who sits in meetings or dinners with racist fools and allow them to get away with it.


Most Whites were either directly or indirectly trained by the U.S. or the European-Bamboozled World at large to feel SUPERIOR, ENTITLED and CONDESCENDING to other shades of the Human race after Europeans ravaged the rest of the World. Essentially, a great percentage of WHITES are INNOCENTLY RACIST even when they try hard not to… it is so well taught that at any given time a White person may end up saying something that proves this masked disease.


Again, essentially, the term “Good” in “Good” Whites does not imply “Perfect” Whites or even “Non-racist” Whites… in fact, there are plenty of racist Whites that do a lot of good things in their communities and for society at large. Many even would say that they go to EXTRA MILE to help or connect with Non-Whites. I would call them inadvertent racists or oblivious racists. But, they are not about to march with the KKK or utter racial epithets like Roseanne Barr did recently (e.g., calling a successful Black woman an APE, when in reality most Whites have thin lips and look more like Apes than most Blacks do).

They accept the fact that their “WHITE SKIN PRIVILEGE” gives them an unfair advantage in a post-slavery World

They accept the fact that America was built on the back of FREE LABOR produced by BLACK SLAVES at a time when COTTON was like WHITE GOLD.

They accept the fact that BUT FOR BLACKS, the CIVIL RIGHTS would have NOT BEEN some of the best in the World and the INDUSTRRIAL REVOLUTION and CAPITALIST SYTEM that changed the World via America would not have existed.


UNLESS a healthy number of BLACKS realize that they need to DO SOMETHING EXTRA & DIFFERENT ABOUT IT, Blacks at large will remain in a position of disfavor as long as they are on lands that are run by a dominated group that don't truly care about them (whether that group is Black or White) ... Far too many Blacks are like WHITES with BLACK SKIN TONES... They spend money and do the same things that Whites do... it's almost like they are trying hard to hide their Blackness... YET, when attacked or discriminated by WHITES they ask the entire Black community to stand with them, when in fact they were too scared to talk about the issues that affect Blacks with their White friends.

Remember that there have been many places on Earth in which Blacks or other groups were mistreated by people of the same area or even ancestry as a result of POLICIES that are established to meet a particular governmental interest. UNFORTUNATELY, when you are AT OTHERS' MERCY, VERY OFTEN, those people will not simply LIVE THEIR LIVES to SIMPLY PLEASE ALL THE PEOPLE ALL THE TIMES and they simply won't because MOST PEOPLE are by nature SELF-CENTERED. THUS, if Blacks are awaiting compassion and kind-heartedness all the times from WHITES or any other dominating groups, I hate to burst our bubble, but that will NEVER TRULY HAPPEN. Blacks have to fight harder for themselves and for other Blacks just like other groups do for their own. They have to create better self-contained structures to help each other as opposed to focusing merely on self-enrichment or boasting or self-aggrandizement that is based mostly on past INSECURITIES or past LACK OF SELF ESTEEM. WE have to do it, else 200 years from now, we'll remain VICTIMS as opposed to victors.

This last assertion is based on what both ENLIGHTENED Blacks and Whites have shared with me during the past three decades (i.e., 30 years). People don't like VICTIMS, and almost everyone love VICTORS. Far too many Blacks and to be honest far too many NON-WHITES have a VICTIM-or-POOR-ME-MENTALITY. And far too many don't think ahead when it comes to the immigration policies of other countries. For instance, ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION of any sort is a HIGH-RISK ENDEAVOR. It is called "ILLEGAL" for a purpose. Some may get shot, while others arrested and others will not make it at all, and some will be SADLY separated from each other by virtue of circumstance or policies alone.

Blacks and non-WHITES have to wake up and realize that they will have to FIGHT HARDER to become POTENT in a society in which WHITES fought very hard to dominate or ANY SOCIETY IN WHICH A DOMINANT GROUP desires to remain DOMINANT either OVERTLY or COVERTLY. It is that simple. ONLY an EQUAL AND OPPOSITE REACTION can help create EQUILIBRIUM/EQUAL FORCES or what we call EQUALITY. The rest is simply WISHFUL THINKING. EQUALITY will be handed to NO ONE. TRUST ME!


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