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First things first… it is an irrefutable fact that the Donald (a/k/a President TRUMP) is completely wrong about calling Mr. LEBRON JAMES (a/k/a KING JAMES) a dummy especially after praising him many times as a role model both on and off the basketball court. King James is recently known to have opened a school that will guarantee tuition-free college admission for its graduates. Moreover, Mr. James appears to be a highly conscious and aware Black man who takes his profession and life seriously. He married his High School sweetheart and stays away from the type of negative attention with which players at his level had historically been plagued (e.g., drugs, money, women, gambling etc.)

Michael Jordan was involved in many gambling escapades and Kobe Bryan was involved in extra-marital affairs and a rape accusation that nearly cost him his career. While both Jordan and Kobe appear uninterested in the Black community and married White or Non-Black women, KING JAMES remained faithful to his Black roots. I am not saying that people shouldn’t marry inter-racially, but I am saying that it is unfortunate when it is done out of an induced lack of love for Black women as Black women brought all of those aforementioned amazing players into the World and prepared them for an America that initially despised them based on the color of their skins and their historical standing in a nation that is still in many cases SEPARATE, DIVIDED and UNEQUAL.

I have yet to hear of any project that Michael Jordan or Kobe has worked one in order to help young Black learners. Accordingly, when TRUMP claimed that Jordan is a better player than LeBron referring to the latter as being dumb, even Trump’s wife had to attempt to do damage control by asserting that TRUMP is the opposite of what her husband asserted while also stating that she is not taking sides.

Blacks are the most divided of all the races either based on education/socio-economic status or on religion. I wrote an article called, “there ain’t no rising up until we rise up together” ()






While TRUMP was my preferred candidate (especially over Hillary) because of his views on certain things (not all things), and when it comes to how he dismantled his predecessors and traditional politicians belong to both parties, HE IS practically a SENIOR WHITE MALE CITIZEN who is not too alike other White males of this time. Therefore, those who expect him not to aspire to any WHITE SUPERIORITY tendencies are rather illogical and misled at best particularly considering that he is not a career politician. But make no mistake about it, TRUMP erred when it came to LeBron James or perhaps he was being JUST HIS RETALIATORY SELF… something that I don’t particularly like except when he does it in a smart way… OR perhaps he was just being an OLDER RACIST WHITE MAN… which itself is not too far-fetched either.

Modernly, I have met many younger White males who also despise TRUMP because of his views in mostly liberal cities like New York and Chicago. However, I am not convinced that there are sufficient White males out there who totally disagree with the most racists of views enough to reverse the current trend yet. Let’s hope I am wrong because even as an optimist, I don’t see too many White dudes with an agenda to help Black areas out of a sense of duty unless it’s benefiting their pocketbooks directly. And having said that, I don’t see enough Black dudes doing the latter either… there is a great deal of self-enrichment even with Black pastors in a country in which religion is used as a capitalistic exploitation of Blacks, who seem to worship a WHITE JESUS subconsciously as if they are expecting the WHITE MAN to COME BACK OUT OF HIS SENSES and mentally LIBERATE THEM as well, when the latter can only be done by Blacks and Blacks alone.


Yup… I believe that KING JAMES also erred by calling the POTUS (TRUMP) a “BUM”…

While he does have the First Amendment Right to assert his opinion about the POTUS, I believe that based on his position he shouldn’t encourage others to whom he is a role model to do the same. The POTUS represents THE PRESIDENCY and after election night, AMERICANS should be UNITED as ONE NATION and whether or not TRUMP’s agenda is viewed as divisive or not is even more reasons for others who claimed to have a better agenda NOT to do the same.

Let us practice what we preach folks. For instance, I encourage others to support decent Black-owned businesses, and in the span of every few days, I go out of my way at times to support amazing Black restaurants and art places and invest in Black businesses. Modernly, we have too many Black folks who are in love with criticizing an OLDER WHITE MALE PRESIDENT when they should be POINTING THE FINGERS AT THEMSELVES when it comes to so many BLACK PASTORS with PRIVATE JETS, MANSIONS and all, and BLACK BUSINESS MEN with the same out there, while there are EASILY FIXABLE Black communities and amazing Black minds that are willing to help along. Far too many Blacks migrate to wealthy White areas and give up on their communities and their own people only to criticize a GUY LIKE TRUMP as if they EXPECTED TRUMP to ADORE BLACK PEOPLE when they don’t even like far too many BLACKS themselves as Blacks. I find that to be rather HYPOCRITICAL.

TRUMP HATERS: The Media, Liberals and Deflecting Republicans

The TRUMP brand has become an ever more potent one... The US government has self-embarked on a mission to become TRUMP's worst hater and enemy. Followed by the news media affectionately called "FAKE NEWS" by TRUMP, liberals at large and no other groups hate TRUMP more than far too many Blacks and minorities, particularly Mexicans and other Latinos.

TRUMP loves to give people something to talk about and boy has he given them even topics to keep them tossing and turning at night. This is theatrical stuff... You can't make such stuff up... UNBELIEVABLY UNBELIEVABLE STUFF for sure LOL... I'm having a BALL!

They should all be thankful to TRUMP because prior to TRUMP they were mostly BORING, inactive and STAGNANT at best. At least TRUMP WOKE 'EM THE EFF UP... LOL


Let us love ourselves and our people folks and if you know better… DO BETTER. Practice what you EFFING BREACH my Brothers and Sisters.


Get off your high horses… Stop looking down on Blacks and other races, especially after you acquired your WEALTH by stealing from them or deceiving them or conquering their lands, precious raw materials and even enslaving them to decades of FREE LABOR and centuries of UNEQUAL TREATMENT. Those rich WHITES need to feel guilty enough to help Blacks and other minorities as well by fostering opportunities for UPWARD MOBILITY for them. Far too many Blacks are still disenfranchised, and WHITE RACISM and BLACK APATHY and STUPIDITY are both CULPRITS in that area.

White males have to also stop being so intimidated by Black male intelligence and physicality as to go as far as far as doing whatever it takes to emasculate and disenfranchise them as to remain the dominant alpha male and use them MAINLY when it profits their pocketbooks in sports . It is too primitive, and cowardice of an approach in a modern World. If you are as CONFIDENT and SMART as you believe you are WHITE MALES, please be OPEN-MINDED, SHARE THE WEALTH and let's COMPETE FAIRLY by removing the race-driven barriers that are protected a little bit by the law and thus evening THE PLAYING FIELD for ALL BLACK MALES in a WHITE-MALE-DOMINATED POST-SLAVERY and COLONIALISM RACIST WORLD in which EVEN THE REPRESENTATION OF GOD for Blacks has been a WHITE JESUS!

We ought to be ashamed of ourselves to have so allowed. ALL OF US... and when KANYE mentioned the CHOICE factor... that's what he meant. WE ALL ALLOWED IT... We could have all chosen to FIGHT TO LIVE FREE OF IT OR DIE!

Dr. Pete Lorins is the Chief Editor of This article was sponsored by

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